MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 40


JACOB : guy what’s up, let’s go for lunch
WESLEY : please I am not hungry
JACOB : guy are you okay, you look worried
WESLEY : Yes, I am troubled
JACOB : what is the problem, if is the money issue, I am sorry, believe me, I invested it
WESLEY : jacob is not the money
JACOB : what is the problem
WESLEY : my wife to be
JACOB : are you getting married
WESLEY : Yes, I am getting married
JACOB : guy na wah oo, you are getting married and you kept it away form me
WESLEY : I have not seen chance to talk to you my friend, a lot has happened, this period
JACOB : what happened
WESLEY : I got a girl pregnant
JACOB : you are not serious, how come
WESLEY : getting the girl pregnant is not my problem, I want to marry her, I love her so much
JACOB : then why are you worried, are you talking about anita
WESLEY : no is not anita, is Rita
JACOB: when did you meet her
WESLEY: guy na my brother wife sister
JACOB : hmm, one family, then what is the problem
WESLEY: jacob I am cheating on her, my mind is still in the things of the world
JACOB : my guy, dont start what you cannot finish
WESLEY : I always see myself cheating
JACOB : does she know, you cheat
WESLEY : Yes she knows, she knows my life about women, she knows I flirt alot, she promised to help me stop this wayward life
JACOB : that’s nice
WESLEY : I am trying, but I Still end up cheating, before if she noticed that I went out with another woman, she will ask me, I will apologise. But yesterday was different
JACOB : what happened yesterday
WESLEY : I told her I was going to see kinsley my brother, I went to see kinsley exactly, but on my way coming back, I decided to go and see gloria. When I came back home, I was in the bathroom bathing, when she told me gloria was calling me, I dont know what happened next, she and gloria started chatting on whatsapp, Gloria thought I was the one, and she opened up everything, how will made love that day
JACOB : hahahaha
WESLEY : stop laughing, this is serious
JACOB : sorry
WESLEY : I never knew about the conversation, my wife even asked me, who gloria is, I told her gloria was my cousin
JACOB : you told her what
WESLEY : Gloria is my cousin
JACOB : hahahaha, I am sure, she dealt with you very well yesterday
WESLEY : my guy, if she dealt with me, I will be very happy, at least I will know what is in her mind, but she kept quiet and pretended as if nothing even happen
JACOB : did you try to ask her, if she have anything to ask you
WESLEY : I did, she said nothing
JACOB : this is serious, I think she dont want to be hard on you, and putting pressure on you, she believes you will change as time goes on. But you need to tell her you are sorry, explain to her who gloria is, so that she will belive you are not lying to her
WESLEY : that’s right
WESLEY : thank you my guy, my partner in crime
JACOB : you are going to leave us now in the game na, we go Carry on
WESLEY : yeah, we can now go for lunch
JACOB : ok (they left)

( I heared a knock on the door, when I opened the door, its anita, she was surprised to see me in wesley house)
ANITA : you, what are you doing here
RITA : are you asking me that, did you leave your manner at home, this is not your house, you are in somebody house, you should be the one answering this question
ANITA: fine, I am here to see wesley, please let me just believe that your sister sent you to come and help my wesley with house chores
RITA : maybe, anita your wesley is not at home, or did you not call him
ANITA: he is not picking my call
RITA : so wesley did not even know you are coming
ANITA: why am I even answering you, please you better round up with whatever you are doing for wesley and get out
RITA : I should hurry with whatever I am doing and get out
ANITA: Yes, let me sit down and wait for him to come, he will come and meet me in this house, let him come and explain to me why he has been avoiding me( try to sit down)
RITA : ehh dont even try to sit down, you are not going to wait for wesley here
ANITA: and who are you to stop me
RITA : I cannot answer that, all I want is for you to get out
ANITA: eh Rita in my own boyfriend house
RITA : please just go, I can’t allow you to stay here, you have wesley number, you know where the two of you meet, not in this house, just go
ANITA: Rita are you mad, you are pushing me away
RITA : I dont care about the insult, I dont need trouble, go and search for wesley, you know your meeting point
ANITA: no problem, you, I will report you
RITA : no problem, just go
ANITA: ok ( she walked away)
( When wesley returned from work in the evening, we were discussing)
WESLEY : baby, you will not believe what happened in the office today
RITA : what happened
WESLEY : can you believe, 11 million was withdraw from the company account, without no good explanation about the withdrawal of the money
RITA : 11 million, what did you do about it
WESLEY : nothing
RITA : nothing, 11 million is missing , and you are keeping quite
WESLEY : I cannot do anything, the fault is coming from my very close friend, I just forgot about it
RITA : ok
WESLEY : two of my staff have not been coming to work for three months, and they are still paying them
RITA : wow, alot has been happening in the company
WESLEY : Yes, alot
RITA : anyway, anita was here
WESLEY : which anita
RITA : your cousin


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