MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 52


I arrived at the village very early in the morning
MAMA RITA : Rita, you are here
RITA : mama I told you I will be coming today
MAMA RITA : Yes you told me about your coming, is just that I was not expecting you this morning
RITA : oh, I see
MAMA RITA : what about your sister
RITA : mama please don’t ask me questions you already know the answer, charity is your beloved daughter, I know she has already tell you her mind
MAMA RITA : I thought she dont mean it
RITA : she meant it
MAMA RITA : who is that man
RITA : his name is Alfred, he is my driver
MAMA RITA : you have a driver
RITA : Yes, wesley employed him for me, to always drive me around
MAMA RITA : wow, that nice, I will be going to the market later, I hope he will drive me to the market
RITA : no mama
RITA : he is not around
RITA : his going back to the city today, right now
MAMA RITA : but you said your husband employed him to always drive you around
RITA : Yes he did, but I don’t need Alfred around in this village, I have leg, my leg is not paining me, so with you mama
MAMA RITA : I know, your husband has already paid him to drive you around
RITA : mama I dont need him in this village, he is going back to the city
MAMA RITA : Rita you need him oo
RITA : for what, mama please don’t even try to stop me, Alfred
RITA : you can go back now
ALFRED : go back, to where
RITA : to the city
ALFRED : but oga said, I should be driving you around
RITA : I know, but I don’t want, you can go back to the city, tell your boss I asked you to go back to the city, if he try quarrelling you, tell him to call me
ALFRED : alright
RITA : dont worry, I will call him before you get to the city
ALFRED : thank you ma
RITA : you look so happy, so you don’t like my village abi
ALFRED : not that ma, I like your village
RITA : we have beautiful girls oo
ALFRED : I know ma
RITA : you know, so you started noticing them, when you were driving in
ALFRED : no oo
RITA : is alright, you can go
ALFRED : ok ma
RITA : please drive safely, and be careful
ALFRED : ok ma ( he walked away )
MAMA RITA : I dont like this at all
RITA : mama why are you complaining
MAMA RITA : why won’t I complain, why will you send your driver home
RITA : I dont need him
MAMA RITA : you better start enjoying what your husband is paying for oo
RITA : wesley is not yet my husband, let me get married to him first, before I start showing my self
MAMA RITA : it does not matter
RITA : it matters oo, mama please I dont need the village people gossip for now
MAMA RITA : you are just like your father, if is charity now, she will not send the driver home
RITA : but I am not charity, I am Rita, call your beloved daughter, tell her to come with cars, they have many cars in their compound, she will answer you immediately
MAMA RITA : what about you, are you not my beloved daughter
RITA : mama I will be inside ( I walk away )
( In the afternoon, mama Aka came to visit my mother)
MAMA RITA : my friend, that was what happened oo
MAMA AKA : hmm, mama chibuzor is always like that
MAMA AKA : dont mind her oo
MAMA RITA : I dont have her time oo, before I forget, Rita is around
MAMA AKA : really
MAMA RITA : Yes, you know her introduction is coming up next week
MAMA AKA : you already told me, I can’t wait for that day
MAMA RITA : she have been asking after you
MAMA AKA : asking after me, why did she not come to my house
MAMA RITA : you will ask her that question yourself
MAMA RITA : Rita (I answered my mother and came out, when I came out, I saw mama Aka )
RITA : mama Aka, good afternoon
MAMA AKA : ehhhhhh, Rita you have really change I swear
RITA : is God oo
MAMA AKA : I can see

RITA : I have been asking of you
MAMA AKA : dont you know my house
RITA : I know, is just that I am running away from ifeoma
MAMA AKA : now I understand better, ifeoma is not around now
RITA : I hope you always hear from her
MAMA AKA : Yes, she always call me
RITA : please greet her for me
MAMA AKA : you will do that yourself
RITA : how
MAMA AKA : I will give you her number
RITA : mama, I dont need her number, just greet her for me
MAMA AKA : you dont need her number
RITA : mama, I will be inside ( I walk away )
( Later the day, a car drove in, it is charity )
MAMA RITA : charity
CHARITY : mama good afternoon, Rita good afternoon
MAMA RITA : you are welcome
RITA : my lovely sister, I thought you are not coming
CHARITY : Rita please leave me alone oh
MAMA RITA : how is your husband, I thought you are not coming oo
RITA : dont mind her, she will be feeling too big, I know you will come, you can not miss your lovely sister introduction
CHARITY : and who told you, I am here because of your stupid introduction
RITA : you are calling my introduction stupid abi, mama you are hearing her now oo, if I make call now to them that charity madness has started again, they will think is a prank
MAMA RITA : Rita, dont mind her
RITA : mama I dont have her time, my lovely sister, you have not tell me what brings you to the village, since is not because of my wonderful introduction
CHARITY : Rita just leave me alone oo, I am trying to avoid you, I am not in a good mood ooo
RITA : what happened to you
CHARITY: mama tell Rita to leave me alone oo, when I start now, they will say start making call oo
RITA : hahahaha, are you scared, dont worry I will not make any call for you
CHARITY : leave me alone
RITA : what are you doing here, wait oh, your mother inlaw is coming back tommorow, what are you doing here, who is going to look after her
CHARITY : (silence )
RITA : now I know why you are here
CHARITY : (silence )
RITA : you are keeping quite, all is not well with you at all
MAMA RITA : charity, what is wrong
CHARITY : mama I am fine, is just a family matter
RITA : hahahaha, mother inlaw


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