MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 50


Two days later

CHARITY : no, dont tell me to leave you alone, we must talk about it
KINS : how can we be talking about what doesn’t make sense, is your sister you are talking about oo
CHARITY : of course I know that, that is the more reason I dont want your brother to marry her
KINS : why are you against it
CHARITY : how can your brother marry from the same family you married from, how can
KINS : why are you the one bothered about it, that should be the elders problem and not yours
CHARITY : really
KINS : Yes, let the elders decide that, is not your problem
CHARITY : is not right
KINS : charity please allow me to rest my head, I have somewhere to go by 2am
CHARITY : really, that’s your headeach
KINS : I know that
CHARITY : your brother cannot marry her, you have to stop the marriage oo
KINS : God forbid that I kill my own brother happiness, I should stop my own brother wedding
CHARITY : Yes, it is not right
KINS : you see why I was telling wesley to drop that chain for me
CHARITY : say whatever you like, all I know is that, Rita will never marry a womaniser
KINS : wow, you really know so much about kinsley
CHARITY: Yes I know everything about him, is a womaniser
KINS : then what about me your husband, what do you know about me
CHARITY : everything, I know everything about you
KINS : you dont my dear, because if you know me well as you claim, you will know that wesley lifestyle is far more better than mine
CHARITY : what, dont tell me you are cheating on me too
KINS : please forget this issue
CHARITY : see, if this married happen, I will not attend it
KINS : you will not attend your sister wedding
CHARITY : I will not, how will I attend my sister marriage, when she called me a barren woman and also called my husband an impotent man
KINS : dont worry about mine, you can kill yourself with your own problem
CHARITY : I will not attend it
KINS : wait till then, you are not even saying one thing, just bringing different issues
(The next day, I was coming out from the supermarket, when I heared someone called my name, when I checked who the person his, it was lucky, the guy I turned down is proposal)
LUCKY : oh my God, Rita
RITA : lucky, I am surprised to see you, I never believe I will ever see you again
LUCKY : that’s true, you now live in Asaba
RITA : Yes, lucky, so this is you, you never showed up again in the village
LUCKY : hahahaha, I was really heartbroken nah, after what you did to me
RITA : hmmm, so tell me, what are you doing in Asaba
LUCKY : I now live in Asaba with my family, I was transferred to Asaba
RITA : did you just say family
LUCKY: Yes my wife and my kids
RITA : wow you are married with kids
RITA : congrat
LUCKY : so tell me, are you also married
RITA : not yet, but about to, my introduction is coming up next week, and the marriage in a month
LUCKY : wow, you have finally decided to settle down, after some years

RITA : what to do na
LUCKY : congrat my dear, you are still looking beautiful as my Rita then
RITA : thank you, please you are invited to my marriage, I want to see you there
LUCKY : fine, I will come
RITA : thank you, let me start going now, I have a lot of things to do for today
LUCKY : sure no problem, just take good care of your self
RITA : I will, you too
LUCKY : bye
(When I got home, wesley was in the kitchen preparing food)
RITA : baby what are you doing
WESLEY : how was your day
RITA : it went well
WESLEY : what about charity, did she still accompany you
RITA : baby, I told you I dont need her help, you were the one that forced me to go and meet her at home, and tell her to accompany me to the market
WESLEY : Yes, did you not go to her house
RITA : fine, you know I was at home when I was calling her, she was not picking my call
WESLEY : then I asked you to go to her house
RITA : Yes i did, when I got there, she was sitting next to her phone oo, I kept quiet and told her, I want her to follow me to the market
WESLEY : then what did she say
RITA : how which charity opened her mouth to say something, anything at all, good or bad, I dont care, but she kept me quite, she did not utter anyword to me
WESLEY : really,did you see kinsley
RITA : no, I did not see him
WESLEY : is okay, I am sorry for the embarrassment
RITA : you know you caused it sha
WESLEY : I know, is it wrong for your own blood to follow you to the market
RITA : baby please is okey, what are you cooking
WESLEY : oh I am cooking jellof rice, I know you will be hungry when you return from the Market
RITA : sure, but I could not find a good material, you know I dont know where they sell good material in Asaba
WESLEY : dont worry, I will ask my secetary to help you out with it
RITA : ha! Thank you
WESLEY : you are happy now
RITA : sure, please be fast, I am hungry
WESLEY : I know, what about junior, is he hungry too
RITA : is not junior, is a girl
WESLEY : really, how about charity is she also hungry
RITA : God forbid, what kind of name is that na, charity, charity big wahala, no ooo
WESLEY : I know you were going to reject the name
RITA : baby, I came across a old friend at the supermarket
WESLEY : which friend
RITA : lucky my ex, the guy I turned down is proposal, because of charity education
WESLEY : oh, that’s good, I hope you told him, there is no vacancy
RITA : baby, he is married
WESLEY : wow, nice, is better
RITA : let me go inside and relax
WESLEY : ok, mama charity in advance
RITA : stop it
WESLEY : but i like the name, if is a baby girl, I will name her charity
RITA : lie
WESLEY : ok na, till then


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