FINAL: MY DRIVER’S SON … (18+) – Episode 163




♣️Episode hundred ♣️
♥️Sixty three♥️


♣️By Authores Anita♣️

Tisabl had twins,Isabel had twins and I had what u wanted,just a son that looks exactly like my husband but the funny thing is that Micheal is now afraid of me.

Miguel will be back next week,she got enrolled into the university and she is studying law,just like she wanted.


I felt so bored and needed some company.
“Dad,I will be going back to my house now”Courtney said while carrying Jack in her arms.
“Okey,I will visit you next week,take good care of my grandchildren”I said .
“Don’t worry dad,we will do so”Micheal said carrying Johanna.

Just then Mr roche entered the mansion.
*What took you so long?”I asked him.
“There is traffic out there”he said.
“Well,so can we go?”I asked him.
“Sure”he said.
“Where are you going?” Micheal asked his father
“On a fathers date,any problem?”Micheal’s dad fired at him.
“Father’s date?”I asked.
“Can’t we go on a fathers hang out? It’s in-laws date,bye”Mr Riche said before dragging me out of the house.


it’s like that with my dad and courntey’s dad. They are busy going on dates as if one is a woman and another one is a man.
Only if my dad was a woman,then am sure courtney would have been my step sister now.

James and Missy got married and they now live in Africa.

“Am home”Miguel said happily.
“Our own lawyer”I said as I hug her.
“Enough with the hugs,Miguel,how is was my present,did you love it?”courntey asked.
“Yes,the suitcase is hundred times beautiful than the one you messed with”she said.”thank you unnni”she said.

Miguel is like a little sister to me and Courtney. She is a little sibling we have never had and we both love her so much. She does take good care of Johanna and Jack as if they are her own biological siblings.

I do hand it with our best friends once or twice a week everyone if us is busy with work.


I am done with my studies and now working as a professional doctor at the the state house(presidential house)he receive a very good pay and I do work as a bank manager in one of the best banks in our country.

We rarely have time to spend with each other coz Micheal is always beside the president . I really kiss Miche and I swear,that the day he will be off work,I will get pregnant again.


Today is our wedding anniversary day,so I,Micheal and our best friends,have gathered together to celebrate the day
“To our beautiful future with our beautiful families”Nathan made a toast.
“Cheers”we all chorused .

“Any news about James and Missy?”asked Ethan.
“Well,they sent this card. They are wishing us a happy anniversary”Micheal said while putting the best wishes card on the table.
“Can’t believe that finally,after a long time of noise,things are finally calm”Isabel said.
“And the most funny thing of all,is when I heard that Micheal was not courtney’s cousin but a mere driver’s son”Nathan said and we all laughed

“From a mere driver’s son to a professional doctor,life is really something”Tisabel said.
“I also want to get married to someone like Miche,even if it happens to me a driver’s son”Miguel said and everyone laughed.

“What are you doing here? Can’t you see it’s a conversation of marriage people?”Micheal said at Miguel.
“Not again!! Are you still angry at me that I caused Jack’s birth?”Miguel said.
“Get list before I kill you”Micheal yelled and with that Miguel run upstairs.

We had a long chart and we don’t know we all fall asleep.


I woke up with a banging headache and realised that I was not my room. I looked beside me and Micheal was sleeping beside me.
I checked and we were both naked.
“Micheal!!”I woked him up.
“Yes? What?!!”he yelled as soon as he realised that we were both naked.

“Why are you surprised? Have you arleady forgotten what happened yesterday night?”I asked him.

“Courtney,what every happened yesterday night,please I beg you in the name of God,don’t get pregnant. Please don’t get pregnant”he said almost in tears and I couldn’t help but laugh.
“Are you afraid if gettibg me pregnant that bad?”I asked him.
,”Courtney,you don’t know how I suffer . Please am now working for the president. Don’t get pregnant”he continue pleaded.

I guess it’s now time to make Micheal a fool. Eventually,nothing happened last night,but something will happen now.
“Okey,I won’t get pregnant,but only on one condition”I said.
“Anything,tell me and I will do it”he said.
“Let’s make love”I said and he almost fainted.
“Like seriously? Do you really want to get pregnant?”he asked.

“You know I love you so much Miche,while other kids used to call you nothing but a useless driver’s son,I fall in love with you and changed you from a mere driver’s son to a cousin and now my husband. Can I like to you? Am not kidding Micheal,I won’t get pregnant”I said.

“You know I love you too.. but..”I shut him up with a kiss and he pushed me away then grabbed a bottle of contraceptive pills.
“What’s that for?”I asked him.
“I am not ready to be a father of three,”he said before removing everything from my body and pouncing on me.


♣️Micheal’s POV♣️

“Courtney!! Woke up or you will be late for work”I said while buttoning up my shirt but courney didn’t make any move.
“Courtney?!”I called
“Please,just let me sleep for some seconds,I am so restless”she said facing the other side.

“Courtney!!”I yelled and just then she quickly rushed into the bathroom and threw up.
Seeing this,my heart stopped beating.
What is this?

After like 4 minutes,she walked out of the bathroom.
“Courtney,what is it again?”I asked her.
“I think am pregnant”she said with a smile and I collapsed to the floor
“Your joking right?”I asked
“No”she said.

I wasted no time but conducted a pregancy test and as soon as two lines appeared I don’t know when I started crying like a little baby.

“But I thought I used contraceptive”I said.


watching miche break down,was really funny.
Well,just in case the contraceptives work ,I exchanged the pills with another pain relive drugs.
I walked towards him and kneel beside him.
“Am sorry about this love”I said to him
“Courtney how could you do this to me”he said.
“Am sorry,if you want,I can abort the baby”I said and he quikly hold my hand.
“How can you say that so easily? No,don’t abort the baby,you know I love you so much,who knows what will happen during the abortion? I do not want to lose you. It’s fine,let’s have the baby”he said.
That’s what I like about Micheal,he is so kind.
*Miche,thank you so much for not giving up on me though I hurt you a thousand of times”I said.
“That’s because I love you so much Courtney. I cannot live without you. Your a replica of my mother ,your like a mother idol to me. No matter how much you hurt me.Thank you for treating this mere poor driver’s son as a human when everyone hated me and thanks for giving vibg me a chance to love and be loved,more over thanks you for giving me anf my father a reason to live,after my mother passed away. I will forever love you”he said and I blushed.

“Since there is arleady something growing inside of you. I am no longer afraid of making love to you”he said as he still up from the ground and walked towards me.
“I badly need you now”he said as he pushed me on the bed,in no time,we were both naked in each other’s arms.

Micheal,who was once nothing but a mere driver’s son,become a doctor and a good father to our kids and a good husband to me. With this,I knew I learnt that money is not everything,if money was everything,what did I want from a mere driver’s son?

After I gave birth to our third daughter,Wich was a girl,Micheal avoided me like hell. He even would even threaten to divorce me if I dare touch him. But still,I am courtney I get whatever I want and it was easy ,whenever Miche was acting stubborn,I will tie him to the end of the bed,or threaten to hurt Johanna and Juliette his fovourite daughter.

Though our sex life was funny. Having a husband like micheal,is more than a blessing to me. Falling together and rising up together, getting through embarrassments and understanding each other despite your social status,that’s what is called love , I an ambassor’s daughter,found love and happiness in non other than a mere driver’s son of mine.


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