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September 20, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 29

4 min read




My back touches something smooth and soft. I can’t place my finger around what it is. My brain stopped functioning properly. The only thing I can think of is this sexy man extremely close to me kissing me like no one ever has before. Then, it hit me like a train. I finally opened my eyes noticing we were back in my room. How we got there? I’m not totally sure. It’s not like I care anyways.

His face was barely visible. I couldn’t see him through the poorly illuminated room. The only thing I noticed was where his lips were. They were everywhere. From my lips down to my navel, my perfect sweet spot. I moaned in delight and held onto the sheets. This was pure fucking bliss. I just can’t get enough. My shirt had propped up a little giving him a view of my tummy and my bra. His hands had already sneaked behind to unclasp them slowly letting them fall freely.

I was out of control. He tried pinning my hands down but it was of no use. I wanted to touch him, make him feel exactly the same way he’s making me feel right now.


I whimpered begging so he’ll let go of my arm. He seemed to understand loosing his grip so I could free one hand, I let it work freely touching him everywhere I could place my fingertips on. I hissed lightly when he went a little lower.

His lips were blowing cold air at my pant line. I shivered a little whimpering as loud as I could, begging him to go lower. He took his sweet time teasing me. Without warning, he tugged slowly nearly taking it off.

Just then, his phone staring ringing at fucking one am. He got off immediately. I began panting like I just ran a marathon or something. I checked the caller ID and it was saved as “My heart.” My conscience was pricked and I quickly clasped my bra composing myself.

If his wife didn’t call, who knows what we would’ve done. I nearly had sex with a married man. What has gotten into me? There are some lines I refuse to cross no matter what and now this?


He calls out, I sniffle and turn away.

“I’m going to bed. You should take that.”

I beckoned to the phone cuddling myself off. A few tears slipped out. My mom would be disgusted at me right now. I shouldn’t have given into my desires. I shouldn’t have let him touch me. I feel so dirty, so disgusting.

The harder I scrubbed my skin, the more I remembered every spot Daniel touched earlier this morning . I sobbed unable to sleep and when it was six am, I called the pilot to get the plane ready. I wanted to leave as soon as possible. Get this trip behind me. What happened between Daniel and I was so wrong. I literally hate myself for it.

Daniel and I haven’t said a word to each other. It’s like we both don’t exist at all. I try to avoid him but end up sharing one or two awkward looks.

I step out from the shower fully clothed with the bags ready. He’s still in the room on this phone. I spare a few seconds to stare at him. I need to create as much space as possible. There has to be limits and boundaries. I’m attracted to him but no matter what, he’s still married. What happened should never repeat itself. A mistake, that’s all it is.


A mistake or something more?
What changes for them?
Who’s Daniel’s “Heart”
Read on. Find out.


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