MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 43




Ignoring the voice at the back of my head, all form of reasoning and definately the screams from Tim, I walked farther and farther until they all dissolved. I promised myself not to shed an ounce of tear but it was getting much harder to keep that promise.

A huge part of me felt broken, dead and definately tired but on the other hand I’m also glad I told him assuring myself a sense of relief. I might’ve made a lot of mistakes in life but I will be no one’s fuck buddy no matter what.

The tears were brimming at my eyes and my feets were getting soiled quickly. I sighted a public bench and took refuge on it placing my head on my laps.


A voice called out, it was farmilar. Too farmilar.


It became much clearer this time. I had to imagining him here. He can’t be here because this isn’t like the movies where he finds me strangely. It so damn cliche so he can’t be here. I’m imagining him for sure.

Then, a soft tender arm caressed my hand drawling circles around a particular spot. My eyes shot up immediately.


Daniel called out more tenderly. I looked up immediately and there he was. I wasn’t imagining him.

“How did you find me?”

I blurted out. He took a seat close to me taking a deep breath.

“I asked Tim to keep a close eye on you and report back to me.”

“You asked my own bodyguard to spy on me?”

I asked bewildered.

“Ariel, it isn’t like that and you know it. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“So the bastard called you! I’m firing him the minute I get home.”

“You can’t do that to him. I made him do it.”

“I don’t fucking care. You should know I hate lies and most especially, I hate snitches.”

There was something in his eyes at my words. They twinkled and he looked like he wanted to say something but they shut him up immediately.

“That’s my number rule. No matter how much you mean to me, no matter how important you are, no matter how much I care about you once I found out you’re guilty of either or both, that’s it I’m done and nothing can change that.”

I said in all sincerity.

“You can’t mean that.”

“Yes I can and I do mean it.”

“People make mistakes Ariel. You aren’t exempted. Everyone makes mistake at some point and if you really care about the person in question, I’ll expect you try and understand see if there’s a chance to mend the relationship. If you keep cutting people off anytime they lie to you or snitch on you, you might be leave alone in the end.”

He said knocking me out of breath.

“I’m a very tolerable person Daniel. I endure most fucked up shit. Everyone makes mistake I understand but when I get close to someone, I explain to them that I just can’t take those two mistakes.”

“What if they were already made before you two got close?”

He asked making me freeze momentarily.

“What if the person had no idea that you two would turn out like this someday? What if he thought that you would just be a temporary person in his life but you turned out to be something more. Would you still cut him off for a mistake made when he had no idea of who you actually are?”

The question was complicated. For a few seconds, I didn’t actually have an answer for him. I was left in deep thoughts. After a minute, I still didn’t have an answer.

“You don’t know right. Exactly what I thought.”


I said sighing.

“Yes what?”

“Yes I’ll still cut the person off. A lie is a lie and a snitch remains a snitch. That’s a fact no matter how it happened or how you put it. I want to go home Daniel.”

I said tiredly. He gulped staring at me before running one or two fingers in his hair.

“Let’s go.”

He sighed out.

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