MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 32




He pulled away after a few seconds and stared deeply into my eyes. I shuddered as his finger traced lines on my body. It felt so good to be close to him in this way. So fucking wrong but also good. I shut my eyes and moaned in delight.

Then, the contact was shattered and they snapped open. He had a glum look on his face bringing me back to reality. The reality that he was leaving soon. I won’t ever see him again. The reality that I almost had sex with a married man and kissed him. The reality that I’m a terrible person, a bitch because I feel absolutely no remorse. My mind, body and soul craves for more. Craves for him.

This is wrong on so many levels, in so many ways. I averted my gaze facing the opposite direction. I can’t look him in the eyes for what I’m about to do next. Heaven knows I’ll just end up kissing him again. It’s a necessity so I have to do this. Be strong Ariel, be strong.

“You may go Mr Oliver.”

I say while facing the ground.

“I know Ariel.”

He voice sounds broken, I fight hard not to look at him, hug him and tell him to stay damming every consequence out there. I don’t. I have self respect and I think about how his wife would feel if she found out. I know how I’d feel if I got to know a fellow woman was making out and planning to screw with my husband. I’ll be devastated.

With that thought, Daniel had to leave.

As his retreating footsteps echoed round my room, I knew I was going to loose him for good. The only man who’s ever made me work for attention. The only man who’s ever broken my rules and gotten away with me. My bodyguard but not for long. The door slams shut and I slump to the ground letting it all out. My resolves breaking completely.

“Don’t go.”

I whimpered even though he wouldn’t be able to hear me.


Mr Carter was saying something about a severance pay although my mind was else where. I wanted to run up the stairs, barge into her room and kiss her again. For the second time I needed to press my lips against her softs folds, hear her gasp in my mouth as I glide my tongue in. The feeling cannot be explained. No one has ever been able to set me on fire like that. Only her.

Sadly, I needed to leave. I had to quit. If I don’t, it would bring problems for us. I lied that I was married to keep her away so when she finds out I deceived her, Ariel Carter would hate me with everything in her.

All she says is how much people deceive and lie to her. I just proved her wrong. I’ll rather be away from her than stand living and working here knowing fully well she hates me. I dug a deep hole for myself, I fell in and there’s no rope to help me out. I just have to keep digging.

I guess I’ll go back to being a fighter. After all, I was happy before she came. Who knows, maybe after a few weeks this would all be behind me. A closed chapter of my life and all. I might not even remember the name Ariel Carter. I hope so.


  • Do you think Daniel would forget so easily.
  • Marriage, lies😒

What’s in store? Read on. Find out.


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