MY ENCOUNTER WITH A JW (Jehovah’s Witness)…..(18+)…..Part 12


either than whatsup,…I was able to send her
500 naira recharge card in between the week
and she was appreciative of that……The last
time we talked during the week was on
Thursday when I tried to convince her to come
down on Saturday but she said she preferred
coming on Sunday as she will just receive the
material from the fast food and make her way
down to school from there….
I didn’t call her on Friday and Saturday as I was
not feeling too well (just decided to ignore her)
and she was not on my mind at all..she called
me around 1pm telling me she will soon be on
her way and she should be there waiting for me
in the next 5mins…told her I cant make it as I
wasn’t feeling alright and Friday was the last
day I stepped outside my room….
Debby:so, how is it going to be?
Me:Maybe next week when you come back from
Debby:ohk…but are the materials ready
Me:sure they are here….
Debby:No problem, till next weekend then.
That was how we ended the call….i slept back
in my room and it was a surprise when I heard
my door opened, I even thought it was the boy
I sent recharge card until the person opened
the door of my room…Alas, it was Debby that
opened my door
Debby:so, u were actually down on bed, what
happened to you? I tort u were lying ooo and
wanted to deceive me to your house
Me:Lying?will everybody be like you…..
Debby:so, what happened to you….
Me:I guess is malaria jare but I feel alright
seeing you cos I know u wouldn’t want to leave
me like this
Debby:hehehe..which one be my own now…….
(she sat beside me on bed)
Me:your own…so, u actually hate me and all the
I love u then were just word of mouth
Debby:Abeg forget about that one jhoor….thats
past tense
Me:ohk oooo…so, who is the lucky guy now
Debby:No lucky guy abeg..just me alone, my
heart is not for anybody
Me: “yinmu” ohk oooooo…..
Debby:what about the materials pls
Me:they are down there in my shelve…they are
those one I packed one side
Debby:So, what have you eaten since
Me:what can a poor boy like me do now…have
not eaten anytyn since morning jare..just tea
alone, that’s wat I took to use my drugs..
Debby: ma je kin wo iwa e (don’t lemme look at
your character)..what do u have in the kitchen
Me:hey yah..thanks very much
She went into the kitchen and prepared
noodles for me..everytyn was ready like within
20mins..she brought it in and we eat in the
same plate…….
Debby:waoh..i felt like relaxing a bit before
going but lemme be on my way jare
Me:why not….you can relax now..atleast your
journey is not more than one nad half hour…
Debby:nah..i will go and relax when I get to the
hostel jare..lemme even call Zainab to tell her
am on my way……(she called zainab and hissed
after the call)
Me:what happened….
Debby:bad geh…she’s not at home, she has
gone for her runs as usual but didn’t drop key
for me…she tort I will be coming late in the
Me:what kind of runs is that?
Debby:don’t worry about that..
Me:ohk oooo…but you can relax for like an hour
before going since she’s not home so that you
wont be stranded………………….
Debby:dunno jare……..
I shifted for her so that she can lie down beside
me on bed……..we started gisting about school
and how far she has gone with her
project..didnt take me long before I rested hy
hand on her chest..right to her bossom..she
didn’t even complain (guess she couldn’t resist
being alone with me in the room…….i allowed
my hand to be on her bweast fully without
removing it…….I unbutton two of her shirt
revealing her black bra, placed my hand on the
bra as I didnt even take time before handling
them……..,, I pushed the bra up and positioned
myself 4 bossom sU-Cking….
Debby:hmmmmmm…….I know this will
happen. .and u said u are not feeling fine
Me:all my sickness went away the moment u
stepped into this room baby……have missed u
so much or didnt u miss me too? Dont lie ooooo
Debby:miss u, I wont lie, ever since that day,
have dreamt of having you inside me all over

Hearing this turned me on seriously as this was
more than the required green light that was
needed for me to move ahead… pretence
again as I unbutton her shirt fully, removed all
her cloth and was totally unclad in front of
me…..I quickly removed mine too….
Debby:ahhh……wo bi o se ngbon, onisekuse (c
as u are in a haste)…….abeg take am easy,
dont injure ursef ooooo cos nobody to take care
of u ooooo
Me:u know how long av been waiting for this?
Debby:I hear you…..but just relax lemme do all
d work on u…..
She la!d be on bed, positioned hersef fully,
stroke d!ckson, rub her hand on it till it was a
bit up… was a big surprise when she inserted
d!ckson inside her mouth ( surprise ke, sebi na
debby so I shouldnt be surprise)…..the way she
dig it in and out shows it wasnt her first
time…..she did that for like 5mins when d!ckson
was fully up and I was at the verge of blowing,
then she positioned herself , asked 4 where cd
was , cover d!ckson up with it and started
riding going up and down, I could feel a sign of
fulfilment on her face as she dig so deep while
sitting and d!ckson touching her
stomach……she took absolute control of the
situation as she sometimes go faster and slower
at interval and all I had to do was just handle
the bweast and play with the Tips……she got
tired after a while and sat on d!ckson for like a
minute, I felt something coming out from her
kitty cat…we switched position and I moved to
the missionary style, I started digging so
hard…..It was so fast that there was no
escaping route as she was moving all around
the bed and I was following her……need to say
that I enjoyed the way she scream and
sq££zed her face as if she wanna cry…..the
tyn I noticed during this tym around was that
she never called any name rather than
baby….yes baby…..yes…… (guess, she’s now a
full blown player)…….we both came at the
same time after like 15mins….I couldn’t go on
again as I was a bit tired…..she just la!d down
flat there too….we rested for like 5mins before
making our way to the bathroom


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