MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 46


The next day, my mother got ready to go and see my father younger brother, I was outside with charity, she did not even bother about my presence, she looked so disturbed and restless, what so ever is wrong with her, is not my business, then my mother came out
MAMA RITA : my children, I am going oo
CHARITY : mama, where are you going to
MAMA RITA : I want to go and see your father brother
MAMA RITA : are you asking me why, you should know why I am going to see him
CHARITY : unfortunately, I dont know
MAMA CHARITY : ehm, because of your sister introduction na
CHARITY : will it be necessary to go and see my uncle for introduction that will not hold
RITA : (I kept deaf ear)
MAMA RITA : what is the meaning of that, are you okay
CHARITY : mama I am fine, that marriage or introduction is not going to happen, I swear
CHARITY : because I am against it, I am not in support of it
MAMA RITA : why are you against it
CHARITY : why will you allow her to marry from the family I married from
MAMA RITA : you should be happy na, your sister is getting married to the same family with you
CHARITY : happy over what is not right
MAMA RITA : we don’t forbid it oo
CHARITY : mama is not right, we cannot marry from the same family, we cannot ooo
MAMA RITA : let the young boys decide, if is right or not, not you
CHARITY : they will decide it, when I get to the city, but this one here, I will decide
MAMA RITA : as what
CHARITY : I am also the daughter of obi family, and to say it all, I am the one that caught married first to their wesley family, and I have the right to also decide what happens or not
MAMA RITA : you dont have any right at all, so you want to stop your own sister from getting married
CHARITY : Yes, because I dont want her to marry in the family
MAMA RITA : why, why are you not supporting it
CHARITY : that marriage did not favour me, dont you see what is about to happen to me
MAMA RITA : you caused that one yourself oo, that’s why you should think about your own problem
CHARITY : mama, charity is my sister, I also know what is right for her, mama you see that guy wesley is a chronic womaniser, he put is manhood in anything that comes his way, as far there is hole in it, is that the kind of man you want your daughter to marry
MAMA RITA : come oo, Rita why are you quiet
RITA : mama, what do you want me to say
MAMA RITA : are you not hearing your sister
RITA : hmmmm, mama, you want me to start exchanging words with charity, no nah, I dont see any reason to argue with this mad girl here, because I Rita knows that the marriage has already started
CHARITY : you called me a mad girl
RITA : Yes I did, that’s why I kept you quiet, because you have gone mad, how do you expect me to be exchanging words with a mad person, they never get tired of talking or arguing, and me I dont have that power to argue with a mad person
CHARITY : you open your mouth and called me a mad girl
RITA : you are mad, that’s why you don’t know your problem, you dont even know what is wrong with you, dont worry I will leave this house for you today, I cannot stay here with a mad girl, but I promise you one thing, immediately I get to the city, I will tell wesley about your present condition, so that he will tell is brother quickly, and they will plan how to come and take you to a mad doctor
CHARITY : you are the one that is mad, no wonder you got pregnant for wesley, to tie him Down with it
RITA : that is a result of, a real woman, just once, baby entered, what about you, what are you going to show to the world that you are a real woman, you have been making love with kinsley, since you started dating him, you got married to him, still yet, nothing nothing
CHARITY : are you mocking me

RITA : Yes I am mocking you, and I know I am the first person to start mocking you right, you better tell us where you got your infertility from, because I know is not from our family, me i am pregnant, and mama never had a problem in getting pregnant too, what is holding you, I also know is not your husband, because their family are fertile, better go and look for what is wrong with you oo
CHARITY : you are laughing me, because I am childless
RITA : Yes i am, nine months of marriage nothing to show, me just once, once oo
CHARITY : my God will judge you, if you continue with that marriage plan, I will not attend it
RITA : really, what about your husband too
CHARITY : I will also stop him too
RITA : I wish you could also stop him, but you cannot, he is the father of the occasion, he is already present
CHARITY : then i will not attend it
RITA : are you sure
CHARITY : Yes I am sure, you will not see me in that party
RITA : ha! Thank you, please dont come, I dont need an enemy of progress in my marriage, I don’t want to see you oo
MAMA RITA : you both should stop it
CHARITY : stop what mama, where you not here when she called me a barren woman
RITA : I never said you were barren oo, but anyway thanks for adding that word barren, because you are barren
MAMA RITA : ewo! Rita Shut up your mouth
CHARITY : mama you are hearing are now oo
MAMA RITA : charity dont mind her, she is not serious about it
RITA : mama i am serious
MAMA RITA : keep quiet, I know you are joking
CHARITY : mama did you call all those words joke, is not a joke, she meant everything she said
MAMA RITA : calm down
RITA : I mean it, the same way you mean all the thing your have being saying too
CHARITY : mama have you heared her, Rita dont try me oo, I will deal with it
RITA : ha! I know you really mean this one, that you will beat me, that is the more reason I will carry my bag and go oo, I dont have strength to fight with a mad girl
MAMA RITA : please I am going, before your uncle leave the house to work
RITA : no dont go oo, come and sit down and listen to your mad daughter charity
MAMA RITA : hmmm, let me be going
RITA : you will not meet me oo, before you come back I have leave oo
MAMA RITA : please wait till I come back ooo
RITA : I should wait in which house, is it this one that there is a mad patient


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