MY DRIVER’S SON … (18+) – Episode 139



episode hundred fourty
By Authoress Anita



I was the first to be caught. I guess things are working as expected.
In no time,everyone gathered back in the living room.
Courtney walked out of the guest room with James,she looked embarrassed,did something happen between the two?

“Well,guys,now it’s Micheal’s turn to count and we hide and he will seek us”said Ethan
I walked towards courtney
“Hide in your room”I whispered in her ears and she looked at me with what do you mean eyes. I just winked at her then walked away.

“Now,I will start counting,the first person to be caught,will wash tomorrow’s breakfast dishes. The second person will clean the whole house and the third person,I don’t know what you will have to do,so hide well till you hear me shout that I’ve found the first to third person”I said and I could see that they really bought my joke.

“One!!two!!”I counted one up to ten with my eyes shut.
“Here I come!!”I shouted.

I wasted no time but run to courtney room.
I opened the door and slammed it behind me.
I checked my wrist watch,and it was arleady 23:35. Those idiots might be feeling sleepy arleady.

I looked around the room but could not see Courtney,just then i walked to the bathroom but still no sign of her. Where on Earth is this girl?

Just as I was to walk out the room,I heard a cough in the closet,I opened it,and there she was.
“Hi princess”I said with a smile.
She just smirked and walked out.
“What are you doing in the closet,I thought you will be waiting for me on the bed”I said
“And why must I wait for you on the bed?can’t you see that the demon is sleeping and said that no one should disturb her?”courtney said.
“Oomy,did you really buy that?”I teased her
“Since you found me first,I will head down stairs first”she said and made an attempt to walk out of the room,but I pinned her to the wall.

“What are you trying to do?”she asked
“My revenge,am trying to rape you for real”I smirked at her.
“That’s not funny at all Micheal”he said as I pressed my lips on hers and she responded positively.
I hold her tightly in my arms and could feel her smooths mangoes on her chest,caressing my heart.

I slide my tongue in her mouth,and wow,this feeling is no like other. I wonder why I didn’t do it earlier,Tiny has always been seducing me but I ignored her,if I knew how this feels,I would have not wasted much of my time ignoring her.
My hands found their way to her sip and slowly uzippped it,I stylishly pulled down her dress and if finally landed to the ground.

Wow,she didn’t wear any bra at all,heer fresh sexy mangoes were pointing at me.

I waste no time but take in in my hand as I resume my kissing,she almost fainted in my arms.
She was melting very softly and I don’t need to be told that she was enjoying the moment.
I caressed the tip of her mango while kissing her from lips to ear then down her neck.
She was trying hard not to make any moaning sound,but if she continue holding herself back,she will faint any moment.
Just the my other hand moved from her waist,down her hips to her undie,I don’t even know what I was doing but my finger finally found rest in her warmth. Thanks just touched the upper part as soon as I slide my hand in her undie and she fliched.

I pushed one finger in between her legs and she almost callapsed,but I hold her too tight
“Micheal stop it,that hurtsshe said,of course I know she is still a virgin and I’ve never gone this to her before. It’s her first experience.
“Dear,you never tell someone who is about to rape you what to do or not. Just stay back and enjoy”I said while sucking one of her mangoes and still caressing the other,my other hand still in her undies.

She could not hold her moan any longer.
“Micheal,God,Jesus aaaa!”it sounds as if she was about to cry,am sure the pleasure is just too much for her.

In no time her legs were shaking and some slippery substance,run down her legs.

She looked at me and she was really embarrassed.
She pushed me and was to walk away when I hugged her from the back,slowly moved my hand to her undie and slowly removed it from her body. She was trembling and I really like seeing this side of her. Gosh,who would have known that the one who always forced me to make love with her was afraid of sex?

Finally the undie was no longer on her body.
I put my hand on her mango again and she shut her eyes,I slide my finger in her warmth again and in no time her head was rested on my shoulder,her mangies pointing upwards. She kept on moaning .

I turned her to face me and carried her up. Whipped her legs round my waist as I planted a kiss on her lips. Enough with the teasing.
When trying to rape someone,you don’t let her prepare for it.

