MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 13




I got up from bed with a splitting headache.


I yelled for a maid, rubbing my temples or was it Tina. I barely remembered her name.

Thankfully, she understood and rushed in.

“Get me some painkillers! Hurry!”

I yelled rudely. She ran off and returned moments later for something to help with the pain.

“You’re fired.”

I stated after the pain reduced a little, I made a mental note last night to do just this.

“Next time, keep your thoughts to yourself and don’t go blabbing about everything you see to your boss. Pack your things and get out of my house before noon.”

I ordered, she bowed her head and went on her knees.

“Please ma’am. I need this job, I have a family to take care of. I swear I’ll never interfere in any of you issues every again. Please don’t fire me I beg of you. Please….”

All her pleas fell on deaf ear. My mind was made up from last night and the moment I put my mind on something, nothing or no one can change it.

“Please ma’am…”

She started sobbing shedding fake tears.

“Don’t be a gossiper or a back biter next time. You live, you learn. As of now, you’ve learned a very valuable lesson. Too bad it’s cost you your job. I’m not going back on my words, get out of my room!”

I snapped. She seemed determined and remained on her knees.

“Don’t make me call security to kick you out like the rat you are!”

“I’m sorry ma’am. I won’t ever do it again. Just give me a second chance, that’s all I ask for.”

“Tch… I don’t give second chances baby girl. You made a mistake and I won’t ever forget it so I’m afraid you’ll have to leave. Get out! Don’t make me lose my temper so early.”

“I said get out!”

I got up and put on my flops.

“Ma’am please….”

“I hate snitches, I hate liars. What you did is unforgivable. You’re wasting your time.”

I rolled my eyes but she refused to move.

“I’ll take out the trash myself then.”

I grabbed her by her hair slowly dragging her out of the room. Her wails could be heard in the hallway as she tried to protest.

I sighted Daniel as he looked between us.

“Miss Carter, what’s going on here?”

“She’s a snitch. I hate snitches. I’ll have your things brought to you outside but you leave now!”

“I implore you to reconsider please.”

He begged making me scoff.

“She leaves right now!”

“Ma’am please, I beg of you. I made a mistake but this job is all I have. Don’t do this, please…”

I scoffed.

“Stay out of this Daniel and you, let’s go.”

I tugged at her hair once more and took her down the stairs.

“Ma’am, I beg of you!”

She yelled and I slammed the door on you.

“Get her things, take them out and hand them to her. Don’t bother packing them up, I want that done immediately!”

I snapped at the other maids.

They knew not to question and quickly ran upstairs. I watched as they got her clothes and belongings out handing them over.

The girl’s face was flushed with tears. I looked away refusing to be affected. I don’t forget mistakes and I most definately do not forgive them either.

After they were done, I walked up to her and she was still crying.

“Thank you for your service.”

I slammed the door once more.

“What are you looking at!”

I snapped at the rest and they scurried away.

I huffed before climbing up the stairs. Daniel was in the same position I left him and my demeanor softened up just a little.

“I couldn’t control myself when I’m lied to or being deceived or someone goes behind my back and talks about me. I just can’t.”

“I guess there’s nothing there after all.”

He shakes his head and goes back into his room leaving me there.

I didn’t understand but I shrugged him off. His opinion about me didn’t matter, doesn’t now and never will.


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