MY ENCOUNTER WITH A JW (Jehovah’s Witness)…..(18+)…..Part 13


It was another fulfilled experience as that was
the key I needed
for easy access to anytym I feel like doing it
again… was
already past five and she was busy chatting
up zainab and some
other peeps on her fone, I was not bothered
with that again cos
wat else will I b looking for on her phone dat
will b a
surprise. … was past six that I asked her
about zainab and
when she will be leaving and she started
lamenting that zainab
was not yet home and the fact still remains
that it was like she
wont be coming home….
Me:so, wat will u do now?
Debby:I guess I will go and put up with some
of our other friends
till she’s back……but I dont like dose babes,
they are not my
kind of friend
Me: as in?
Debby:dey are too wayward jare…..there
ways no pure jare
Me c kettle calling pot black)…….no
ooooo…….decent and
reserved babe like u doesnt need to associate
ursef with that
kind of pple
Debby:na zainab make me no dem oooo
Me:ohk, y not wait here till like 8pm den I will
try and drop u in
skool if she’s back by then but if she’s not
back, that means I
will go and drop u first tyn 2moro morning
Debby:lets wait n c hw it goes……..
Me:atleast u can take care of me more
Debby serious……..
That was how I was able to convince debby
to spend the night
with me again for the second time.
The night was a long one as it was bleeping
all through the night,
there was d!ckson sU-Cking and some hot
romance all through
the night, there was no rush again as have
seen it all. We work
up early around 6am on Monday morning,
she called Zainab and
that one said she was came home very late
the previous night
and she even tried her number but it was off.
I drove her down to her hostel very close to
school and we got
there around 8am in the morning. I parked
outside, got a kiss
from her and counted 5k for her……

Debby:ahn ahn…..where is the remaining one
Me:just manage that one till we see again
next weekend or aint
we seeing?
Debby:i don’t know if i will be chance cos
that will depend on my
Me:but you will be coming home now
Debby:and i will also have some other things
to do
Me:so, i might not be part of your agenda for
the weekend?
Debby:I don’t know ooooo….
Me:But on a lighter note, who am i to you?
Debby:Who are you to me? You are my friend
of course
Me:just friend?
Debby:ahn ahn…..what else now
Me:so, what about all the “i love u” and
“don’t break my heart
baby” that you have been telling me
Debby:Pls i have 9am lecture, lemme go and
freshen up for
school……..Thanks so much baby, but you are
still owing me
Me:No problem dear


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