MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 56


RITA: you have not seen anything at all
CHARITY : do you think I am scared, I will go back home, when I want
RITA : I know (my mother came out )
MAMA RITA : your friend is gone
RITA : Yes mama
MAMA RITA : I dont know, you and Andy are friends oh
CHARITY : mama, they were lovers then
MAMA RITA : lovers
CHARITY : Yes, I was their messenger then
RITA : that was when I still had a lovely sister
CHARITY : whatever
MAMA RITA : ayah, so he came to greet you
CHARITY : not only greet mama, he came for a purpose
RITA : charity, can’t you you just keep your mouth shut
CHARITY : why, mama he said he need a wife
MAMA RITA : wife, did he keep a wife in my compound
CHARITY : hahahaha
RITA : mama stop saying like that, because I told him not to search anymore that there is a wife for him
MAMA RITA : how, do you want to marry him
RITA : of course not me, but charity
MAMA RITA : charity, keep quiet, stop saying those abominable words
RITA : to you it might sound like that, to me I am saying the right thing
RITA : charity here is your beloved daughter, sit her down and ask her what are problem is, what is bothering her, why are you not showing corcern to her
MAMA RITA : I am, where you not here, when I ask her what are problem is
RITA : you dont have to question her, right before me, she will never speak, especially when I am there
CHARITY : Rita is okey for you, who told you I have a problem
RITA : charity, you dont like me that’s the fact, but I care about you, you marriage is about to collapse, you know it, why don’t you speak up, and let us help you
CHARITY : I dont need your help
RITA : then talk to your mother
CHARITY : I dont have any problem in my marriage
MAMA RITA : what is happening charity
RITA : mama you are the cause of everything
MAMA RITA : what did I do
RITA : everything, the way you bought up charity, is that the right way to bring up a responsible woman
MAMA RITA : but that was the life she wanted
RITA : and you let her have it, you know it was not right, but
CHARITY : ehh, stop discussing every issue corcerning me, I am not regretting, I am happy with my life
RITA : really
CHARITY : Yes, God has blessed me with everything I need in this life
RITA : fine
CHARITY : thank you
(Wesley apartment. Kinsley just walk in, he came to visit his mother)
KINS : wesley, why have you not been picking your call
WESLEY : my phone is upstairs
KINS : will you just take your mouth, out of mum b—-t
WESLEY : mum is not complaining, mummy are you complaining
MAMA KINS : no I am not complaining, please leave my last born alone
KINS : mummy, is an old man
WESLEY : who is a old man, you are the one that is old here,to mum you are the one that is old
MAMA KINS : digger is a new born baby to me oh
KINS : mama look at the way he is sU-Cking the b—-t, I hope you are sU-Cking it like a new born baby, dont sU-Ck it as if you are sU-Cking your girlfriend b—-t, dont go and start giving mummy pleasure oh
WESLEY : hahahaha, kinsley leave me alone
KINS : remove your mouth from that b—-t, before you start doing another thing there
MAMA KINS : leave your brother alone kinsley
KINS : I know what I am saying,mummy are feeling anything
MAMA KINS : anything like what
WESLEY : what kind of question is that, please dont go and spoil mum oo
KINS : mummy
MAMA KINS : there is a difference between the mouth of a baby and an adult man
MAMA KINS : that’s true
KINS : you see, mum know what I am saying
WESLEY : kinsley will you just stop confusing mum
MAMA KINS : I dont understand the two of you oh
WESLEY : hahahaha, I still have a baby mouth, and that’s what I am using
KINS : but wait oh, are you not supposed to be at the office, what are you doing at home, is just past one
WESLEY : I have closed for the day
KINS : because your wife is not around abi, she would have chased you back to work

MAMA KINS : her wife chase her around
KINS : in a good way mum, you know wesley dont go to work
MAMA KINS : you are right, I was really surprise when I saw wesley carrying is briefcase saying he is going to work
KINS : Rita change him, wesley was proving stubborn at first, then Rita threatened to cut off every relationship with wesley and abort the baby, then wesley here humbled
MAMA KINS : why did the girl do that
KINS : he want a hard working man for a husband, not the one that sleep at home all day doing nothing
MAMA KINS : wow, that is nice, what about you kinsley have you also change
KINS : Yes mum
MAMA KINS : your wife did same to you
KINS : mummy, I have changed
WESLEY : Yes mum, he have changed
MAMA KINS : if you say so
WESLEY : mum cooked a delicious food oh, are you interested
KINS : what kind of question is that, go and bring me food jor
KINS : wesley did your wife tell you what is happening in the village
KINS : really
WESLEY : what happened
KINS : charity told me something, but never mind, all is well
WESLEY : about what
KINS : is just an harassment from one south Africa based guy disturbing Rita
WESLEY : disturbing Rita, is it that serious
KINS : Yes, charity said so
WESLEY : is the guy blind, did he not see that Rita is pregnant
KINS : dont worry, go and serve me food
WESLEY : I am worried oo
(One month later, everything is fine now, I got married to wesley, charity never came out from the house to celebrate with me, she came up with the idea of being sick)


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