MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 22




He smirked knowing I couldn’t say no to him. I hated myself for the way I felt about him, the effect be had on me.

He laced our fingers together and we walked out hand in hand.

My mind suddenly drifted off to Daniel. What if he tells my dad about Shawn and I?

I’m so not ready to answer any questions.

I quickly dialed his number.

📞 We’re going out for a celebration, there would be bodyguards there so you don’t have to follow. It’s an order. I’ll see you back at the hotel.

I hung up before he could respond and stared at Shawn.

“I’m going to eat you up.”

He licked his lips and I giggled once more.

“Let’s go then.”

I beckoned on him to lead the way out of the company, into his car and to God knows where. I had no idea but I do know I want his dick buried in me as soon as possible.

Apparently, we went to his hotel. It wasn’t that far from ours.

“Let’s go.”

He whispered still under his breath. Stealing a kiss from my lips, we both walked out of the car

The receptionist handed him his key back and I stroded beside him to his room.

He placed the key in the key hole. Hand on my waist, gently pushing me in.

Locking the door, I kicked off my shoes and kissed him passionately.

He groped my waist and raised me to straddle his.

Placing me on the bed, he used a flick of his fingers to unfasten my bra. A skill I got used to after the numerous escapades we had last time.

My hands worked on his button for the shirt, then his pants.

I ran my hands on his length. Still the same, huge and so fucking long.

“So fucking beautiful.”

He hissed staring at my exposed boobs. I moaned the second his lips were on them, switching from my nipple to the other.

My hands were in his hair urging him to go further. He did just that, adding even more pressure to his sucking.

I groaned in extreme pleasure. I fucking missed this shit.

After repeating the same action for a little while, he started moving a little lower. I braced myself for what would come next folding the sheets in my fists.

I didn’t expect him to pump two fingers inside me, licking my clit at the same time. It felt like I was soon going to burst in pleasure.

I folded his hair in my hand and screamed his hair. I bet the people in the next door would hear me. Not like I fucking care. He increased his pace pumping and licking faster.

“So close.”

I felt my climax building. I rubbed myself against his fingers even harder and moments later, I exploded on them.

“My turn.”

I didn’t waste time in getting his dick hard. The veins were already popping out and his pre cum oozing at the tip.

Once again, I ran my hands against his length stoping at his shaft.

I finally sucked him off licking his cum off his dick so lowly and gracefully. It tasted amazing, I missed it.

His hands were on my head urging me, faster and harder.

His wish was my commanded. I bobbed as fast as I could go taking half of him in me.

The moment I felt he was getting close, I implaled myself on him so he could spill his load. I would take pills for those later.

Knowing he would go tired as his dick was in me, I buckled my hips and started moving in him. Slowly and faster until I rode him to ecstasy.

“Oh fuck.”

I rolled my eyes going even faster.

“So close.”

His hands reached up squeezing my boobs, I went as fast as I could come.

Moments later, we both released at the same time.

I fell off from him onto the bed panting hard.

“I missed you Ariel Carter.”

He admitted, I felt the same but I couldn’t speak. The sex was just too good.


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