MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 9




I Stared at him in disbelief. Is he for real now?

“What do you mean we’re stuck in here. Call for help or something. Your phone is right there. Call someone!” I demanded, he rolled on his bed shutting his eyes.

“I just started working here yesterday Ariel. Who am I going to call for help? Just hope someone notices we’re missing and sees your cars and searches for us. Until then, I’m really sleepy so if you please.”

He pulled the duvet over himself making me stomp my feet angrily. I yanked it off him glaring.

“I have to go out Daniel. Find a way! I don’t care if we have to jump down the window or something just get me out of here!”

“Shhh….” He says making me gasp in sheer shock.

“How dare you!”

“You’re making a big fuss about this. You should be happy, out there in that cold world is a group of people trying to end you whereas you’re safe stuck in here.”

“But I have to go see a friend, go shopping or something.”

“I took you shopping yesterday.”

“Yeah and so?” I asked, he shook his head biting his inner Lip.

“If you won’t help me get out of here. I’ll find a way.” I marched towards the door thumping as loud as I could.

“Get…me… out…of…here!” I yelled at intervals before taking a deep breathe.

“Good luck with that.” I heard him pull the covers back again and I focused on getting help.


I’m a fucking genius. I get to sleep in most of the time and get paid at the end of the month.

Her dad didn’t want her going out frequently so I lured her to my room and jammed the lock.

Very soon I’ll be off to dream land and the maids would let us out later in the day. My plan is full proof. She’ll get tired soon enough but until then I might as well lay back and enjoy the show.


I heard a low huff and she landed on the bed.

“Oh wow, a whole five minutes, you’re really determined.” I mocked and she grunted lightly.

“Give me your phone.” She commanded like I was her lap dog.


“I want to call the commissioner, my dad and he are great friend. He’ll come right over, I can’t stand being in here for one more minute.”

I nearly rolled my eyes and gave a snarky response but I just had to refrain myself. Her dad really did a number on her upbringing. She’s rotten to the core.

“My battery’s low.” I answered.

“Ugh! Seriously!” She protested standing up.

“It’s almost two pm. The day is slowly passing by…” I tried to reason with her. Key word being tried.

“I don’t give a fuck if it’s Eleven pm we leave here. I will go out and as my bodyguard you should be helping me because anywhere I go, you follow and the sooner I’m out, the faster you get home.” She drove a hard bargain but I knew she was bluffing. She had to be.

“You might think am bluffing right. Watch me let’s get out of here first. We can’t be stuck in forever ”

“Did she just read my mind?” I wondered.

“Miss Carter, you’ve tried all means to provide escape. Seat down and be patient or take a nap. ” I shot at her.

Thankfully, she took my advice and sat a little close to me.

“I’m bored. That’s why I go out, I hate being stick in doors.” She whined and I got up.

“Tell me something…”


“Anything, come on. I’m really bored.” She pouted her lips.

“What do you want to know?”

“Before you became a bodyguard, what did you do?”

“I was a fighter.”

“You’re joking?” She says seating properly

“Nope actually, I enjoyed fighting. It allowed me to let go of all my inner rage.”

“Wait a minute, I find it really strange that your wife allows you to fight like that, I mean doesn’t she get angry when you get hurt on the ring. ”

“What wife?” I blurted out without thinking.

“Huh?” She asked and I bit my lips hard.

“Umm, I meant….” I trailed off and the door was unlocked from the outside.

“I’m sorry to disturb master Oliver, your towels…” The maid says placing them on that dressing table.

Her eyes lit up slightly noticing the two of us but she knew better than to ask any questions. Ariel would have her fired.

“Freedom!” She yells jumping up.

“Oh no!” I yelp as my plan fails


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