MY CRAZY HOUSEWIFE … (18+) … Part 4



Steve payed for everything and we went home. It’s already late anyway

Steve was acting weird.
He hasn’t said a word to me after he paid.

It was like he was suppressing the anger.

We went into the house and I ran to the kitchen just to lick mayonnaise. I suddenly felt like having it.

He ignored me and went upstairs and after a while I heard the shower running.
After licking the creamy sauce, I went to my room and dumped the clothes we bought.

Too bad I didn’t get to go to the amusement park. I took my phone and deleted the video of Steve f#*king that good for nothing woman.

My door opened and Steve walked in.
I hope he’s not here for a make out.

He wore a tank top and black pants. For once his dressing impress me.

“Never play the prank you did today. if you dare try it again, just know I’ll never look for you… Ever!” He said.

I Chuckled and stood up from my bed and approached him.

“Stop being so mad… It’s really not my fault. You were busy conversing with a slut so I decided to shop without you.

“Tell me, were you able to get her number?” I asked grinning.

He scoffed.
“Now I know you’ve lost it!!
“It’s none of your business and you know it” he retorted.

“Okay hubby, I won’t pry, but please when cheating on me, use protection. Your mom is a very kind woman, she doesn’t deserve to watch you die slowly of AIDS” I said.

“I already have AIDS so I think I share it with you. We’ll both raise our child with AIDS” he grinned and pulled me close by my waist.

“Oh… Let go of me, you man whore!” I rapsed trying to push him off.

He carried me to the bed and starts to take off my dress.
He laughed watching me struggle with him.

“Yeishh! Leave me alone. Don’t give me AIDS!!!” I yelled.
My voice came out so loud and I suddenly feel so shy.

Steve left me and I ran to the closet just in my undies. How embarrassing!!

Next Day 🀄

I stood before Tessy as she knot my tie for me. She suddenly offered to help me with it and here she is trying to strangle the life out of me.

“I can’t breathe! Wait…” I rapsed and tried to touch my neck but she slapped my hands off.

“Stay still, am almost done!” She warned sternly.

I brought down my hands and looked at her serious face as she worked on the tie.
Seriously, the tie 👔 was too tight and caused me discomfort. It’s feels like am her goat and she just tied me to a tree.

She smiled
“Am done hubby!” She beamed.

I smiled wyly.

“You won’t be the one to kill me” I stuttered and quickly loosed the tie.
She laughed.

“You promise to be back before 3…I want you take me to yoga practice” she said.

I rolled my eyes.

We are on our honeymoon but I need to go to the office. The good for nothing company supervisors had to come today and I need to be there blah blah blah…

But aside all the stress that made me weary, something great I’d receive at the office today.
A blow job from Vanessa.

I really need it since wifey is not willing to give me any 😪
Not her fault though.

This marriage is just to please mom.
Once the baby comes, I’ll pay her heaven and earth to live me alone.
I can’t be tied to one woman when am still young and wealthy..

“Bye pregnant pepper” I said grabbed my phones.

“What did you just call me?!!!” She thundered from the bathroom..

I rushed out of the room running for my life before she kills me!


I watched Vanessa strip dance infront of me. The meeting was over minutes ago..
I don’t care what time it is but I need to mate right now..

“Come here” I said coldly and she came to me.
I pushed my seat backwards and she knelt between my legs and removed my belt. She unzipped my pants and brought out my hard c*ck.

She put it in her mouth and starts to suck.
I just watched her do her thing.

So sweet…..

Suddenly a knock came on my door.
Who could that be?
All my employees never dare to come to my office unless summoned.

The door starts to whack loudly.

“Steve, it’s me!” I heard.
Pregnant pepper!!!
What’s she doing here?

Vanessa let go and hid under my table and immediately, the door burst open. Tessy actually broke my locked door!!

She came in.
“What are you doing here? I’ve been waiting…” She said.

I quickly used style and zipped up.


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