MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 70


The next day, me and wesley honoured kinsley invitation, we all sat down in the sitting room, my mother was also present there
KINS : I really appreciate wesley wife especially for answering my call, and I really want to thank her for all she has done for our family, she is a woman with a heart of Gold, Rita thank you so much, my brother wesley transferred ten million naira into my account, you made it possible, although I try to transfer the money back to wesley account, but he refused
RITA : but why do you want to transfer it back
KINS : because I dont need it, because of the plans I have at hand for now
CHARITY : baby, I dont understand this family meeting oh, you did not even inform me about it
KINS : Yes I did not inform you about It, because I dont what to keep you thinking, what is happening
CHARITY : you would have at least, still let me know
KINS : dont blame me dear, the meeting has already started
CHARITY : I know
KINS : good, the reason I called you all here together, is to inform you that I will be leaving this country in four days time
MAMA RITA : my son to where
KINS : I am going to London
CHARITY : you did not even tell me about it, is not a big deal, why call family meeting for it
KINS : to also inform them, that this marriage is over
RITA : oh my God
CHARITY : which marriage
KINS : our marriage, I am done with it
WESLEY : all correct sir
MAMA RITA : but my son
KINS : mama no but, I am done with your daughter
CHARITY : you must be joking, is this how they end marriage
KINS : oh, you want it in a legal way, I can call my lawyer, if that is what you want
RITA : kinsley, please calm down, you can not just end the marriage na
KINS : Rita I am done with your sister, I even like it this way, she dont even have a child for me, which make it more easier for us to separate
CHARITY : you cannot just leave me without any reason, what did I do
KINS : I have my reasons for quitting this marriage
CHARITY : which is
KINS : you are not a good house wife, you cannot cook, you cannot take care of your home
MAMA RITA : my son please
KINS : mama I have said my own, I want to start a new life, I want to become a new person, I need a woman like Rita to help me become a new man, charity can’t, charity lack so many things as a good house wife, please mama take her home to teach her the ways of life
RITA : kinsley, please give her time to change, I will teach her how to cook, I know she will learn now
CHARITY : (he kneel down before kinsley, and was crying) baby please, give me one more chance, I will change, my sister just promise to teach me, and I am ready now to learn
KINS : Yes you must be ready to learn, so that your marriage for the second time will not end like this first time, I loved you so much and that made made to endure, I enrolled you in catering school, but your pride was too much for you to learn

CHARITY : I will learn now, please dont chase me away, my village people will laugh at me, they will mock me, wesley please talk to your brother for me oh, you people should beg him on my behalf na
RITA : kinsley please, wesley talk to your brother
WESLEY : (he kept silent )
RITA : baby talk to your brother na
WESLEY : (he kept silent as if he was not hearing me)
KINS : just go upstairs and pack your things, and leave with your sister peacefully, except you want it in court way
CHARITY : (she wept bitterly)
(Me and my mother tried our best to talk to kinsley, but his mind has already been made up. Three days later, my mother and Rita came out with their bags)
RITA : mama you are set to go
MAMA RITA : Yes my dear
RITA : charity what are you doing with your bag
CHARITY : I want to follow mama to the village
RITA : why, stay here with me, you can stay with me
CHARITY : no, let me just go with mama, I need to start a new life now
RITA : you can start a new life here with me
CHARITY : I want to go with mama, let me go and learn how to be a good wife, incase marriage comes my way again
RITA : of course you will get married again
CHARITY : that’s why I need to go and learn from mama, no other person can put me through apart from mama
RITA : ok, if that is what you want
CHARITY : I am so ashame of myself, I quitted my university because of marriage, when I was already in my third year, now where is the marriage, is nothing to talk about
RITA : I warned you
CHARITY : I did not listen, I was blinded by kinsley money
WESLEY : my brother would not have left you, if you were a good wife like Rita your sister
CHARITY : that is true, that is the reason I want to return with mama to the village
RITA : please be careful in that village oh, especially those village boys, who run after girls in the village
CHARITY : Rita, I am going to the village to start staying that makes me a village girl, who do you expect to go after a village girl, village boy of course
RITA : you are right
CHARITY : I will not be selective, if i find love again in village, I will go for it in that village(she started crying )
RITA : hmmm, what a world


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21 Comments on “MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 70”

  1. luvely story. i learnd alot 4rm it.just as dey say”pride cums be4 a fall”, 2 charity is nw serving her purnishment nw. i lke d role of rita though she acted out of ignorance, bt d patient dog eat d fattest bone. kip ur gud wrk up we nid more stories.

  2. This is hw life is.ladies of 2day,if u think dat ur husb wil lov u bcs u can satisfy him in bed,den dis is hw u wil end

  3. wow itz really a lesson 2 all girls and to men is not all dat glitters is gold(like charity)

  4. This story taught me a whole lot of shld reach more pple so they can also learn 4rm it.Thanks for sharing

  5. Wow i like this story so much.
    this story have alot of lessons.

    but in the beignning at the village you are tooo much of fool, oh sorry i meant you’re very stupid.

    buh any way your fooliness became your happiness.

    i wished my girlfriend will be like you….



  6. So emotional,it really get to my bone marrow this story is a life guide,when need comes am still going to re-read this story.More grease to the elbow of the writer of this story

  7. Kudos to the writer,the author didnt end the story very well, because the author need to let us know the gender of Rita pregnancy But interesting.

  8. What a life,this story is very touching.kudos to the writer and thanks for sharing

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