MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 12


MAMA AKA : ify what is the meaning of that
IFY: meaning of what mama
MAMA AKA : why will you talk to your own friend like that
IFY : mama, how did I talk to her
MAMA AKA : you are too harsh on her, she is your friend, for Christ sake, not because all is now well with you, you now turn your back on her
IFY : mama, I know I am over reacting, I just want my friend to open is eyes, are mother is not treating her well, and she is not bothered about it, she is still in that house smiling and laughing with that are mother. Her foolishness irritates me, Rita is a stupid girl, I am just doing all this to her, so that she can come back to her sense
MAMA AKA : Rita is in her right senses
IFY : no, how can someone be in her right sense that way
MAMA AKA : Rita, is in her right sense, she is just a quiet girl that dont talk, she is very calm
IFY : her quietness is making her look stupid, the calmness is not helping her, let her speak up
MAMA AKA : leave Rita alone, she can handle her family issues in her best way
IFY : who can handle issues, Rita
MAMA AKA : why can’t she
IFY : mama the one that pained me most, is this fool returned her engagement ring, because her mother ask her to
MAMA AKA : she is only obeying her mother
IFY : mama stop saying that thing jor, how which is me ehn, God in heaven know what I will do, how can a mother ask is own daughter to turn down marriage proposal, mama check it na, and the mumu daughter, accepted it, ha! Mama you called that obeying, mama no oo
MAMA AKA : I understand you sha, but Rita dont have choice than to obey her mother
IFY : mama that is why I always asked you, are you sure, your friend is the biological mother of Rita
MAMA AKA : Yes, she is
IFY : or is there something, the both of you are keeping away from us
MAMA AKA : you are mad oo, please I am going inside
IFY : inside
MAMA AKA : hmm
(When I got home, my mother was at the backyard)
MAMA RITA : Rita, you are back
RITA : Yes
MAMA RITA : did you see mama Aka at home
RITA : Yes I saw her at home
MAMA RITA : what about ify, is she still around
RITA : Yes she is around
MAMA RITA : I hope the two of you, did not quarrel each other
RITA : of course, she must mock me as usual
MAMA RITA : I hope you insulted her too
RITA : really, insult her too
RITA : ify laughed at me, with all the errors in my life, she mocked me, with good reasons, I don’t have anything to use to laugh at here too, her life is well furnished

MAMA RITA : ok, your life is not furnished
RITA : of course my life is not furnished, you caused it, my life is full of too many errors, you are the cause of every errors in my life
RITA : ify is now a big girl now, who caused it, who made it happened, her lovely mother, how which in my next life, God will bless me with that kind of a lovely mother
MAMA RITA : so I am not a lovely mother
RITA : you are not, you are bad mother to me, you have sworn not to see me happy
MAMA RITA : me bad mother (she started crying ) why do you always blame me, why
RITA : because you are the cause of my mockery (I walked away )
(Early morning of the next day, my mother came out with her farm tools, she saw me outside)
MAMA RITA : Rita, you are outside
RITA : Yes mama, good morning
MAMA RITA : morning my dear, let us start going, so that we will finish on time
RITA : go where
MAMA RITA : what kind of question are you asking me, you are seeing me with farm tools, you are asking me, where are we going, we are going to the farm
RITA : farm, mama today is market day, is a day of resting
MAMA RITA : I know, let us go and harvest cassava for us to sell today
RITA : mama, dont go and kill yourself with work oo
MAMA RITA : you know your sister charity needs money for her school
RITA : the way charity demands for money, is like we have central bank in this house, we are human, we cannot go and kill ourselves because charity is in the university
MAMA RITA : I know, but we have to be patient, she will soon roundup, let us go
RITA : you and this your national anthem, let us go, I am not going to the farm today
MAMA RITA : please my daughter
RITA : mama no, go and drop your farm tools
MAMA RITA : fine, let me go alone
RITA : ok, if you wish
MAMA RITA : take care (she walked away, but I felt for her)
RITA : mama
RITA : wait for me, let me change into my farm clothes, so that I can follow you


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