MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 9


I could not sleep at night, thinking about what my mother told me, she told me to return the ring, what kind of mother is this, she is supposed to be happy about the news
RITA : mama
RITA :mama
RITA : mama why, what have I done to you in this world, why do you go against everything that gives me joy
MAMA RITA : me, why will I do that, why will I go against anything that will bring joy to you, no oo, I can’t
RITA : you are, why do you want to stop me from getting married, I am 25 years now for God sake
MAMA RITA : no remind me your age because I dont know, I dont know why you are taking me to be a bad person
RITA : mama Please, let me get married
CHARITY : you cannot get married oo, if you get married, who will see me through school
RITA : I will see you through school, see charity, lucky has promised to take up your bills
CHARITY : really
RITA : Yes, he will do it
MAMA RITA : charity, dont listen to her, she is just saying it, to change my mind
RITA : mama no
MAMA RITA : keep quiet, I know the story, If you get married now, you will now turn your back on us
RITA : mama why will I do that
MAMA RITA : because you have to face your family
RITA : mama Please, dont do this to me
MAMA RITA : Rita dear, I have spoken, that’s final, you know me very well, you know I don’t talk much
RITA : charity, please talk to mama for me
CHARITY : I go with mama, I know she is doing the right thing
RITA : okay, fine
MAMA RITA : you better return the ring to the owner
RITA : I should return it, okay, no problem
(I left to my father brother house, to see him)
UNCLE: Rita, in my house, ehhhhhh, I will make sure I kill a big goat today
RITA : uncle, but you always see me all the time nah
UNCLE: it is true, I see you all the time, is either in the farm, or on the way
RITA : uncle
UNCLE: Yes, but come Rita, you don’t look happy to me
RITA : uncle I am not happy at all
UNCLE: what is the matter
RITA : my mother
UNCLE: what happened to your mother
RITA : she is fine
UNCLE: ha! Thank God, then what is the matter
RITA : my mother is refusing me to get married
UNCLE: why, what is her reasons
RITA : she said, I have to wait for my sister to finish schooling first, before getting married
UNCLE: why
RITA : she said if I get married, I will turn my back on she and my sister
UNCLE: urima, urima your mother is full of surprises
RITA : uncle, can’t I get married, even if she is against it
UNCLE: Rita my daughter, we cannot accept any drink from them, without your mother concent

RITA : so my mother is right
UNCLE: oh! She told you that already, we cannot do that, your mother have to permit us, she is your mother, your father is no more to go ahead with it, there is nothing we can do
RITA : uncle why me
UNCLE: stop crying
RITA : uncle please go and talk to my mother for me
UNCLE: your mother, your mother will not listen to me, you know how stubborn she is
RITA : Yes I know
UNCLE: go back home and talk to her
RITA : okay uncle, let me be going
UNCLE: okay
(I left there and went to lucky house)
LUCKY : hmm, who do we have here
RITA : good afternoon
LUCKY: afternoon my love, what wrong
RITA : (I kept quiet, but tears came running down to my cheek)
LUCKY : you are crying, what is the matter
RITA : the ring
LUCKY: what happened to the ring, dont you like it, fine I will get new one for you
RITA : I dont need new one, I just came to return the ring
LUCKY: what, why
RITA : my mother refused, she said I cannot get married now
LUCKY : why
RITA : because of my sister education
LUCKY: but I told you I will continue with the bills
RITA : Yes I told her, she still said no, I even visit my uncle to tell him, but my uncle said they cannot accept drink from you people, because my mother did not permit them
LUCKY: Rita, you can not just return the ring, because your mother ask you to, dont you have say of your own
RITA : I am just tired of this life
LUCKY: follow me to the city, let’s me take you there for now
RITA : no I can’t, I cannot leave my mother
LUCKY : which mother are you talking about, is it the one that dont care about you
RITA : she is still my mother
LUCKY: follow me to the city, you will definitely come back to the village to see your family again, as a changed person
RITA : I cannot, if i leave my mother and run with you to the city, my mother cannot survive it, please here is the ring, please let us wait for some time
LUCKY: like when
RITA : maybe two to three years coming
LUCKY : two to three years
RITA : Yes
LUCKY : okay, fine, let me have the ring, I will give you back at the right time, you cannot just be wearing the ring when you are not ready for marriage
RITA : okay (I gave him the ring) thanks for understanding
LUCKY : two to three years coming
RITA : Yes


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