MY DRIVER’S SON … (18+) – Episode 152



episode hundred fifty two
By Authoress Anita

It’s now time to face the reality ,I cannot run away from this anymore. I must get accepted for whom I am now or never.
“How can you call yourself your father after forcing your only daughter to abort her first pregnancy? Are you even human? If it werw not for you three years ago,this would never had happened,I and courntey could have been living our happy life but you ruined our happiness the day you introduced James to us.
That very day you introduced James,was the day I planned to tell you about my relationship with your daughter,but the way you talked that day took me aback,it made me feel as if I were nothing but a piece of trash. Dad,money cannot buy love nor happiness. Of course it can but that love and happiness cannot last forever. I and my father may never be rich the way you want your daughter’s husband to be. But my love for your daughter is more than the money that you’ve got in your account”I said fearlessly.

“What is more painful?being hated by your only daughter and being honored by your colleagues or being a father to your only daughter here? The choice is yours, take your daughter’s happiness away and be live while regretting your whole life”I said.

“Do you think that can stop me from doing how I wish with her?”he yelled
“Am not stopping you from doing what you want with her. But think about courntey first,for once,put Courtney on top of everything including your work, do you know how courtney is hurting inside coz her own father does not believe her? There is nothing a child needs more than trust from his or her parents . You can take courtney and do with her as you wish but before that” I hold courtney’s hand and kneel down before him

“Give courtney to me. I promise to take good care and make her happy for the rest of her life though am not all perfect”I gathered courage and asked
“Like seriously?guards,take Courtney out!!”he commanded his guards.

“Dad,please let me stay with Micheal. Dad please give Micheal your permission”Courtney pleaded in tears

“Drag her away!!!”he repeated and the guards separated I and courntey’s hand.
Courtney was dragged out of the mansion.

“And you,I am not yet done with you”he said and turned to go.
“Don’t overstress Courtney. She is arleady weak though she likes cheerful and stubborn. Apart from me. What she really needs now,is you,her father’s support”I said before he walked out of the mansion.

At last,there was peace in the house.

“Why did you get them take her?”,dad asked me.
“Don’t worry dad,Mr Andrea is her father. He’ve raised Courtney ever since was young. I am giving him time to understand what his daughter really wants. Am sure he will reflect on his actions. “I said before goibg upstairs.
This is my last card,my last card is to be accepted by Mr Andrea whole heartdly .


I’ve always given courtney what she wants,where did I go wrong to deserve this from her?

The guards dragged her inside the mansion.
“Get ready,doctor Goo will be here soon”I said.
“Dad,your worse than the devil himself. Out of all the people in the world,why you? Is work that important than me?what is good about having a wealthy son in-law? Do you think it’s only money that can make me happy? I never loved James even once. I did it all only to see you smile. Dad,only for once,can’t you do this for my own happiness? I swear if the u make me lose this baby. I will tell the whole world that my father,who is a honorable person in Korea,is nothing but a beast and I will lose the child and you will also lose me”she pushed the guards and rushed upstairs.

Courtney has never took courage to talk to me like this before. Am I really doing something bad to her?


Will Mr Andrea change his mind?
Will Micheal’s last card work?
What about James?what us is up to? Will his plan work?


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