MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 25




Goosebumps appeared on my skin as Daniel and I were extremely close to one another. The only thing heard at this moment was our haggard breathing. No words were exchanged.

Suddenly, he left go of me and jumped on the person passing by.

On getting a closer look, I realised it was Shawn.

“Hey, hey. I know him….”

Daniel was about to hit him but stopped and looked at me.

“I know him. It’s okay.” I repeated and he flexed his muscles once more.

I remembered Daniel had not seen Shawn at the studio the other day. His shoulders which were tensed relaxed and he got up from him slowly and cautiously still suspicious of any movements he made.

“Why are you following us!”

I snapped with a glare.

“Well, I was walking when I saw you two.”

“So you decided to go all stalker and follow me.”

“I was trying to catch up to you.”

He says defensively.

“Who’s he?”

Shawn nudged his elbow towards Daniel and for a second, he actually acted jealous. Why would he be?

“He’s my bodyguard who will knock you down if you ever try something like that ever again.”

I said boastfully, Shawn scoffed in response.

“He caught me by surprise. He can’t pin me down.”

“Well are you ready now?”

Daniel asks in a daring tone.

“Yeah, I’m totally ready for….”

Daniel rushed forward launching another attack before he could complete his statement pinning him down.

“You were saying…..”

He trailed off with Shawn squirming under him. I chuckled finding his state extremely funny.

“Very funny.”

Shawn hissed and Daniel finally got up from him.

“We should get going Miss Carter. It’s getting later plus you’re going shopping tomorrow and I assume you need rest.”

“Just a moment Daniel, I’ll be right there.”

Taking that as a cue, he carefully excused himself and walked towards another direction giving Shawn and I a moment to talk.

“So… Ariel, you didn’t reply my text. Should I take your silence as a “yes” or that something is terribly wrong.”

“Maybe it’s a little bit of both.”

My subconscious adds while I stare at him unable to provide a response.

“Shawn… Umm this afternoon….”

“Don’t call it a mistake because I know you wanted me just as badly as I wanted you. Maybe even more.”

He cuts me short before I could complete my other statement. I realise just how right he actually is.

“This afternoon was surprising, I wasn’t expecting you and I to do anything like that. I’m still in shock to even think of making this a continuous thing. I barely even know what “this.” Is. I’m not sure if a relationship founded on sex is going to be a good one.”

I mouthed in one breath taking in his expression.

“I understand Ariel. I’ll give you all the time you need to process whatever you want. I’m not going anywhere, when you’re done I’ll be right here waiting for you.”

He placed a teasing peck extremely close to my lips before departing. I turned around and strode towards Daniel.



I popped the “p” and we started walking towards the hotel.

“Hey Daniel….”

I tried to start a conversation.

“Hmmm ..”

He responded making me turn towards him.

“I’m not sure you’re the person to ask for relationship advice but still, you are married and all so I’ll just go with it. Do you think a relationship founded a sex would work.”

“It depends. Do you love him?”

“I just said all we’ve been having is sex.”

“There’s your answer. It shouldn’t matter because if you cared for him or at least wanted to try, your respond would be a positive one, maybe “I’ll try.” “I might love him.” Anything. You might not even think of the sex part. But hey, I’m just a bodyguard. Technically, I know nothing.”

He shrugged and increased his pace a little giving me much to think about.


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