MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 33





I reached downwards flicking my clit hard and fast all the while moaning in delight. Shawn drove in me with reckless abandon as fast and hard as he could until we both came and fell on the bed.

I reached for the duvet covering myself up before moving towards his bathroom to go freshen up. Needless to say I wasn’t in any way satisfied or tired.

After I was done, I got back into the room declining all his advances at trying to cuddle. I wasn’t in any mood for that right now.

Long story short, it’s been three weeks since Daniel Oliver quit his job, quit on me. For the first few days I thought about it a lot. Most times I’ll even stay up late at night simply because I’m trying to figure things out.

In the end my insecurities crept up and I found out he might have actually gotten tired of me. My advances, childishness and most importantly, my arrogance.

I’ve heard others say it countless times. Usually, I wouldn’t give a fuck about what they think but with Daniel, it hurt like hell. After one week, the realisation that he’s not coming back began to set it.

It didn’t help that I got to see my annoying bodyguard everyday. Winn or Tim. I can’t see to remember his name. Worse part is that he’s competent. Like really competent. Not like Daniel. No one can be like him but still the new bodyguard seem to be doing a lot.

After about two weeks, I got my first call from Shawn. We had another shoot together so I couldn’t avoid him like I’ve been doing ever since. After the job was done, we ended up getting back together in our toxic relationship. Worse part is that I thought of Daniel and he alone while with Shawn. He couldn’t satisfy me anymore.

Every time I have sex with him, I hope that it gets better but it doesn’t. It’s annoying. Most times I don’t even reach orgasm but it’s okay. After about three weeks, hate slowly began to creep in. Hate for leaving me with looking back. For not trying to check up or at least find out my whereabouts. It’s almost like we were never…. Never what?

That’s just it. I don’t even know what to classify us as. He was my bodyguard. We shared alot of moments together and then I got dumb one night and made him cheat on his wife. He couldn’t take the guilt so he left. The end of my sad story.

I grabbed my things, adjusted my hair and make up about to leave. Shawn laid on the bed mentally undressing me with his eyes and licking his lips. A few weeks ago, I think I would’ve jumped in bed with him and gone another round but right now, I’m just not feeling it. I want to go home, lay in bed and sleep, sleep, sleep.

I stepped out netting him halfway. My new bodyguard that is. He stood by the door waiting for me to finish. I didn’t say a word, simply led the way to my car.

“Shopping ma’am?”

“No. Take me home.”

I said tiredly. He obliged and we were close to my car already.

Just then, something caught the corner of my eye. A figure. A farmilar one at that. I ran as fast as I could to meet up with him. Daniel.


I called out turning him around. My face fell when it turned out to be some random stranger. On a much closer look he’s nothing like Daniel at all. I sighed defeatedly apologizing then moving backwards.

“Ma’am are you okay?”

I think his name is Tim asks tenderly.

“Yes, I’m fine. Take me home please.”

I mumble and drag my feet to the car absolutely tired and spent.


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Read on and find out what happens next.


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