MY DRIVER’S SON … (18+) – Episode 162



episode hundred sixty two
by Authoress Anita

.what’s wrong with this gurl?

in no time she was unbuttoning my shirt.
“No,Courtney stop it!”I said but she didn’t stop.
She looked at me and geve me a very beautiful smile that it was little by little melting my urge of not having another child.

“Someone help me! Ethan!! Miguel!!”Isabel!”I called as the she devil was unhooking my belt.

“Don’t bother to waste your voice,I did out sleeping pills in the food and am sure everyone is fast asleep and cannot hear your no come to your rescue. I don’t out a sleeping pill in your food coz I don’t want you to regret this day,I want you to enjoy your day”that was Miguel’s voice.

“Miguel!how could you do this to me. I swear,is Courtney succeed,I will kill you!!”I yelled.
“We will sort that out later,goodnight”she said.

“Like seriously,will your be like this Micheal,”she said.
“Courtney,I beg you in the name of Christ,don’t get pregnant again”I pleaded as she finally throw my short to the ground,I was only left with my boxer.
I don know why I am this weak to even struggle,by chance,do I also want her? No please,that another nine months of Nausea.

I was lost in thoughts that I didn’t know when Courtney took off her cloths and my boxer and pinned me in the bed and went in top of me

“Courtney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”that’s the last word that said that day.


the church was full to it’s limit.
School friends,teachers, neighbors and relatives .

The 👰 brides finally entered into the church escorted by their father’s
“Isabel looks like an angel”Ethan whispered in my eyes
“But cannot be compare by my Courtney,she is a sister to Jesus,her face shines in the dark”I said with my eyes still fixed on her.
Today,she is looking trillion times beautiful.
“Micheal,won’t you get your bride?”Nathan brought me back to my senses ,Isabel and Tisabel were arleady infront but courtney and her dad were just looking at me.
“Oools, sorry”I said as Mr Andrea handed her to me.

The pastor wasted much if my time with his wedding verses and was so happy when the I do part arrived.

“Isabel,do you take Ethan as your husband,love him and …….till death separates you?”the pastor said.
“I do promise”she said.
Then same went to Ethan ,then Tisabel and Nathan.

“Courtney Andrea,will you take Micheal Roche as to ur husband,love him,take care of him and make him happy till death till death separates you?”the pastor said.

But courntey’s was silent. Everyone was surprised.
The pastor repeated the question again but still no reply from her.

“By chance,don’t you wanna be my wife?”I asked but all this while,she was just looked at a plastic ppaper of biscuit Wich a little girl was eating
“Courtney?”I called but just then she waljed to the girl and snatched the paper from her and then throw up in it.
“Ooh!”everyone chorused.

“Micheal,what is this?”asked Ethan
“By chance….she is pregnant again?”said Isabel caressing her tummy.

I walked to Courtney,
*Tiny,what’s wrong with you?”I asked.
“Live me alone!!”she yelled.
“Pastor,please bless this marriage before I change my mind. Little by little am loosing interest in this guy”she said.

All this while she was looking at me in annoyance. God,another pregnancy am now doomed.

The wedding ceremony ended well.


As usual,I will go to America and come home during holidays. Holidays were the worst things I hate coz this time. It was worse than being nauseated.
“Hey! What are you doing here again?”courtney yelled at me.
“Am,sorry just that…”before I could say anything a slap landed in my cheek.
“Courtney!!”James said as he entered house.
“Miche,who is this?”she asked looking at James in annoyance.
“Am,he is my friend”I said
“Didn’t you tell him that u am allergic to men?”she yelled
“Am,sorry ma’am,next time he won’t repeat the same mistake again”I said.

“If your allergic to James,then what of me?”Missy said as she entered the house.
“Missy? “I was surprised to see her
“How come the two of you come together?”courney asked and just then James took Missy’s hand.

“We decided to start afresh,whilst am talking now,we are even expecting our first child”James said with a smile

“How come?”I asked
“It’s a long story. But it’s all thanks to you. Well,just to tell you a little about it. As soon as Johanna was born,I returned back to Korea coz I was curious to see how the child that made me give up on courtney looks like. On my way in,I saw Missy walking out of the hospital in tears. Something told me to follow her and as expected,she was planning to kill herself and I saved her. That’s how we started a new page. I do laugh when u look at our past. Love really changed us inti monsters two years ago. But now,we’ve started a new page. Missy is a very sweet and romantic gurl. As you wished Micheal,I really got someone who loves me more than courney does to you”James said and just then another slap landed on my cheek.
“Like seriously?you go around comparing my love for you to theirs?I hate you”she broke down in tears.

Yes,this is how the nine months passed,being slapped hundred times a day,being yelled at that sometimes I will run out the house and sleep at Ethan’s place. My hair was being pulled everyday. She was emotional gosh, this time,I swear never to get her pregnant again.



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