MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 34




The car ride was slow and extremely torturing. I kept thinking what if that strange man was Daniel. What would I have said to him? I didn’t think about that for a second, I got too excited. I didn’t think straight.

I’m angry at him for leaving me. If I do see him it’ll be like he doesn’t exist to me because he doesn’t. He left me without a good reason and never looked back so Daniel Oliver is dead to me. Nothing can change that.

I gave Tim instructions to alert me when we’ve reached our destination. I really needed to rest for a while. Once again, my subconscious compared my time with Daniel against him. I never fall asleep when I’m with him. Never. I guess that’s the difference between the two of them. I really have to stop thinking about him though. I bet anything he’s with his wife, laying down on a cute sunny peach in Chicago spoiling her like never before. They’ll make love twice daily or maybe more. I cringe at the thought.

I bet he’s having the time of his life, no regrets, no doubt. I bet it with anything in me. Since he’s living the best life that he can, why shouldn’t I do the same. No more sulking and no more looking back. Definately no more Daniel Oliver.


The crowd roared in applauses and eagerness for more blood. This is my ife, has been since I came back here to work. The money I got from Mr Carter was more than enough to pay the rent and the bills for month but still, I found myself coming back here day after day and week after week. I’ll come here and whomever I fight that night has to be the most unlucky person in the face of the earth.

I won’t care how old he is or if he can take it. I’ll beat him up so badly, his blood would be water to wash the floor of the ring. I had so much anger inside of me. This was the only way to let it out. The crowd loved it anyways.

After the fight was done, I went off to clean myself up before leaving. It’s been three weeks since I quit. Three weeks since I walked out their door and never returned even though I wanted to. For the first week I’ll stalk and watch her from afar.

The second week I’ll do the same and when I observed her bodyguard was capable of keeping her safe, I had to withdrawal myself but not before finding out she and Shawn were back together. I still have no idea why that hurt badly. I came back here and nearly killed a man.

The third week, I had fights all through. Anything to distract myself from thinking about her. I’ll drag myself home with bruises all over and I’ll fall asleep on the couch thinking of her. I undoubtedly missed her so much. I can’t go back but I miss her. People say if it’s yours it’ll come back so for three weeks I kept it at the back of my mind that she might come back soon even though she isn’t mine. I’m just so confused.

I washed the blood off my knuckles and faced the mirror. The realisation dawned on me. It’s time to move on. Ariel Carter is in the past. It’s time to move on. I sighed dejectedly.


I watched him from afar trying to decide if it was time yet. I picked the first two immediately they were thrown out of the house. They made perfect followers. Their hate for Ariel Carter fueling their desire to be my minions.

I’ve wanted to get Daniel Oliver, he’s a fighter and would be perfect for me.

Something’s just not right about him. I can’t place it. I pick up my phone to make the call to bring him over here so we can get started. Just then, I stop in mid air and continue watching.

“One more day, I’ll wait one more day before I bring him in.”

I decided within me.


  • Seems like Daniel is in trouble.
  • They both decide to move on but fate keeps pulling them back to each other.

What’s going to happen?


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