MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 8




I took his towel off and changed into a skin tight gown showing all my curves before handing it over to the maids as he requested.

I applied some make up, grabbed my phone and went downstairs.

“Ariel, are you really going out today? After everything that happened yesterday?”

“You could stop it if you want.” I responded rudely. He shook his head and held his briefcase tightly.

“I’m off to work.”

“Yeah, goodbye daddy.” I responded sarcastically.

His gaze moved towards Daniel and they shared a look before he left the house.

I followed his every move. First he went to the kitchen, the cook was obviously smitten by him. Her gaze was on him trying to flirt laughing at his every words. I made a mental note to fire her later.

My dad didn’t hire her so she could fraternize. She served his food and he took it with him to the table. He turned on the TV and began eating acting like I didn’t exist at all.

“You have ten minutes to finish up. I’m going out.” I fired and he switched his gaze to me.

“Didn’t your dad say it wasn’t safe outside?”

“My dad isn’t the boss of me. If I want to go out, I will go out so finish up your food because we’re going out.” He looked like he was in deep thoughts after my words and I wondered why. I shrugged it off as nothing waiting for him to finish his meal.


I groaned impatiently checking my watch. Daniel has been eating for over an hour now. He eats like a snail and I don’t mean that figuratively. I tried to get him to speed it up but as always he ignores me.

“Finally…” I heaved a sigh of relief when he finished his meal. It was already noon but I would still go out. Maybe to go see a friend or something.

“Great, go get changed and we can leave.”

I said, he nodded slowly and went upstairs.

I sat on the couch playing with my phone while waiting.


Once again I groaned in annoyance. Daniel has been “changing” in his room for half an hour now. What is wrong with this man! It’s like he doesn’t want me to leave the house or something.

I got up in anger and marched to his room.

“Daniel!” I yelled pounding at his door.

No response.

“Daniel!” I repeated knocking even harder. Still no response. I took a deep breathe before walking in and he was on the bed, fast asleep.

I smirked as a thought came to mind. I gently walked to his bathroom and turned on the tap to get a little water. He was still on the bed when I got back so I splashed it all over him jerking him awake.

“Oops.” I twitched my lips and dropped the bucket.

“I told you to go upstairs and change instead you decided to take a nap!” I fired and he got up soaked.

“And you thought the best way to wake me up was to pour water on me” I thought he would shout at me but his tone was surprisingly calm.

“That’s just the beginning for slamming the door in my face, twice!”

“Get dressed Daniel. I want to go out.” I demanded and turned around. I heard his footsteps move towards his closet and get some clothes out.

“It’s almost 1pm why can’t you just stay home for today.”

“I can’t and I won’t.” I retorted.

“Are you done?” I asked impatiently.


“Good, let’s go.”

“Wait!” He yells making me stop.

“Was is it?”

“I’m the bodyguard, I should go first.” I stared at him confused but decided not to push it.

He wore a casual blue top and black pants and led the way.

“What the…”

“What is it?” I asked extremely impatient now.

“The door’s jammed. It won’t open.”

“I literally just came in here five minutes ago. What do you mean it won’t open?” I asked trying to turn the handle but he’s right, it won’t open.

“Tch… I guess we’re stuck in here and you won’t go out after all. Oh well…” He shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly and went back to bed.


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