MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 27




Well, it did more than flip. My cheeks were crimson red. It’s been such a long time since I blushed this hard. Shawn always used to do that. Keyword being used. After the sex it was just, sex.

I looked away and concealed it till it almost disappeared. Then, I replaced the smile on my face with a mean scowl. My goal on this trip was to make him pay and definately not serve as a source of entertainment. He still snitched and I hate snitches. No matter how many things I drift off. Daniel did snitch on me.

“Compliments will get you nowhere with me. You can’t keep laying around doing nothing. So stand up.”

“And do what exactly?”

He retorts still focused on his phone.

“I don’t care, do anything. Just stop being so lazy.”

“I’m not Miss Carter. I’m watching everything. That guy over there just stole a twenty. That other guy has been touching that girl’s ass without her knowing and the guy outside ran off to make a call to his girlfriend. His wife is standing feets away from you. Should I elaborate further?”

He asks but I’m beyond impressed already. I don’t think I’ve met someone half as competent as Daniel. Of course he’ll never get to hear that from me. I’ll let him keep thinking whatever he wants.

“Wow, all good things. I came here to shop. Every other thing is T.N.M.P.”

“And what’s that?”

“Totally not my problem.”

I interrupted and went back to selecting.

Half an hour later, I was done picking clothes I might not wear. Still, I didn’t max dad’s credit card out. I think.

The clothes were getting boxed so I had spare time with Daniel. He didn’t look my direction which I found really strange yet annoying. I snapped my fingers but it’s like i was invisible. I groaned yet nothing. This was childish. I’m acting childish. A little girl seeking for attention. I don’t give two fucks.

The bags were handed over to Daniel and we could finally leave. We got back to the hotel a little late but that’s okay. I get to set the time the jet takes us home anyways.

Tired of being ignored, I let Daniel go upstairs and do whatever the hell he wants. I made my way to the bar and focused on drinking. It was like an open bar without a bartender and all so you can just waltz right in and serve yourself whatever the hell you want.

I has tequila, whiskey and Brandy. I popped each bottle open and poured myself a drink. I didn’t know why, I just wanted to get dead drunk tonight.

I placed the bottle bottom’s up and nothing came out from the other end. I groaned frustrated. The room was spinning, I’m definately dead drunk yet I’m craving for more. I need to get more. I will get more.

I tried to stand up quickly. It was too fast so I fell on my butt hard. I whined and quickly got up stabilizing myself.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed Daniel watching me from afar.

I thought he would shake his head and walk away or something. Instead, he took powerful strides towards me. Maybe it isn’t Daniel after all, who knows it just might be a figment of my imagination.


Figment or real deal?
I see lots happening in the next chapter 😋
Read on. Find on.


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