MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 19


I was in my room in the night, when charity came in
RITA : Yes
CHARITY : what is the meaning of what happened at the dinning room
RITA : what happened
CHARITY : oh please stop pretending as if you don’t know what I am talking about
RITA : I cannot remember what happened, the only thing I remember is that you asked me to leave
CHARITY : Yes I asked you to leave, why did I ask you out
RITA : I dont know
CHARITY : will you stop pretending, I have come to warn you, stay clear from my husband
RITA : excuse me, what is wrong with you, what do you even take me for
CHARITY : I dont like the way you open up to my husband, the way you laughed with him, I am not comfortable, please you have to stop all this attitude with my husband
RITA : charity I have heared you
CHARITY : ok, one more thing
RITA : what again
CHARITY : the dinning, I dont want you to join us at the dinning room again, if you finish serving us, you go to your room and eat
RITA : I have heared you, anything else
CHARITY : no, that’s all for today
RITA : ok, good night
CHARITY : good night too
(She left my room and went to her bedroom)
CHARITY : sugar, you are sleeping already
KINS : Yes, I am so tired, where are you coming from
CHARITY : my sister room, I want to see her
KINS : oh
KINS : talking about your sister, why are you so mean to her
CHARITY : I am not mean to her
KINS : of course you are wicked to her, did she wrong you, that made you to treat her this way
CHARITY : sugar please don’t start this night, I have told you not to involve yourself in my family affair
KINS : I can’t
CHARITY : you have to
KINS : ok fine, what plans do you have for her
CHARITY : plan as how
KINS : are you going to enrol her in school or catering school, any handwork at all
CHARITY : I dont have that plan at all
KINS : why

CHARITY : that is not the reason she is here
KINS : and why is she here
CHARITY : to get married
KINS : married, just listen to yourself, I will give you money to enrol her in catering school
CHARITY : you will not do that
KINS : what is wrong with it
CHARITY : no I insist, you have not tell me what
KINS : is okay before you start accusing me, is height time I stay out of your family issues
CHARITY : ha thank God, stay clear
KINS : good night.
CHARITY : you too
KINS : God forbid bad thing, I have never seen this kind of bad family before
CHARITY : what did you say
KINS : madam, I am not talking to you
CHARITY : okay
( the next day, I was in the kitchen cooking, when Rita called me)
RITA : what is it
CHARITY : please help me to go and buy card for my husband
RITA : I am cooking
KINS : sugar, I already told you not to disturb Rita, because she is cooking
CHARITY : then who will go and buy the card now, if you send Ayo the gate man, two hours you will not see him
KINS : bring the money let me go and buy it, since you cannot go
CHARITY : but baby
KINS : dont worry
RITA : bring the money, let me go
CHARITY : good, sugar give her the money
KINS : dont worry I
CHARITY : baby dont provoke me, give Rita the money
(Kingsley gave me the money)
RITA : charity, the food is almost ready, please help me check on it
CHARITY : no problem, I will, just go and buy the card and be fast about it.
RITA : ok
(I went to buy the recharge card, when I return back, they were already eating, I gave him the card)
KINS : thank you Rita
RITA : no problem
CHARITY : hmm Rita, please you have to go and eat your food
RITA : okay


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