MY DRIVER’S SON … (18+) – Episode 141



episode hundred fourty one
By Authoress Anita


what?so it true?how dare she accept the fact in front of me?

I slapped her and she landed on the floor.
“Listen and listen to me very carefully. This incident never happened,you and Micheal did nothing. If a word about this get to your father,you know what will happen to you and Micheal right?so,shut that your stupid mouth”I yelled at her before walking out of the hospital room.

I picked my phone and dialed my dad’s secretary’s number.
“A fliggt to America for me,as soon as possible. Get the plane ticket right away”I said before cutting the call.

Micheal,this time you went overboard.
You think you’ve won?nop,this is just the beginning.


God,am very tired,being a resident is so tiresome,more over being the youngest of all. But it’s fun and am always busy that I rarely think about James or whatever
“Dr Roche,have you checked the ICU patients?”asked doctor Kenn,our department chief.
“Yes,I’ve checked them all and five of them are healthy Enough taken out of the ICU. “I explained.
“I wonder why you bother yourself by being a resident while you can just fly up with your golden wings and be one a chief of a department”Dr Kenn said.

“I just want to take it step by step. I know that am qualified enough to be a professor,but nope,I want to take it easy”I said.
“Okey,there is a new patient at the emergency ward,go and check on him”he said and I bowed before find g my way to the emergency wards.


I removed my doctor’s gown and out if in my rocker.
I can’t wait to get home and rest,I wonder what Miguel is up to these days,she rarely calls nor visit me

“Micheal,someone is looking for you”my colleague said.
“Who is it?”I asked.
“We don’t know him,but he is also Korean”he said.
“Okey,I will be out soon”I said.
“No,he is waiting for you on the rooftop”he said.
“Cool”I said while closing my locker.

Who could it be?Nathan?Ethan?,but if it’s them,why didn’t they give me a call first?
By chance,is I

“Hi buddy”James said as he walked towards me
“Jam…”before I could finish my sentence,he pounced on me and punched me very hard.

I pushed him away.
“What’s the meaning of all this nonsense?”I asked him. He looked so furious.
“Are there u really asking coz you do not know? So you think you’ve won right? How dare you sleep with Courtney!!!”he yelled and I laughed

“Is that the reason why you wasted your father’s money coming all the way here? But the way,any problem with that?”I asked.
“Micheal,your nothing but a beggar,you cannever be with courtney,Mr Andrea will never allow that”he yelled
“Nope,am sure soon he will get to accept me as his son to inlaw”I fired back.
“How sure are you? In two weeks time am getting courtney engaged to me. Then you won’t stand any chance. Courtney is mine and not yours”he yelled again.
“Please low down your voice,in that two weeks time,we will get to know to whom courtney belongs to. The battle is not yet over,if you know what’s good for you,just leave courtney alone and find another girl. Courtney was mine from the start,she is making me now and will forever be mine. Are you not tired of being the third party in our relationship?”I asked and he tried to punch me again but I hold his hand.

“Enough of this nonsense arleady!I’ve got a lot to do,so if you know what’s good for you,leave Courtney and I alone!!”I fired at him.

“Is that a threat?”he asked.
“No,it’s a warning”I said before walking away.


like seriously?this little tramp amhas the guts to threaten me? That’s very funny. The music is not yet over till one of us takes Courtney as his by the law.i picked out my phone and dialed a number.

“Change the engagement date to one week,I cannot wait for two weeks any more”I said before cutting the call.

Once I take courtney as my fiancee,Micheal will no longer be a problem to me.


👑Isabel POV👑

“Yes Ethan? Engagement?why so soon?”I asked him on the phone.
“Just that I want to tie your beautiful wings before you fly away from me”he said and I couldn’t help but blush.
“Okey love,let’s do that”I said
“Love you”he said.
“Love you too”I said before cutting the call.

” Courtney,this is the third plate of chips,that your eating. What’s wrong with you?”asked Tisabel.
“I just fell hungry. I think the chips won’t do,what if I older two plates of rice?”she said searching for the waitress with her eyes.
“Courtney sto…..”before I could finish my sentence,she called the waitress.

“Two plates of rice,and give me a fill chicken please”she said shoving some chips in her mouth.

This is strange,Courtney is not a glutton,she rarely have the appetite to eat,what’s wrong with her?
“Courtney,have you heard the news? James has changed the engagement date and it’s in four days time”I said.

“What?!!”she almost chocked.
“What’s on Earth is wrong with James?why can he not just live me alone?”she said as the waitress press the food on the table. She smiled like a little kid who’ve been craving for something and finally have it.

*COURTNEY are you okey?”I asked.
“Let me eat first,forget about James,let me fill my tummy first”she said.

💖Miguel’s POV💖

I sneaked into Micheal’s room and he was arleady asleep. I checked the time and he is late for work. This is strange,Micheal never get up late
“Micheal!!”I yelled his name and he opened his eyes.
“Work!!”that’s the first thing he said as soon as he opened his eyes .
He stepped out of bed and quickly rushed to the bathroom to shower.

I went down stairs to prepare breakfast for him.

In no time he was done upstairs and he rushed down stairs.
“Breakfasts is ready”I said
He sat on the dinning chair and dished some food for himself.

As soon as he shoved the first spoon in his mouth,he looked as if he was about to throw up. Just like I guessed,he runned to his room and throw up.

“What’s wrong with you?”I asked as he walked down stairs.
“I don’t know,I think am sick coz for the last few days,my appetite is so low. I no longer eat shrimp , Chicken nor rice. I don’t know what wrong with me”he said and I looked at him for a while.

“Give me your phone”I said.
“Why?”he asked
“Just do that”I said and handed me the phone.

I dialed Courtney’s number and it was a video call.
“Hi unnni!”I said as soon as she picked the call.
She has two ice creams in her hand.
“Miguel,I missed you”she said licking the ice cream.
“You seem to be gaining weight unni”I said.
“Am also surprised myself. These days am eating like never before. I’ve got the best appetite ever”she said biting a biscuit.
“That’s strange,you’ve got the appetite while Micheal always throw up whenever he eats . By chance,is something growing in your tummy?”I asked.
“Miguel?!’micheal said.
“I don’t either know”she said.
“Go and get tested,am positive that makes cheap has taken over your morning sickness”Miguel said.
“Will call you later,take care”she said and I disconnected the call.

“That makes sense now. So, this is all happening to me coz of courtney? Am ruined”Micheal said as he sat down the on the floor.



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