MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 47


I travelled back to the city, before my mother came back from my uncle house. When I got home, wesley was at home
RITA : hello
WESLEY : sugar
RITA : you are at home
WESLEY : Yes, I am back from work
RITA : so quick
WESLEY : Yes, I was in office, when I decided to go and see anita
RITA : oh, anita
RITA : what for
WESLEY : you are supposed to know why na, I went to talk to her, so that she can forget about me, so that she can move on with her own life
RITA : huh, that really hurt
WESLEY : Yes, she ended up crying
RITA : of course she is going to cry, I know that, I pray she find a good man like you
WESLEY : not someone like me at all
RITA : why
WESLEY : because I am not the best, and I am a cheater
RITA : you are the best for me
WESLEY : thank you
RITA : wesley, wesley
WESLEY : what, I did nothing with her oo
RITA : why you explaining now
WESLEY : I need to free my self oo, because I already know what you are thinking
RITA : I am just saying my own oo, just the last time can bring a mistake oo
WESLEY : I did not do anything with her
RITA : fine, how are you
WESLEY : I am fine, but I wasn’t expecting you today, it was yesterday you travelled
RITA : smile nah, are you not happy to see me, or were you expecting someone, better call her that I am back oo
WESLEY : not that, you told me, you will be coming in two days time
RITA : sugar I know, but I cannot live in the same house with a mad woman
WESLEY : mad woman, which mad woman
RITA : so your brother have not told you
WESLEY : tell me what
RITA : sugar like seriously, I dont like what your brother did oo
WESLEY : what did he do and who is mad
RITA : your brother know that my sister has gone mad, she allow her to go to the village to start staying with my sick mother, to start giving the poor woman problem
WESLEY : charity is mad
RITA : so you dont know, charity has gone mad
WESLEY : how did you know
RITA : baby are you asking me that, don’t forget I am coming from the village, that’s why I ran back oo, I did not have rest of mind since yesterday I entered that house
WESLEY : charity mad
RITA : honestly, you have to call your brother oo, why will he do like that, why will he send is mad wife to the village, tell him to go carry her oo, before she go and kill my mother for me
WESLEY : is it serious
RITA : very serious oo, all she does, is to sit down and talk to herself, she talks, so many things my love
WESLEY : are you sure
RITA : baby our village is not far, is just two hours journey, go and get ready let us go and check
WESLEY : you are serious oo
RITA : Yes nah, call your brother, let him go and carry is wife, marriage is for better for worse ooo
WESLEY : let me call kinsley
RITA : (I started laughing)
WESLEY : why are you laughing
RITA : nothing, I just remembered her funny attitude
WESLEY : ok (he dialed kinsley number) hello
KINS : wesley how are you
WESLEY : I am fine oo
KINS : so what up
WESLEY : bro na wah for you oo
KINS : what have I done
WESLEY : why did you send charity to the village na, because you were noticing she is loosing her sense
RITA : (I talked in a low tone) I did not tell you that one ooo, I did not tell you because
WESLEY : please let me make this call, hello
KINS : I can hear you, I dont understand

WESLEY : charity your wife has gone mad
KINS : how, who told you
WESLEY : my wife said it, she just returned from the village today, she planned to stay long, but ran back because of charity condition
KINS : charity, are you sure
WESLEY : baby are you sure
RITA : Yes nah, please tell him to go and carry his half ooo ( I started laughing )
WESLEY : she said yes
KINS : ehhhhhh, what do I do now, what kind of temptation is this na
WESLEY : please you have to go and bring her, so that you can take her to a psychiatrist
KINS : no I cannot go oo, do you want her to bite me
RITA : hahahaha, dont go ooo, she is going to bite you oo, send people there, and please make sure you go with chain oo, hahahaha
WESLEY : is not funny, will you stop laughing, is your sister we are talking about
RITA : i know, i feel sorry for her too
WESLEY : hello bro, you have to go and remove her from the village, so that you can take her to the psychiatric
KINS : my brother I am confused, I talked to her yesterday ooo
WESLEY : really
KINS : Yes
RITA : it started last night oo
WESLEY : dont worry, I will go with you
KINS : ha! Thank you, I will be waiting for you
WESLEY : I will be on my way
KINS : thank you bro
WESLEY : that’s nothing
KINS : ok ( he ended the call )
RITA : baby, are you going to travel with kinsley
RITA : is it necessary
WESLEY : of course
RITA : calm down, dont raise your voice at me
WESLEY : you are asking me stupid question
RITA : sorry
WESLEY : what kind of temptation is this na
RITA : how
WESLEY : why will your sister get mad now, that we are already preparing for the introduction
RITA : I tire oo, Ha!
WESLEY : I really need to travel with kinsley
RITA : Yes you need to go with him, your brother wife is your wife also, you need to show some care
WESLEY : are you not going with us
RITA : no oo, I am not going
WESLEY : ok, let me go and get ready
RITA : ok, please you people should buy chain on your way oo, incase she is proving stubborn, and please dont allow her to bite you oo (I started laughing again)
WESLEY : my mind tell me you are lying
RITA : really


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