MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 18


I was still fast asleep, when charity voice woke me up
CHARITY : Rita, Rita
RITA : charity, what is it
CHARITY : stand up and go prepare something for us to eat
RITA : charity, I just started sleeping, please allow me sleep, I will prepare something when I wake up, but you told me in two hours time, please don’t disturb me
CHARITY : I change my mind, because my husband is hungry, you better stand up
RITA : charity, what is all this na, if your husband is hungry, you prepare food for him
CHARITY : her you telling me, what I should do in my house, Rita we have a deal, mind you, I still have fuel in my car
RITA : meaning what
CHARITY : I mean anymore argument from you, I will take you back to the village
RITA : you are just too mean
CHARITY : I am in my husband house that’s why
RITA : I can see it, take me to the kitchen
CHARITY : follow me ( I followed her to the kitchen) here we are, (she showed me were to find all the foodstuffs)
RITA : what do you want me to prepare
CHARITY : Rita dear, any food from you taste nice, cook anything
RITA : no problem
CHARITY : let me excuse you
RITA : ok
CHARITY : hmm, come to think of it, I think you will be needing a uniform
RITA : what did you just say
CHARITY : I will sew a new uniform for you
RITA : has what, am I a maid
CHARITY : hahahaha, you need it
RITA : you know what, I am done, take me back to the village, I mean it
CHARITY : hmmm, I was kidding
RITA : I mean it, return me back
CHARITY : calm down, I was just kidding, I am not serious, sorry
RITA : can I just be alone
CHARITY : sure
RITA : hmmm
CHARITY : ok ( she walked away, she went to meet kinsley his husband in the sitting room ) sugar
KINS : I dont understand you
CHARITY : what are you talking about
KINS : why is your sister in this house
CHARITY : but I told you, she will be living with us now
KINS : Yes that’s was what you told me, you never told me, you are bringing her as a maid
CHARITY : and who says I am turning her into maid
KINS : but you just said, you are going to sew her a maid uniform
CHARITY : hahahaha, I am not serious
KINS : really

KINS : you should not joke with that kind of thing to your own elder sister
CHARITY : oh baby please, this is my husband house, and there is no elder sister here, elder sister end up in my father compound, this is my husband house and not our father house, she need to abide to my rules
KINS : really, why are you so wicked to your sister
CHARITY : I am not wicked to her, please
KINS : you are wicked, you don’t love her, look at the bad words coming from your mouth about your own blood sister
CHARITY : kins, will you just stay out of this, stay out of it, his my family issue
KINS : I should stay out of it
CHARITY : Yes stay out of it, is my family issues
KINS : no problem
( after some hours, I was done with the cooking, so my socalled sister requested I serve it, I did as instructed)
KINS : my my my, this food is so delicious
RITA : thank you
KINS : no need thanking me, I should be thanking you for making me eat good food again, is being long
RITA : hmm, so my sister has not been feeding you well abi
KINS : I wish your sister could bring down her pride to learn from you, you are such a good cook
RITA : all thanks to my mummy
KINS : so your mother taught you, why did she not teach charity how to cook
CHARITY : honey please, can we just eat this food quietly
KINS : sure, but Rita thank you
RITA : you are welcome
CHARITY : please Rita excuse us, I want to eat here with my husband alone
RITA : but
CHARITY : no but, I mean it, go to the kitchen and eat or your room
KINS : charity what is wrong with you
CHARITY : baby please stay clear, is my family issues, back off
KINS : but
CHARITY : kins do you want to choose between me and my sister
KINS : what kind of talk is that
CHARITY : then back off


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