MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 66


WESLEY : mama please stop crying, this is not time for tears
MAMA RITA : did you not hear the way Rita spoke to me
KINS : stop crying, she is only angry, that’s all
WESLEY : kins, what do we do now
KINS : me I am confused, we will figure out something, let take mama to go and visit charity
KINS : ok
( They drove to the prison, to see charity)
CHARITY : mama
MAMA RITA : ewo, my daughter, so is true
CHARITY : mama, I am suffering for a crime, I know nothing about
MAMA RITA : all will be fine, I know you are innocent, I know
CHARITY : baby, when am I leaving here
KINS : very soon
CHARITY : very soon, why very soon, mama did you not talk to Rita
MAMA RITA : my dear I did, you need to see the terrible words she said to me, she said my words are nothing to her, she said my words are like a chaff, that me and you are together in this, that the two of us, made life terrible for her
CHARITY : oh my God
KINS : baby you have to stop crying and be strong please
CHARITY : is there no way I can see my sister, I want to see her, I believe if I see her, she will listen to me
KINS : my dear, she will not listen to you
CHARITY : I dont know Rita to be hard hearted, Rita is such a nice girl, what has come over her, she has not even visited me, not even once
MAMA RITA : she has not
CHARITY : no mum
WESLEY : is okay charity
CHARITY : not even kinsley was able to change her mind, she refused to also listen to her husband, the same also go with her mother, how am I even sure, she will listen to me, even if I see her, you people should tell her I am sorry, you people should tell her, I love her so much, I am really sorry, oh, mama you never corrected me, I treated Rita so bad, you said nothing about it, you hated Rita so much, you caused her pain, mama is she really your daughter
MAMA RITA : Rita is my daughter, Rita is my first seed
CHARITY : why did you bring me up in hating my sister
MAMA RITA : I am sorry
CHARITY : just look at where it has landed me
KINS : charity is okey, all will be fine
CHARITY : stop giving me force up, get me the lawyer, let me go and face trial
WESLEY : you will surely come out of here
CHARITY : kins, are you happy with my condition
KINS : what kind of stupid question is this, you know I am not happy about it
CHARITY : then submit amaka and the rest, ok submit amaka and bring me out of here
KINS : I am sorry, I can’t submit amaka
CHARITY : ok, no problem
WESLEY : mama, we have to go now, our time with her is exhausted
KINS : charity take care of yourself and stop crying
CHARITY : I will
(They left and drove back home)
RITA : you are welcome
WESLEY : how are you
RITA : I am fine, mama welcome
MAMA RITA : thank you, please I will be inside, I need to relax my head
WESLEY : ok, let me help you to your room (Wesley took her to her room)
KINS : Rita
RITA : sir
KINS : are you not going to ask me about the well being of your sister
RITA : oh my sister, fine, how is she doing
KINS : she said she is sorry
RITA : that’s nice
WESLEY : and she said, she loves you
RITA : that’s heart welcoming
KINS : Yes
RITA : please I want to buy something from the other street, I will be back very soon
WESLEY : ok, darling (I walk away )
KINS : wesley
WESLEY : Yes bro
KINS : what is happening
WESLEY : I dont understand bro
KINS : you dont except me to soften the heart of your wife, not even her mother can do it
WESLEY : then who can help us
KINS : you wesley, the way I am seeing it, you are the only one she listens to
WESLEY : but I have talked to her, she refused, that is the reason, I came to you, that’s the reason we also involved her mum

KINS : wesley my brother, something tells me, you have not talked to your wife, the Rita I know is a very nice girl, that love his husband very much and will do anything to make him happy, wesley you have not talked to your wife in understandable language
WESLEY : hmmm
KINS : Yes you have not, you are the only one that make her to be happy, you bought so much joy to her, you made her who she is today, you are his everything, she is your half part, without her, you can never be complete, sit your wife down, and talk to her, she will listen to you
WESLEY : I am confused bro
KINS : dont be confused, I am really sure that you have not talked to your wife in a way she will see reasons with you, have you
WESLEY : I only asked her to sign it
KINS : the Rita I am seeing now, does not need pressure on the decision she has made, she need guidance and understandable language to make her change her mind, wesley you need to help us, you are the only one Rita will listen to
WESLEY : ok bro, I have heard you, I will try and talk to her
KINS : I want to hear good news tommorow
WESLEY : I will try bro
KINS : ok
WESLEY : that remind me bro
KINS : what is it
WESLEY : what did you tell Rita yesterday
KINS : I dont understand
WESLEY : because I got angry and walk out of you, you told Rita to stay far from me, so that I will not beat her
KINS : hahahaha
WESLEY : why did you do that
KINS : did she actually stayed far from you
WESLEY : Yes she did, she started avoiding me, if I call her, she will be shivering
KINS : hahahaha
WESLEY : this is not funny
KINS : you felt unconcerned right
WESLEY : no, why will I feel unconcern, I became restless, I was not happy at all, she is my wife and not my maid, my wife cannot see me and be shivering
KINS : then what did you do
WESLEY : I have to ask her what the problem is, I know I am angry at her, but she is my wife and my everything
KINS : hahahaha
WESLEY : you need to have seen her yesterday, you really woke up the fear in her
KINS : I was just kidding, I never knew she will take it serious oh
WESLEY : she took it serious oh
KINS : hahahaha, so Rita dey fear like
WESLEY : you need to have seen her yesterday, dont do it again please
KINS : hahahaha, I am so sorry ok, hahahaha
WESLEY : is not funny
KINS : you noi dey beat woman na
WESLEY : thank God you know
KINS : you see, despite the anger in you that yesterday, you still calm her down in an understandable language, that’s the reason I said, you are the only one that can talk to her


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