MY DRIVER’S SON … (18+) – Episode 140



episode hundred fourty one
By Authoress Anita

“What’s wrong with you?the bath towel is stain with blood,so is the bed sheet”James said and my heart sunk.

Am confused I don’t know what to say at all.
“Why are you asking her such a question as if you don’t know that she undergo a menstrual cycle every month?”Miguel said.

“Ooh,your right. But Tiny,don’t you think your menstrual showed up early than always?and your not a someone to mess your bed like this coz of that”dad asked
“Am,dad you know,am also surprised,my bed is messed up like this coz I didn’t expect to see my menstrual this early. I was not prepared”I lied.

“Is someone in the bathroom?why is the shower on?”James asked.
“Am,unni asked me to on the gizzer for her,she wants to take a shower and clean up”Miguel rescued me.

I wonder why I hated this innocent Intelligent girl.
“Dad,James,Isabel and Tisabel,if you don’t mind,why don’t you excuse me”I said.
“Sure”dad said as he walked out with my friends.

As soon as the door was closed,I breathed a sighn of relief.


Miguel is such a darling.

I showered and went to my room to dress up.
Miguel has arleady packed up my cloths.
“Oppa,how was it?”she said jumping on the bed as I button up my shirt.
” Naughty girl,you will see the results in nine months time”I said and she laughed.

Just then James walked into the room.
“Miche,where were you last night?”James asked me.
“Why do you care to know where I was?”I asked while combing my hair.
“Something seems strange,you disappeared whilst we were playing the game and didn’t even show up in your room,why?”he asked

“If you noticed that I disappeared,why didn’t you look for me?”I fired.
“Fine,fine. Breakfast is ready. Make sure not to miss your plane and goodbye,coz from today onwards,I don’t think you will ever have a chance to see Courtney again. In a month month time,am getting her engaged to me.”he said.
“Suit yourself then”I said as I took my suitcase and walked out the room.
Followed by Miguel who was also carrying her own suitcase.

Downstairs,the guards took our suitcases and out them in the car

“Where is courtney?”Ethan asked.
“In her room, she is not feeling well,so let her rest”Isabel said.

I ate the food in silence and in no time I was done.

I walked upstairs and knocked on courtney’s room.
“Come in”she said and I walked in
She was blushing,and she looked shy.
“Hi angel,how was your night?”I asked.
“You demon,why are you asking me such a question”she said without even looking at me.
“Sorry about yesterday day”I said.
“It’s fine. So are you leaving arleady?”she asked.
“Yap,my flight is in an hour’s time”I said.
“I will miss you”she said.
“Me to angel”I said.

She sat straight and planted a kiss on my lips. The kiss developed to another stage,it was getting more and more intense till when someone hit me.
“Hey!!didn’t you have enough of her yesterday?,do you want to miss the flight?”it was Miguel.
We both laughed.
“Miguel,you’ve also witnessed what oppa had done to me right?if you see him with any other girl,report to me right away”courtney said.

“Your wish is my command your highness”Miguel said.
“Don’t worry,just rest,don’t bother to see us off at the airport okey”I said and she nodded.

I and Miguel walked out of the room and my friends escorted us to the airport. In no time,the plane took off.


💖 Courtney POV💖

Its been two weeks are easy and I do miss Micheal each and every minute,even when James is around. Micheal has just completely took control over me since that night.

Now am on an outing with my best friends.
“Courtney,your hiding something from your best friends once again right?”Isabel said as I took a sip of my juice.
“What does that mean?”I asked.
“Two weeks ago,in your bedroom. I doubt it that it was just a mere menstruation.Tell us the truth”she said and I blushed.
“Well,it’s nothing”I said blushing the more
“Who was it?James?”Tisabel said.
“Am I that stupid?Micheal if course…”I don’t know when I said that,gosh,I feel so embarrassed.

“What?Micheal?!”the twins exclaimed at once.
“Yap,Micheal”I said and they looked at each other.
“This is unbelievable. So Micheal is the one that….
“Yap”I said.

“What are you girls talking about?Micheal did what?”that was Missy’s voice.

God,what is this demon doing here?
“So,you slept with my Micheal?”she asked in anger.
“Ooh please Missy,when was Micheal your’s? I slept with my boyfriend,my first love and not your boyfriend,so take a chill pill”I said gulping down my juice.
“Like seriously?fine,we shall see”she said while walking away.

“What was that demon doing here?”Tisabel asked.
“I am also wondering the same”I said.
“Courtney,what is she tells James?you know your engagement is in two weeks time”Isabel said.
“Don’t worry,even if she tells James,the fact won’t be changed,I gave Micheal my virginity and it cannot be restored back”I took took a bite of my snack.


I was at school when Missy called me.
“What’s up Missy?”I said as soon as I picked up the call.
“James,it’s urgent,meet me now”she said and cut the call.

I wonder what is going on,so I packed my books and rushed to the car park.
Entered my car and zoomed off.


“What’s is it Missy?”I asked as soon as say down beside her.
“You cannot believe what I just heard from Courtney today”she said.
“What?”I asked
“Courtney is no longer a virgin”she said and my heart sunk.
“What nonsense are you talking about now?”I fired.
“Two weeks ago,the day we had the farewell party,Micheal and Courtney sept together”she said and my heart stopped beating for a minute
“What nonsense is that? Do you thing no I can believe that?”I fired.
“Well,didn’t you notice anything strange that morning when you entered courtney’s room?”she asked.

Yap,a lot of things were strange,the way courtney was responding and how Miguel was diffending her.
“I guess it was all Micheal’s and Miguel’s plan for us to stay away from courtney’s room that day,so that they could have their time”Missy said.

This is nonsense,I need to confirm it. If it’s true,I seear I will kill Micheal.

I picked my car key and rushed out of the restaurant.


I was in the living room,watching television when James entered the house.
“Hi James”I said but he didn’t respond.
He looked very furious. He walked towards me and hold my hand,then next minute,he dragged me into his car.
“James,where are you taking me to?why are you not saying anything?”I asked.

He was silent,and finally,the car stopped infront of suhon university hospital.

He opened the passenger seat for me and dragged me out.
In no time he was dragging me into doctor Harry’s office. The doctor who checked if I were still a virgin last year,after the incident with Miche.

“James,let go off me,what are you doing?why did you take me here?”I asked.

“Welcome James”the doctor said with a smile.
“Doctor,conduct a virginity test on her”he said and my heart sunk.
“And what nonsense is that?”I fired as I freed my hand from his grip.

“Doctor,you heard me right? Take her and conduct a virginity test in her”repeated James.
“Miss,please follow me”the doctor said.
“James,what’s wrong with you?is this why you brought me here? Well,for your information am not in the mood of undergoing a virginity test now”I said.
“Tiny,don’t make me angry.”he yelled
“Why are you shouting?I said am not taking the test and that finale”I said.
“Why?”he asked.
“Coz am no longer a virgin”I fired and he shot me a deadly glare.

“So it’s true? That idiot got in between your legs?”he fired.
“He is not an idiot,he got a name,Micheal is his name”I said only to receive the hardest slap that I’ve never received in all my life.



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