MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 34


CHARITY : Rita come back here, where do you think you are going to
RITA : I dont understand that question
CHARITY : since you have refused to tell us the person that got you pregnant, so that the person will come and take over his responsibility, I am sorry me I cannot take responsibility with what is not mine
RITA : how do you mean
CHARITY : you should leave this house
RITA : you are asking me to leave your house
CHARITY : Yes, right now
MAMA RITA : please you should calm down, let us settle this matter
CHARITY : mama there is nothing to settle here, me and my husband cannot be taking care of two people
MAMA RITA : who is the two people
CHARITY : Rita and her pregnancy, this one she is pregnant now, she will be eating times two, rita you have to go and meet the father of your child, if is Ayo, tell us it is Ayo, dont be ashame, we will support you
RITA : and if I dont
CHARITY : you will have to leave my house
RITA : and where do you expect me to go, who do I know in this city
CHARITY : do I look as if I care, I dont care at all
MAMA RITA : charity you cannot ask Rita to leave your house, where do you want her to be laying is head
CHARITY : mama let her go to under bridge, uncompleted building
KINS : my love please calm down
CHARITY : kins please don’t start, stay out of it, I am your wife, you should also respect my decision, because I respect your own decisions
KINS : I know, but you
CHARITY : kins stay out of this issue is my family matter
KINS : fine
WESLEY : kins dont tell me you are going to watch her chase her own sister away
KINS : what do you expect me to do, please let her do what comes from her mind, is her sister
WESLEY : charity I think
CHARITY : wesley please, Rita you have to leave
MAMA RITA : if Rita leave this house, I will follow her
CHARITY : you will follow her
MAMA RITA : Yes I will, what is your problem, you are chasing your own sister away from your house. This was your sister who sacrificed everything for you
CHARITY : what useless sacrifice
MAMA RITA : oh you have forgotten so soon, this was your sister who did not go to higher institution because of you, she turned her marriage proposal down because of you and your stupid education
CHARITY : mama which is one stupid education
MAMA RITA : dont you know how much me and Rita spend in sending you to school only for you to quit school in your third year, in the sermon that you need to face your marriage life
CHARITY : mama what’s all this na, I tried I went at all (Wesley stand up and walk away to is room ) Rita I mean what i said
RITA : ok, I will go
MAMA RITA : charity
CHARITY : mama she must leave my house
(I walk away to my room, on getting there, I met wesley in my room)
RITA : you are here
WESLEY : why did you tell them you don’t know who got you pregnant
RITA : is that the reason you wanted to speak
WESLEY : Yes I wanted to speak up
RITA : my mother did not do well, she should have talk to me in private not calling the full room for me
WESLEY : ok, you are leaving right
RITA : Yes, I dont know where to start from

WESLEY : are you kidding me, have you forgotten I have a house
RITA : are you taking me to your house
WESLEY : Yes, do you know what
RITA : what
WESLEY : we don’t have time to talk now, I will explain to you better at home, arrange your things and come to the end of the road to meet me, I will be there waiting for you
RITA : ok
WESLEY : be fast ok
RITA : alright ( Wesley walk away, five minutes later, my mother walk in )
MAMA RITA : Rita dont tell me you are leaving, charity dont mean it
RITA : really
MAMA RITA : Yes she dont
RITA : ok ooo
MAMA RITA : but you are still arranging your load na
RITA : Yes because I am leaving
MAMA RITA : where do you know, or do you want to go and meet the father of the unborn child
RITA : mama I dont know, charity my own sister asked me to leave is house abi, no problem
MAMA RITA : calm down, fine tommorow morning, the two of us we return to the village, let us just pass a night here
RITA : mama, have a nice day (I walk away )
( Wesley took me to his house)
WESLEY : baby wellcome to our house
RITA : not our house but your house
WESLEY : no is our house now, because you are already part of me
RITA : nice place
WESLEY : let me take your bag inside
RITA : ok
WESLEY : are you not coming with me
RITA : no dont worry let me just relax here for a while
WESLEY : ok (he went and drop my bag inside, when he came back he saw me crying
RITA : (crying)
WESLEY ? he sat down close to me, he raised me up from my seat and made me seat on is legs, he layed my face on his shoulder, and he start caressing my hair, telling me to stop crying) Rita why are you crying, why are you doing this
RITA : I just remembered everything I did for my younger sister, but what did I get in return, she drove me out of her house
WESLEY : is that why you are crying, me I am happy she asked you to leave her house
RITA : you are not serious
WESLEY: I was really happy when I heared that


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