MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 39




I suck fervently on his lower lips. They still had they farmilar taste of vanilla mixed with chocolate. It was addicting. I was more, more, more. I sucked and he pulled me closer. I didn’t care if Tim laid feets away from us or if I was in danger, I just never wanted this to stop.

When a moan erupted from his lips, I knew if we weren’t in a public place, I would lose control. I’m barely holding myself together. I just want him with everything in me. I’ve never felt this way. Ever.


I heard his whisper yet latch his lips onto my neck. I think he’s asking me to stop? The word seen to make me freeze momentarily until he finally pulled away panting and out of breath. We both were.


I stuttered completely speechless. He gulped and I wish I could just pull him in and kiss him again.

“Wait, what am I thinking?”

I scolded myself and looked away. I just made out with him. Again. Guilt rose up in my chest once more. I hated the feeling but there was nothing I could do. I’m attracted to him, I can’t deny it.

“It’s not safe to stay out here for much longer. I need to leave now. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

His phone was distant but I nodded in response and watched him leave.

Tim had no yet regained consciousness, I didn’t want him to attract any attention so I quickly found a bottle of alcohol to act as smelling salt.

I gave him a sad smile watching him rub his temples slowly. It must have really hurt.

“That was a friend of mine. He’s a little extreme. I won’t tell my dad you got beat up if you don’t.”

I offered with a playful smirk. He nodded knowing it was in his best interests.

“I’m ready to leave.”

Just like that, this outing turned out to be more than I expected. I’m yet to decide if it’s a good thing or bad. Who am I kidding? It was fucking amazing. I should keep my focus on the threat but I just can’t. All I can think about is Daniel and that mind blowing kiss. I know it’s wrong but that’s all I can think about.

I crashed on my bed the moment I reached it. This time I didn’t even have to pray. I dreamt of a man who returned to me after so long. My knight in shining armor. I dreamt of Daniel Oliver.

The Next Morning

I stretched lazily in bed frozen on what to do. Usually I would be preparing to jog but I doubt I’ll be able to do that right now. My dad would have me on full lock and key for sure.

Just then, my phone beeped and a text came through from Daniel. I forget I had his contact saved. If I had remembered, I might have sent him a bunch of text messages. He’ll probably think am needly and weak.

Up for a jog?

It read. I had to re read to make sure I was seeing clearly. He told me about a threat and now he wants us to go jogging. I’m so confused.

  • Yes *

I responded and hurridely got changed. I snuck out of the house leaving a note for my dad. He’ll have a mini heart attack when he sees it but I’m sure he won’t mind much after finding out I was with Daniel.

I waited at the spot where he texted me to meet him. I couldn’t stop grinning like someone who just won a lottery. It’s just a jog and nothing more.

Unexpectedly, a bus pulled over in front of me and three men stepped out. My survival instincts kicked in. I turned back to run and another pulled over. Three more stepped out each pointing a gun at my head. I froze, raising my hands us in surrender.

“Get in now.”

Their leader commanded. I assumed he was their leader. I gulped now knowing what to do next.



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