MY BODYGUARD AND I … (18+) … Part 11




At first, I wanted to give up and rain curses on him as I got to my room. Then I remembered who I am and sat down there waiting patiently. I can be very patient when I want to. And today he’s made me into a the most calm and patient person.

I got tired and had to lay on his bed nearly dozing off.

Eventually, he came out and I got what I wanted in the end. I always get what I want in the end.

“I was actually waiting for your wife to call.” I bit my finger slightly taunting him.

He didn’t respond but only led the way downstairs.

Suddenly, the lights snapped on and we both jumped.

“My God. Ariel, Daniel. Where are you two heading at this time of night?” Dad asks, I ignored him folding my arms.

“I heard whispers from the maid that you two locked yourself in his room all day. I refused to believe but now ..” He trailed off and I rolled my eyes making a mental note to fire that bitch.

“Alot of things happened all day preventing us from going out throughout the day. We accidentally got locked in my room and it helped because she couldn’t leave the house. Nothing else happened Sir” Daniel says and my dad and he share yet another look. Much like the one they shared in the morning.

“That’s great then. It’s not safe outside so what’s happening now?”

“Your daughter demands that I take her out. Apparently there’s a twenty four hour shopping mall.”

“That’s absurd!” Dad exclaims and I can tell he’ll soon order me to my room.

“Daniel it’s okay. You can go to bed now, you two Ariel.” Daniel smirks obviously happy.

“Actually daddy…” I start pouting my lips and making my best baby face.

“If you let me go. I might just forget what happened. I mean the deal is already done, I can’t change it.” I say in a low face pouting my lips once more.

I glance back at Daniel and he faces frowns.

“Okay dear. Just don’t stay out too late. Stick to Mr Olivier and please don’t max out my credit card.”

“Yayyy!” I squeeled.

“Okay daddy. Bye daddy.” I pecked his cheeks smiling and tugging Daniel to come with me.

“Seriously emotional blackmail..” I chuckle before opening the garage.

“Works every fucking time.” I said stepping into the car.

“We’re not staying out for more Thirty minutes.” He negotiated placing the key in the ignition.

“Yes Sir.” I said faking a salute. He maintained his plain look and ignited the engine and drove off.

I directed him to the shop and I bet I looked like a crazy person. Shopping at almost 11pm. Who fucking cares.

I held my credit card and dashed into the store trying to get one of everything. It took about ten minutes and I was done. I didn’t actually need the clothes infact I might only wear 20% of them once and the rest would be given out. It’s not my fault actually it’s just that somethings impress me for a short while plus I easily get tired.

I’m doing all this to prove a point to Daniel, I’m the boss. He does whatever I say.

“Done yet?”

“Let’s go get ice cream!” I beamed, his eyes grew wide slightly and I twitched my lips.

“I’m kidding. Let’s go home Daniel.” He scoffed lightly and we moved towards the car.

“You know I’m a smart ass. In stead of shopping in the morning and afternoon where everyone can see me and try to hurt me. We should do this every night right. Night shopping!”

I yelled doing a little dance, he face palmed himself and continued driving.

“But seriously, it’s an amazing idea.” I added moments later. He turned his gaze to me for a split second and I think I saw a genuine Daniel Oliver smile and then he went back to being professional.

“Baby steps then.” I thought giggling.


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