MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 20


When I got to the kitchen, I serve myself some food, I decided to eat in the kitchen. I was eating in the kitchen when the gate man Ayo walk into the kitchen to return is plate
AYO: ha! Fine girl, so na house girl you be
RITA : who are calling house girl
AYO: you of course, you are a maid
RITA : do I look like a house girl to you
AYO: Yes na, you look like an house girl, if you are not an house girl, why are you eating inside the kitchen
RITA : hahahaha, you are really funny I swear
AYO: dont pretend, the two of us are in the same category, you see, I have been admiring you in this compound, but I am so scared, I thought you are related to madam, but today I have seen it all
RITA : you must be stupid
AYO: no am not oo, ha! no wonder that prophet told me that, he said my son ” seek no more, for what you seek is right in the same house with you” ha! God is wonderful, I have been seeking for this for a long time, and I never understand what the prophet meant by those words, until now
RITA : and what have you been seeking
AYO: a wife
RITA : hahahaha, you are really funny ooo
AYO: I love you
RITA : ehh, enough of all those your joke, you better drop your plate and leave here
AYO: fine girl, you want to start making shakara for me now abi (he tried touching me)
RITA : (I retaliate with a high tone) are you mad, what is wrong with you, do you think I am joking with you (then charity walk into the kitchen, Ayo became scared when she saw charity)
CHARITY : relax Ayo, I can see you are discussing with her, I did not see anything(she walked out)
AYO: I told you, God has ordained us, madam is leaving the kitchen for us
RITA : (I walk away, and walk up to charity in the sitting room ) charity
CHARITY : what is it
RITA : what is the meaning of that
CHARITY : meaning of what, did I do anything bad, I saw you and Ayo together discussing, and I excused you too, is it a crime
RITA : really, you better warn your gate man, I am not is mate
CHARITY : hmm, dont say that oo, is older than the two of us oo, hahahaha
RITA : warn him oo
CHARITY : ha! calm down now, give him a chance na
RITA : warn him (I walk away )
CHARITY : hahahaha, sugar, you are not saying anything
KINS : say what, you have told me to stay clear from your family issues
CHARITY : baby this one is different oo, hahahaha, kitchen love
(Three days later, I was coming from the supermarket, Ayo open the gate for me, when I want to walk pass him, he smach me on my bumbum)
RITA : are you mad
AYO: see as he soft

RITA : (I slapped him) are you mad
AYO: why will you slap me, if I hit you on your bumbum nko
RITA : you must be mad, if you try this rubbish with me again, you will see what I will do to you (then charity rushed out)
CHARITY : what is it, Rita why are you shouting( I explained everything to charity) and so, is that the reason you slapped him
RITA : what are you saying
CHARITY : dont ever try it again, don’t ever raise your hand to slap any of my staff, you should be happy he hit your bumbum, be grateful to God, that someone is beginning to notice you, you and I know why you are here in the city
RITA : (I was really hurt, I just walk away )
CHARITY : Ayo dont mind him
AYO: Yes madam, if she do anyhow may you sack am
CHARITY : do you like her
AYO: madam I swear, I too go love am
CHARITY : you keep on trying ehn
AYO: madam thank you oo, this one wei you dey support me ehn, I just dey surprised oo
CHARITY : dont worry, all is fine okay
AYO: Thank you oo (charity walk in)
CHARITY : honey my sister and our gate man issue, Is not funny anymore oo
kINS: (silent)
CHARITY : I think Ayo really love charity
KINS : (silent )
CHARITY : honey I am talking to you, hahahaha
KINS : you are laughing, someone is making fun of your sister, a ordinary gate man, small boy and you are laughing
CHARITY : hahahaha


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