MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 6




“Took you long enough.” I fired at him the moment he stepped into the car.

“I was talking to your father.” His tone is so professional, no hidden emotions behind his words and it annoys me in ways I cannot explain.

“Alright, whatever. We’re going to the mall.” I close my eyes and he drives off.


I picked at least one of everything. The bright side to having your father mad at you is that i can do anything, spend ant amount and he won’t have a problem with it. I intend to take advantage of it. It gets even better to see the effect it has on Daniel.

He looks really frustrated. Maybe now he knows how I feel every time he ignores me.

“What? Don’t you take your wife shopping?”

I ask chuckling. I’ve been trying every method I can to get him to talk about his wife but he just closes up . I want to know everything about her and tomorrow I’ll hire someone to look into it.

I need a face, behaviour and everything. I need to know the woman who bagged this sexy man trailing behind me.

I moved towards the shoes section and picked a few. Deciding to put him out of the misery, I moved towards the cashier to pay.


He grunted and stepped out of the car.

“Wow, a married man who doesn’t want to take an hour to see his wife. A happy marriage life indeed.” I teased praying for a reaction from him. Even if it’s just a little.

“Could you not ask about my wife. It’s none of your business.” He says making me gasp but glad he said something.

“Alright then, I’ll be in my room. I’m done for the day, you can sleep in yours or go home.” I walked out on his marching for my room.

📞 Hey darling. I heard his soft voice through the wall. I pressed my pillow on my ear to zone their conversation out.

📞 Yeah, today was great. The girl is a handful but nothing I can’t handle.

“Girl? He thinks of me as a girl!” I nearly screamed listening keenly.

📞 Yes I missed you but you know I can’t leave her. When I can, I’ll come see you. He says into the receiver.

📞 Hugs and kisses. He adds after a few seconds and I’m burning in a rage. I walk up to his room and barge in without knocking.

“Do you need something?” He asks, my eyes dart towards his outfit or the lack of it there of. He’s wearing no shirt leaving his abs on display. I gulp and trail my eyes from there to his face where he’s currently smirking.

“Eyes up here!” He snapped and I frown immediately.

“Like I said Miss Carter, do you need anything?”

“Why did I come here again?” I ask myself scratching my hair a little. I chuckle nervously and try to remember the reason I came here.

“Oh, I remember now…” I snapped my fingers glaring at him.

“If you want to talk to your wife, do it outside. I was trying to get some sleep but your incessant talking wouldn’t let me and how dare you call me handful, I’ll have you know that I’m one of the easiest persons to handle!” I said, he chuckled deeply and got up from his bed.

“Sure about that?” His voice suddenly becomes low and he advanced towards me.


My voice comes out hoarse and shaky.

“Well, I say you’re a real handful.” I keep my eyes on his chest and he advances even forward making me move back slightly.

“Which is why I’m in no mood for you this night.” He twitched his lips, still moving. I was at the door right now.

“Good Night Miss Carter.” Before I could protest, he slammed the door in my face leaving me in the hallway.

“Are you fucking kidding me!”

I yell at the top of my voice.

“You’ll pay for this, just watch ” I threatened and stomped away back to my room cursing at myself for the effect he had on me.


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