MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 16




She fiddled with her nails biting on them obviously nervous. She seemed to want to leave quickly making me wonder why the shopping Queen suddenly wanted to go home.

It was just three pm and I actually thought I would be forced to drive into the city for clothes she probably won’t wear.

The second I parked the car, she jumped out and quickly rushed inside.

“So fucking weird.”

I mumbled under my breath before stepping out myself.


I felt so hot right now. I could feel myself almost reaching climix. He didn’t even kiss me, he just talked dirty and tried to yet he has this effect on me.

I have to control myself. I call the shots and not the other way around.

Shawn cannot and will not make me want him. I really hope he leaves the control after. I have a feeling his stay here would affect me in ways I don’t want.

By the time I got to my room, I took of my clothes and truly I was soaking wet.

I needed a relief and I could only call one person.

💬 I need you.

I sent a quick text to Ryder. I laid on my bed covering myself with just the duvet waiting for his arrival.

I blame Shawn for getting me in this state. I didn’t want to have to use a dildo or touch myself when I have Ryder. Besides, it’s been a while I had good sex.

I heard a soft knock on my door minutes later.

“Come in.”

I said and he walked in smirking.

“Close it.”

I commanded and he did just that.

“You called…”

I nodded and got up from bed stark naked.

“Well Happy brunch to me…”

He licked his lips deliciously and marched to where I stood.

His tongue swirled around my nipples for starters earning a low moan from me.

My mind darted to how Shawn used to do it and it felt so much better.

I shook my head and focused on Ryder instead. His finger was moving lower and stuck itself in me pumping at a slow pace.

He added another one seconds later and I rolled my head in pleasure.

I took control pushing him softly on the bed.

I quickly undid his pants and his dick sprang out. It was hard like a steel rod.

I caressed it’s length softly before taking it in my mouth.

I bobbed as far as I could go, about six inches it so.

He holds on to head encouraging me to go even more.

I choke feeling his climax near. Seconds later, his first orgasm hits the back of my throat making me shift back.

The rest hits my boobs and some land on my face.

I lick as much as I can before crashing my lips on his.
I smirk deviously rubbing his length until he gets hard again.

I rubbed my clit vigorously to lubricate before lowering myself on him. I hissed as his length filled me.

After a while, I start to move rocking my hips back and forth.

He filled me up and I felt myself reaching orgasm. I held onto the sheets and came with a loud cry.

I rolled off him laying on the bed panting hard after that hot sex. It got Shawn out of my mind for God knows how long.

“That was amazing. It’ll be worth it even if someone tries to shoot us right now.”

He jokes before pecking my temples.

I exhale and shut my eyes.


I frowned my face tossing in bed. I understand what she meant by our rooms are close.

I heard everything, the moans and the groans.

This is why she wanted to rush home quickly? I can’t believe I saw something in her when she was drunk that night.

She’s nothing but a spoilt over pampered brat. I can’t believe I have to guard her. Luckily, the noises died down after a while and I finally dozed off.


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