MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 24




After resting for an hour or two, I wanted to take a walk since I got bored really fast. Focusing on gaze on Daniel, he seemed to be sleeping.

I scoffed getting up from bed. Maybe he needed another dose or this morning’s medicine.

Water seemed a little under rated so I thought of something else to use. I snapped my fingers and another devious plot came to mind.

I went downstairs and requested a bucket of juice be brought to my room.

Of course I sounded like a lunatic to the receptionist but since I was a rich lunatic, she had to do it. She got me the bucket and someone helped me take it back to my room.


I snapped in an arrogant tone. He nodded his head clearly embarrassed.

Making little noise, he dropped the bucket and I smirked staring at Daniel who was still sleeping on the couch.


I handed him some dollar notes as a tip and he gazed from Daniel and back to me clearly understanding what I was about to do.

Making no comment whatsoever, he turned around and walked out of my room.

I raised the bucket about to top it over on Daniel. Just then, his eyes snapped open clearly alert. He pushed the bucket back on me spilling it’s content on me.


I gasped freezing at the spot, he drenched me fully with the juice meant for him.

“What did you fucking do!”

I shrieked staring at him in annoyance.

“I protected myself Miss Carter. You can’t just go spilling things on other people, a simple tap on the shoulder or your usual ranting would be sure to wake me up. Oh, you look wet by the way.”

I gasped at his tone while he turned to the other side.

I dialed the hotel service to get someone for the mess before stomping into the bathroom vowing to get back at Daniel. He’ll pay for this.

It took me almost an hour to get everything from my hair,getting my body clean before I stepped out.

By this time, it was almost four pm so it was getting kind of late.

Daniel was once again on the phone smiling to himself. I furiously yanked it from his grip and tossed it outside placing my hands on my hips.

“What do you want?”

“How dare you talk to me like that!”

I fired at him in annoyance.

“We’re not supposed to be talking in the first place. I’m meant to guard you and nothing more. I answer to your father and no one else so what do you want.”

My lips twitched in annoyance. He is so going to get it, watch and see.

“I want to go for a walk. I’m bored in here.”

I demanded, he stood up and adjusted his clothes before leading the way.

Usually, I would never walk for a long distance but today I decided to make an exception. The night was still young and really beautiful.

“Oh my God!”

I screamed rushing towards the taco seller.

My mom and I used to buy this all the time. I quickly got out some notes handing it to him and he gave me two. I gave one to Daniel who responded with a weird look.

He did that thing again where he’s in really deep thoughts. I shrugged it off and continuing walking moaning as I ate from my taco. I really missed this, it’s been so long since I had one.

There’s a lot of things I haven’t done since my mom passed on. I shut myself completely from them because it reminded me so much of her but now that I think of it, I missed doing those things. Eating street food, dancing and being myself. This version is just rude and fake.

I sighed and continued walking. Just then,Daniel tugged at my arm and pushed me to an alley.

I wanted to protest but he clasped my mouth with his finger.


He whispered and placed a finger on his lips.

Before I could read different meanings to our closeness, he said…

“Someone’s been following us.”

I immediately grew alert.


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