MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 68


WESLEY : Rita will you be serious and move this car
RITA : calm down now
WESLEY : get down let me drive
RITA : baby, the way you are behaving, is like I dont have any connection with first bank
WESLEY : how
RITA : I bank here, I have an account here now
WESLEY : I know, so why are you here
RITA : I want to do the transfer from my account to the IGP account
WESLEY : why
RITA : allow me to pay the money for my sister freedom, let me sacrifice it for her, it will make her happy, and also make her to know that I love her so much and I can do anything just to see smile on her face
WESLEY : baby you cannot withdraw your money, this is the account my mother opened for you and paid five million into it, for your wedding gift
RITA : I know, I want to sacrifice it for my sister
WESLEY : no I cannot allow you to do it, that is the only five million naira you have
RITA : I know
WESLEY : no you will not, I have enough money in the joint account, let’s go and withdraw from there
RITA : no, I want to withdraw mine, baby
RITA : kinsley your brother is broke right, you can transfer money to him from the joint account, let me just withdraw mine, let me show my sister I love her so much
WESLEY : Yes kinsley account was freeze, but that does not mean he is broke, he have a company where he get his money from
RITA : that’s month ending
WESLEY : forget month ending or month starting, if kinsley really need money, all he will do is just a phone call to his company, and he will get his alert
RITA : I know, but you still need to assist him
WESLEY : no problem, like how much
RITA : you decide that
RITA : get down, let’s go inside
WESLEY : baby are you sure, I am not stil comfortable, that is your wedding gift
RITA : is nothing compared to my sister happiness
WESLEY : alright, let us go
(We went inside and transfer the money to the IGP account, that was how charity was bailed)
WESLEY : charity you are free now
CHARITY : Yes thank you
WESLEY : you should be thanking your sister
CHARITY : Rita thank you so much
RITA : no problem, I am happy you are out now
CHARITY : I thought you will never come for me
RITA : you know I can never leave you to suffer in that prison
CHARITY : Rita I am so sorry
RITA : enough charity, this is not the best time for this, you need rest
( My mother woke up, and discover she is all alone in the house, she prepared something and eat, then kinsley came in)
KINS : mama good morning
MAMA RITA : morning my son, how are you
KINS : mama I am fine oh
MAMA RITA : come and join me oh.
KINS : what are you eating
MAMA RITA : I did not see any food to eat, that is why I prepared this vegetable stew and yam
KINS : mama please serve my own, I will eat
MAMA RITA : ok my son
KINS : did you check the fridge, I am sure they will be food inside
MAMA RITA : Fridge, I did not check it oh
KINS : that’s where they keep food
MAMA RITA : I did not check it oh, oya take your food
KINS : hmmm, mama this food is delicious
MAMA RITA : it will be delicious, I am a great good
KINS : so with rita, Rita can cook very well, except charity, why
MAMA RITA : she refused to learn
KINS : you should have forced her to learn na
MAMA RITA : that was where I failed as a mother
KINS : charity cannot cook, she dont know how to watch clothes, she cannot do any domestic house work
MAMA RITA : she will learn now
KINS : oh she will learn
KINS : she better Learn oh, so that she will not end up crying from another failed marriage
MAMA RITA : another failed marriage
KINS : Yes, mama, another one oh
MAMA RITA : kinsley, I dont understand
KINS : you will, let me enjoy this food, his my brother still sleeping
MAMA RITA: I did not see him, when I woke up oh
KINS : where has he gone to now, we are going to see the lawyer today oh
MAMA RITA : maybe, he is not staying long
KINS : what about Rita
MAMA RITA : the two of them are not at home

KINS : they are not at home
KINS : oh, I smell good news
MAMA RITA : good news
KINS : Yes mama
MAMA RITA: am not sure they went out together oh
KINS : let’s wait for them to come back
MAMA RITA : ok my son, I just pray the good news is all about charity
(Some one ring the bell, is ify)
IFY : mama
MAMA RITA : ha! Is this not ify
IFY : mama is me nah, ify
MAMA RITA : I thought as much
IFY : mama, you are looking good oh
MAMA RITA : I should be telling you that, you are looking very beautiful
IFY : mama, thank you
KINS : Yes, mama is right, you are looking beautiful
IFY : thank you
KINS : wellcome, my name is kinsley
IFY : I am ifeoma
KINS : nice name
MAMA RITA : is okay, ify that’s charity husband
IFY : oh, good to hear that
KINS : dont tell me you believe mama
IFY : I dont understand
KINS : she might be lying, do I look like a married man
IFY : mama can’t lie nah
KINS : ok oh
IFY : mama, where is Rita
MAMA RITA : she went out
IFY : what about his husband
MAMA RITA : he is not at home
IFY : ok
MAMA RITA : I never knew that you and Rita are now friends oh
IFY : Yes mama we are friends now, and I work for her husband
KINS : you work for my brother
IFY : Yes
(Then we came in)
CHARITY : mama
MAMA RITA : ehh, my daughter, ehhh
CHARITY : mama (she started crying ) stop crying, all is well now ok
KINS : baby you are welcome, thank you bro
WESLEY : you should be thanking Rita, she bailed her sister with the money mum gave her for her wedding gifts
KINS : what, why did you allow her
WESLEY : she insist
KINS : Rita, you should have allowed wesley to do it
RITA : is not a big deal, is nothing
CHARITY : Rita thank you so much
RITA : charity stop thanking me
CHARITY : I am sorry, forgive me
RITA : is okay, everything is fine now ok,ify hafa
IFY : I am fine, charity how are you
CHARITY : ify I am fine
IFY : ok
KINS : thank you so much Rita
RITA : una thank you don reach, haba
MAMA RITA : Rita, thank you
RITA : mama no problem, I hope you have eaten
MAMA RITA : Yes my dear
RITA : mama, I am also sorry for the way I spoke to you yesterday
MAMA RITA : no problem oh, I deserve it, I deserve it my daughter
RITA : mama you dont, you are still my mother no matter what
MAMA RITA : I have been a bad mother to you
RITA : no mama, you have not
WESLEY : is okay, I am hungry
RITA : always hungry


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