MY DRIVER’S SON … (18+) … Episode 71




👑episode seventy one👑

💖by authoress Anita💖

I tried to stop them but micheal never listened to me. I guess I really don’t have a place in his heart anymore.
Luckily Ethan and his friends arrives.
“Micheal, stop it, do you want to kill him? “Said rthan while trying to separate the two
“Leave me alone! Get away from me, he deserves more than this”he said still hitting james. Nathan joined and they managed to pull Micheal away from James.
James stood up, he spit out blood an looked at Michael who was giving him deadly glare.
“Nice of you”James said with a smile.
“Don’t ever appear infront of me again, next timw you try me, you will regret rhe day you were born. And you, stay away from my life, I have nothing to say nor do with you, I believe their is nothing that will make us meet again. Takecare”Michael picked up his school bag and left the scenario. I watched him walk down thw stairs then finally oit of the school gate. I cannot believe I just lost my chance of apologising.
“Your happy right? “James asked me.
“Why are you asking me that question? You are the one who provoked him as far I am concerned, there is a lot on my Mind, excuse me”I said and walked away.


This is so funny, so that nothing has the guts to do this to me right? Fine we shall see, I am James and no one dares me and goes freely.
I picked my phone and dialed a number.
“I have a job for you, tommorow make sure that he sleep on a hospital bed”I said an cut the call, I couldn’t help but grin this will be fun.


“Welcome home young master”a maid greeted me.
“Cool”I said as I walk up the stairs.
“Michael, bloood, what happened? “My dad askes while examining me.
“Its nothing”i said
“Nothing? Nothing while your bleeding? “Dad asked as we both entered my room.
“Just that i couldn’t control myself anymore, I punched the hell out of james”I said throwing my school bag to the ground.
“What? Michael, why did you do that? “Dad asked m as I walked to my closet and parks few cloths.
“Where are you going? “Dad asked me.
“I need to get some fresh air, I will sleep at the sauna today, and I will leave airport from there, I just want to pull myself together”I said as I put my bag at my back and walked out of the house.
“Don’t switch your phone and becareful”dad cautioned me.


what will the things that James sent do to Michael?

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