MY DRIVER’S SON … (18+) – Episode 138



episode hundred thirty eight
By Authoress Anita

“What are you doing here?”courtney asked Miguel as she picked her bath towel and tie it round her body.
“Why don’t you just thank me that I saved you from James”Miguel said sitting upright.
“It’s dinner time. I will head down stairs first”Miguel said while stepping on the ground.
“I won’t let anyone touch your body,of not Micheal”she said before walking out of the room.
Courtney scoffed,as she walked to her closet and picked up a dress then wore it.
She applied a little make up before walking out of the room


food was served to all,Micheal sat next to Courtney and James was next to Tiny as well,Missy was next to Micheal and Miguel was next to James.
“Eat up my angel”Ethan said while giving Isabel a plate of tuna.
“Thanks love”Isabel said with a smile.
“So,this looks like the last supper that Jesus prepared for his desciples before descending to heaven”Nathan said.
“Yap,I guess this is out last supper,coz Micheal will be living tommorow,unless we visit him in America,he is not coming home for like one and half year”said Ethan

“Don’t worry guys,if my plan work,I might come back home in nine months time”Micheal said looking at Courtney.
“Why are you looking at me like that?”Courtney asked.
“Coz you look so take away tonight”Micheal winked at Courtney.

“Ooh my,look at the situation here, courtney is luckly to have both her first love and her current boyfriend together”tisabel said.
“What’s good about that?”courtney said.
“I do not want to be skinny when I return,so eat up”Micheal said while pushing a plate of kimchi to courtney.

“She eats kimchi everyday,if you want her to be healthy by the time you return,feed her this. Here you go Courtney”James pushed away the kimchi plate and gave her some Irish potatoes.
“That has starch and some fats,do you want her to grow so fat?no Courtney,at least have this”Micheal pushed away the potato plate and gave her a plate of Chinese salad.

James picked away the plate of Chinese salad and gave her tomato salad.
Micheal pushed away the tomato salad plate and replaced it with a plate of drum sticks.

Just the courtney choked
“Here!!”Micheal and James said at once,while offering Courtney a galss of water.
“Enough the both of you!!!!!”Courtney yelled that the house almost collapse

“Wow,now I can see the reason why courtney was always restless at school. You guys are really giving her a hard time”Isabel said.
“Really? courtney, did we really give you a hard time?”Micheal asked making puppy eyes.
“No!you gave me a sweet time”courtney said as she stood up from the chair.
“No one should follow me,I want to be alone”she yelled.
“That’s sounds as if you need company”Micheal teased.
“Gosh,I will kill you Miche”she said as she picked a folk from the table and pointed it at Micheal.

Micheal quickly stood up and hide behind Ethan.
“Hey,you will get my boyfriend hurt,move”Isavel said while pushing Micheal.

“Don’t push my archangel!!”Miguel said running towards Micheal.

Tisabel’s plate fall,
“What the heck have you done to my girl’s plate?”yelled nathn.

In no time they were all chasing each other around the house. Everyone seems so happy.


🙄Micheal’s POV🙄

“Micheal,it’s no or never”Miguel said while yawning.
“Guys,am so sleepy,don’t disturb my sweet sleep or you won’t like what I will do to you.”Miguel said and winked t me before walking away.

“Guys,since it my last night here,why don’t we play a game”I said.
“What kind of game?”Ethan asked.
“MT”I said and courntey looked at me.
“Micheal please not again “James said.
“Micheal,what kind of game is that?”Ethan asked.
“It’s a very sweet game,you will like it. It’s called manners training. But for now,I want us to do something. Why don’t we play hide and seek?”I suggested.
“That’s a childish game”said Nathaniel.
“A childsih game is a sweet thing we can do on a farewell party and when the moon is shinning bright up in the sky”I said.
“I like your idea”Isabel said.

“It will be my turn to see you out first”Nathan said.

“Okey,then count to first”I said.

In no time,Nathan start counting and we all run out to hide. I don’t even know where James nor Courtney is.

💖James POV💖

Finally,I’ve got another chance with Courtney. We just happened to hide in the same closet,in the guest room.
“Don’t you think today is our day?”I said and she looked at me then hissed.
“Wow,that’s not manners,since we are all alone,what do you think we should do?”I said while pulling her in my arms.
“Don’t dare me or I will scream”she threatened.
“That little trick wont work on me angel”I said as I pressed my lips on hers and my hands were arleady surveying the contours of her body.

“Let go off me you bastard!!she yelled but she was moaning. I guess she is enjoying the moment.

I reached the zip of her gown and unzipped it.
The dress fell freely on the ground,why is she not resisting me?does she also want this.

Just as I was about to remove her undies,someone opened the closet.

“James and courntey,I caught you,and sorry for interrupting”Nathan said before walking away.



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