MY CRAZY HOUSEWIFE … (18+) … Part 14



Brandon stopped infront of my house in the estate. I came down and went into the house getting ready to face Steve’s headache.

I pray he’s not home yet.
I don’t want to see his annoying wicked face.

I walked past the living room and saw him at the wine counter. He looked drunk and messy.

I ignored him acting like he wasn’t there. I went to my room.

How can Tessy intentionally do this to me! 😡 she’s comfortable to go out with that big head overlooking the fact that she’s pregnant.

It irritates me and am so pissed right now!

I didn’t even sleep upstairs, I went to the guestroom and had a bath then wore my clothes I found there.

Who’s talking to Tessy?
I’ll ignore her till she is forced to apologize to me.
Am a billionaire. Dad’s heir and treated like a demi god at home so if Tessy thinks she can break me to begging her then she’s dreaming.

When I was five years old, I knew nothing then. I took dad’s gun and mistakenly fired it at my math tutor I hate so much. She lost an eye, I was forced to apologize atleast after dad payed her hospital bills. I refused and there was nothing nobody could do about it.

‘Accidents happen😌’


I had to go upstairs to wear my suit and gather other things I’d need for office.

I bumped into Tessy on the way and I just walked past her and she did the same.

A good wife should have apologized 😒

Where are my apologies? 🙅

I went to my room and got ready for work.
I was done and I returned downstairs.
One of the maids came to me.
She bowed.

“Good morning sir, breakfast is ready” she informed and I just nodded looking at Tessy who was on the sofa with a remote.
Watching movie as early as this.

I left the maid and walked to the living room. I grabbed my phones. I noticed Tessy was also ignoring my presence.

She acted like I wasn’t here at all.
So she also wants to be tough.
Stubborn head😒

I left for the office after a short breakfast.


Tessy and I was keeping up with the silent treatment for three days.
She hasn’t spoken to me neither have I and I know she’s angry with me.

I was a little drunk cause I went to my best friends place and we drank away our sorrows. I was on my way to my room to sleep soundly when I saw Tessy’s phone on the table.

It vibrated and I took it.
Let’s see what my wife is up to.
I unlocked her phone…. Her password is nothing but ‘baby’.

I went to her recent activities.
I entered her WhatsApp. Oh mother of God!!
Messages from Brandon.
She was chatting with him even at midnight.

I felt so angry!
Is she keeping an extra marital affair?
I saw 10 missed calls from the jerk.
Why is he calling her so much?

What could be so important to him.
Even if Tessy wants another guy, why Brandon?

I went upstairs quickly straight to Tessy’s room.

She was applying cream on her body.
Lovely sight.

My eyeballs were turning, am drunk.

She looked suprised to see me tho.

I went to her and handed her her phone.
She took it and didn’t sat anything.

“Am sorry” I finally said after a long silence.

“What?” She muttered.
I sat beside her on the bed.

“I said am sorry. Don’t make me repeat myself, believe me this us harder than it sounds” I jibed.

“If apologizing to me will end up being a complaint then it’s better you just go. Am sleepy” she said taking her pillow.
By Eunice Nwodu.

“Tessy hear me out. Am sorry for not telling you about the dinner. I just decided not to cause you were pregnant and it’d be stress”

“You’re drunk go and come back tomorrow. When you’re in your right sense” she said blowing me off.

I pulled her close in a half hug so she can lean on me.
“I said am sorry hunnn” I cooed.

“Please Tessy. Forgive me. I won’t hide anything like that from you again, that’s a promise” I said.
Anything, anything at all to convince her.

She shrugged my hands off.
Wow… I really hurt her alot when I didn’t tell her.

She didn’t want to say anything.
“Please wifey. It’s been long Since I touched baby and you know I can’t touch it without your permission. Please am sorry” I pleaded with a crumpled look.

She nodded and I claimed her lips. Kissing her like I’ve never before.

“You’ll put Brandon on blacklist, huh…” I mumbled inbetween the kiss.
She Chuckled.
“Am serious Tess. 10 missed calls in one hour? Does he want to eat you alive?” I asked after we broke the kiss.

“He’s my friend” she simply said and sat on the bed well. I moved into her holding her to myself.

“You know he likes you” I added.
She didn’t say anything.
“Steve you’re drunk. Go to ur room. I don’t want you here” she said.

I kissed her on her forehead.
“Slow down carrot nose. We have to sleep” she said.

“Carrot nose?” I asked 😳
She laughed.
How am I carrot nose? 😂


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