MY CRAZY HOUSEWIFE … (18+) … Part 15



🎲🎲weeks later…

I was on the couch working with my laptop.
this past few weeks has been stressful. Tessy demanding for one thing or the other.

I feel like a nurse.
She’s now four months pregnant and her tummy is increasing bit by bit.

I barely have time for myself.

Mom know better than to force me into this marriage.
It’s making me grow old before my time 👴

Tessy walked into the living room with the music box I bought her yesterday.
She was with her phone too.

Thank God she stopped talking to that Brandon goat. I hate him more than I dislike Lil Wayne.

Tessy was putting on a blue bum short that stopped right after her butt. 😋 and a stripped long sleeve.

She dropped her music box on the table and walked to the standing stick used in videoing.

She set her phone in it and came to me.

“Am competing in a couple dance contest and I need you to dance with me. I really want to win…the women I met at antenatal care are also competing and I bragged alot cause am sure we’ll win” she said pulling my arm.

I refused to stand up.

“Steveee, carrot nose c’mon!” She winced pulling me up with two hands.

“Am sorry but I don’t dance” I stated and sat back on the chair.

“What? Stop lying to me hunn, I really want to win” she said

“Am busy” I said blowing her off.

She shut my laptop and threw it to the next chair.
geez, such nerves.. Pregnant women are something else – so aggressive.

“C’mon hubby!!!” She rapsed and ran to her music box turning on a song… 🎶Yummy by Justin Bieber.

🎼yeah, you got that yummy, yum
That yummy, yum
That yummy, yummy
Yeah, you got that yummy, yum
That yummy, yum
That yummy, yummy

🎶🎼Say the word, on the way
Yeah babe, yeah babe, yeah babe
Any night, any day
Say the word, on my way
Yeah babe, yeah babe, yeah babe
In the morning or late
Say the word, ony way

🎶🎼bonafide stallion
Ain’t in no stable, no, you stay on the run
Ain’t on the side you’re number one
Yeah, every time I come around, you get it done

🎶🎼Yeah, you got that yummy, yum
That yummy, yum
That yummy, yummy
Yeah, you got that yummy, yum
That yummy, yum
That yummy, yummy 😋

She starts to dance Infront of her camera (phone).

I must admit, she knows how to move.
She twisted her waist and and shook her butt in the process.

She looked at me and frowned like she wanted to cry.
This my wife is unbelievable 😒

I stood up and went to her and she smiled.

“I’m not dancing” I whispered to her and she frowned.

“Please hubby, beautiful carrot nose, my sugar plum” she said pouting.

Oh, so she wants to bribe me with sugar coated names… I flushed 🙈.

But I don’t dance infront of people. Only mom knows I dance.
Wait a minute…
Did mom tell Tessy I dance well?

I looked at the innocent cute face waiting for me to dance.
I sighed and started break dancing.
She covered her mouth with her hands watching me move.

She’s the second person to ever see me dance.

She starts to shake her body facing the camera while I stood at her back.

Since she wants to win the contest…let’s show them a little couples romance.

I held Tessy by her waist and wrapped my hands around her from behind.
As the music played, I kissed her neck and bit on it softly.

I felt her smile.

She placed her hand on mine as we danced slowly.

I turned and I saw the maids staring at us.

I could feel Tessy’s backside rubbing against my d°•k. Feels so nice.

I was starting to get hard so I pulled away from her.

Tessy rushed to her phone and placed it on her ear while I turned off the music.
She just received a call…
From who?

She gulped and brought the phone down.
Her mood changed…she looked sad.

I went to her.
“Wifey, what’s wrong?” I asked tucking her hair behind her ears.

“It’s my brother…he just called” she replied looking lost.

“Um…is there a problem?” I asked extremely concerned.

She nodded slowly.
“He wants to see me” she said in a low voice.
“So? Why should that be a problem? Would he harm you?” I asked taking her phone.

“No, it’s…it’s personal” she said taking her phone from me.
She tried to leave but I stopped her.
“We are married Tessy. No secrets” I said.

I looked around making sure the maids were gone.

“I haven’t spoken to my brother for up to six months now…he doesn’t know am married. I didn’t tell him cause I know he’ll hurt me. When we were still together, he always tried to rape me but each time I got lucky.

“Then at 18, he wanted to marry me off to alot of people. I promised him I would work and pay him monthly so he doesn’t marry me off and then I ended up at your house.

“He called me just now. Am scared…what does he want from me? 😭 if he finds out am pregnant, he’ll hurt me and my baby” she said and for the first time, I saw tears fall from her eyes.

Who’s making my pregnant pepper cry? 😡😡😡


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