I took her on the bed and pressed her there.
“Who is trying to disturb my sweet sleep again?”that’s was Miguel. She sat straight and rubbed her eyes.

“Miguel,can you give oppa some time alone with her girlfriend?”I said to her
“Ofcourse oppa”she said as she stepped on the ground.
“I will sleep down stairs and lock the door,enjoy”she said while walked ng out of the room.

In no time,the door was locked and I wasted no time but remove my shirt.
As my bare chest touched courtney’s bare chest,a new world was opened for me.
“Wow”I mumbled

I removed my belt and pulled my short down.
I was remaining with only my short.
Courtney was holding the bed sheet tightly.

I went in top of her and she just lay there like a corpse.
“You look so beautiful when your naked”I said and she blushed.
I removed her hands from the bed sheet and put them around my waist.

Then I resume the kiss,from lips to her neck then her bossom.
She twisted her body
“Ooh Micheal”she said taking a deep breath.

I then slide two fingers in
“Your hurting me please”she cried.
Wow,I love seeing her tears.

I don’t remove the fingers but move them in and out her warmth.

I cannot do this any longer.
“Baby,can you remove my boxer?”I said while kissing her neck.

She really want this coz she didn’t hesistate but do as I said,but her eyes were still closed.

As soon as the boxer was removed,we we’re finally both naked.

I heard that the best way to disvirgin a girl is this.
I raise her from the bed and helped her seat up straight.
I took a pillow and made it support her back.
I hold her in the waist and positioned myself very well. I spread her legs wide and the real me touched her warmth. Her breath increase,her heart was beating rapidly and her eyes were closed tight.

I slowly slide into her but it was too tight. Gosh,after all the fingering and romancing she is still this tight?
This girl will never kill me.
“Angel,this is your time to scream that am raping you as much as you want. Scream and shout just like you did a year ago”I said.

I tried to forced myself in but to no avail.
I have no option now,but to use full force.
I put my hand on her bossom to ease the pain she was about to feel. Poor courtney only if she was to know what am planning to do,she would not have been moaning like this.

I out my other hand in her waist and pushed her to me as I forcefully slide my *** inside her.
“Aaaaaah!”she screamed in pain as she rest her hair on the bed head board.

Tears moved down her eyes like a river.
“Sorry my angel”I said while planting a kiss on her lips.
Finally,I was inside her,I felt something disconnecting inside her and just then blood run out of her warmth.

I smiled at myself.
“Finally,your mine forever”I said to her but her eyes were still closed tight and tears were still runner jg down her eyes.

I pulled out, took a towel beside the bed and cleaned the blood from me and her warmth.

I then lay her on back,on the bed,spread her legs again,and penetrate into her,thought it was still hard but it wasn’t difficult like the first slide.

“Sorry angel”I kept mumbling as I moved in and out of her.
She just hold the bed sheet tight as I slide deep into her while sucking her bossom.

After like 4 minutes,she put her hands around shoulder and wrapoed her legs round my waist. She was now responding in a sweet tone that made me want more of her.

I guess the pain has now subsided coz she seem to be enjoying now.

We really enjoyed our first night together and didn’t know how we both fall asleep in each other’s arms.


“Micheal!!Micheal!’someone called. I slowly opened my eyes and it was Miguel.
“Mr Andrea is back and heading upstairs. You might also kiss your flight,woke up and shower fast”she said and wasted not time. I grabbed the a towel on the table and wrapped it round my body before running into the bathroom


“Courtney!”Miguel called and I looked at her
“Your father is coming towards your room,you better clean up or you will put Micheal in trouble”Miguel said.

“What?!my father?”I quickly grabbed the blood towel,though I still feel some pain all over my body,I forced myself up and was to remove the blood bedsheet when my father walked in followed by James and my two best friends.

“Hi..hi dad”I said while seating in my bed
*Courtney,your towel,it’s stained,even your bed sheet,what’s going on?”dad asked me.

if you were Courtney,what would be your answer?


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