I felt something wet on my shoulder and I looked up to see that her erect Tips were leaking milk.

I pushed her down on the huge bed, spread her thighs wide open and pressed the large, pulsing head of my d–k against her Kitty-Cat. It was tight, but the copious Kitty-Cat juice helped it slide in effortlessly and I t—-t it to the hilt. I embraced her and grabbed one bosom again and started s—–g milk from it like a baby while grinding my d–k against her Kitty-Cat.

I could feel her desire mounting again as she threw her head from side to side moaning “Bleep…Bleep!! Bleep ME HARD!!!

I had no choice but to comply. I slammed in and out of that Kitty-Cat for the next 15 minutes not pausing to even acknowledge her intermittent c-m soaked cummings.

When both bosoms had been s—-d completely dry of milk, I slid out and pulled Madam Jane to her knees then pushed her face down from behind with her battleship Bottom waving high in the air and her swollen c-m dripping Kitty-Cat dead ahead. I needed no more invitation to once again fire my c-m laden d–k torpedo into that delicious Kitty-Cat.

I bleeped her wild and hard until her c-m was running down both our legs. Then with mounting fury, my c-m exploded out of my loins causing her to buck and thrash as she came once more and we both collapsed on the bed totally exhausted.

She pulled me into her embrace and wrapped my head between her bosoms. I began to stroke her thigh insides slowly, hearing her moan and feeling her lust mounting slowly again.

My fingers work their way slowly, tenderly and teasingly up her thigh towards her still wet honey pot and just as I’m about to plunge them in, the bedside phone starts ringing.

She reluctantly unwraps me from inside her warm cozy embracing bosoms and thighs and reaches for it.

“It’s the front desk,” she says. “They’ve arrived. We need to get dressed.”

“So there really is a business meeting,” I groan. “Perfect!”
“What did you think? That I lured you here for the most Intimate Bleep I’ve had in years?” she asks
“Thanks for the complement,” I mutter grumpily and roll off her to head for the bathroom.
“Aww… don’t be like that,” she pleads. “I’ll make it up to you”
I quickly closed the bathroom door and grinned to myself… “chei!!! I don hammer!” I had just been told that I was to expect a repeat experience of one of the hottest, lushest and most Intimate bodies on God’s earth. I felt as if I had won a jackpot.

We got ready and 20mins later were seated at the small conference table, going over charts and proposals with her visitors. There were three men and a woman. She made the presentation and the guys proceeded to answer all of Jane’s questions. I just sat there looking over charts and lists as if I knew poo about what was going on.

Jane would lean over from time to time, touch my hand and ask me a leading question to which I would provide the insinuated answer. It was all going well and I was really eager for it all to end so I and jane could get back to the main event. Then I felt something tickle my ankle.

I ignored it at first but the third time it caught my attention and I froze. Slowly I raised my head and looked up and across the table. The lady who had given the presentation was seated across from me but appeared to have her full attention focused on one of the other guys who was explaining something.

After a few seconds I looked away only to be tickled again a few moments later. I looked up again to see her looking right at me with a dare in her eyes. Haba, another one?!! I studied her closely and could not help but notice that she was of average build and filled her suit in all the right places. She kept looking at me as she slowly and tantalizingly worked her toes up my calf and towards my crotch.

I was wondering what I was going to do next when one of the other men called to her.

“Bimbo, please distribute the last report to madam and her partner.”


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