MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 21




After we both showered, not like Daniel needed it, I practically did an amazing job for him. Still though.

I did a little make up to make a good impression on the investors and we were ready to leave.

I didn’t know if he was angry at me because he hadn’t uttered a word.

I rolled my eyes at his “maturity” before we walked out.

Getting my own personal can service all thanks to the receptionist, we drove to the company in style. Plus we were extremely comfortable.

The deal would be signed today, I still had one day to shop as much as I liked. Then, we would go back home in dad’s private jet.

“I’ll be outside.”

Daniel says, as usual. I hold my bag walking elegantly into the elevator and trailing towards the office.

“Am here for the Carter deal.”

I smile sweetly at the secretary. She checks her computer before returning it.

“Right this way ma’am.”

I nodded and followed her lead. I heard whispering inside and it almost sounded farmilar.

She helped me with the door and by the time I walked in, my bag nearly slipped out of my grip.


I stutter and he throws me one of his infamous dashing smile.

“Alright then. Mr Mills is present as well as Miss Carter. Let’s get this done and dusted.”

My gaze was fixed on him. I don’t know how he does it. Makes me lose all focus on everything and everyone except him. It’s fucking annoying but at the same time, I just can’t help him.


I read the document barely paying attention before signing. I only hoped my dad and he already went through the details. After all, he did say to sign and leave.

“Pleasure doing business with you and your father. As always.”

The three of us shake hands. Shawn and I lastly, his hands lingered on mine for just a second later but it felt like eternity. He wouldn’t stop smirking at me.

There was an air conditioner fully working yet I still felt really hot.

“The pleasure is definately all mine.”

I finally responded very eager to leave.

“My dad would definately get back to you. I’ll be on my way now.”

I excused myself. He nodded and I rushed out quickly.

Just as my heart warned, Shawn trailed behind me. I found the first ladies room and ran inside.

The door burst open moments later. He walked in and locked it.

“Didn’t you read the sign. It’s meant for ladies alone.”

I started shifting back. He cocked his head to the side and simply closed the distance between us.

“What are you doing here Shawn?”

I asked to try and reduce the sexual tension between us.

“On behalf of a company I work for. It does bring back memories of the good old days doesn’t it.”

He licked his lips until we were inches apart.

“It doesn’t.”

I lied.

“You’re lying.”

He gritted his teeth, stretched his arm and gently stroked my cheeks.

“I’ll prove it to you.”

In one swift motion, he lowered lips onto mine.

It was useless fighting my desire, I kissed him back vehemently with everything in me. My body craved for him and I undoubtedly wanted this.

“See what I mean. You missed me.”

By now, his hands were roaming around my body. I moaned to his kiss, his touch leaving a burning sensation in me.

“You know Ariel, you’re not leaving today. We could maybe go back to my place and continue this, what do you say?”

He broke the kiss, his eyes were on my boobs and every fiber in me was screaming yes to the handsome man in front of me so I gave in.


I answered breathlessly.


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