MY BLOOD SISTER…..(18+)…..Part 10


I sat down outside the next day after returning the ring, My lucky have not even called me today, I went to check on him in his father house, when I got there, i found out that he has already left to the city, without even letting me know, hmmmm men, did I just say men, am really confused, or is the fault from me, but lucky promise to wait for me till after three years, or did he just agree to it, to push me away, hmmm, my mother and charity walk in
CHARITY : Rita, I am going ooo
RITA : (silence )
CHARITY : Rita, I am talking to you
RITA : (silence )
CHARITY : mama, mama, come out nah
MAMA RITA : sorry my daughter, you are set to go, be a good girl oo
CHARITY : mama no problem, mama what is wrong with rita
MAMA RITA : this one, I dont know oo, she have been like this, since yesterday
CHARITY : ha Rita, where is your engagement ring, is not on your finger.
RITA : (silent )
MAMA RITA : leave Rita alone for now, she is not in a good mood, you should know your sister by now, by is behaviour
CHARITY : mama, I think she returned the ring
MAMA RITA : Yes, that is why are face is like this
CHARITY : I feel for her
MAMA RITA : she will be fine, dont worry yourself
CHARITY : let me start going
MAMA RITA : okay, Rita, won’t you see your sister off to the village park
RITA : (silent )
CHARITY : mama leave her alone, she is not in the mood, I am going oo, bye bye
MAMA CHARITY : bye my daughter, Rita, you did not tell your sister good bye oo
RITA : (silence )
MAMA RITA : ehh, Rita why are you keeping me silent na, talk to me, Rita
RITA : ( silent )
MAMA RITA : this is serious oo, Rita, are you angry
RITA : (silent )
MAMA RITA : I know you are angry, dont be angry, I will not mislead you, I want the best for you, with this your attitude, I can see you are really hurt, dont feel bad my dear, I am scared to let you get married now, you might turn your back on us, please, dont be angry, another better man will come and marry you, don’t feel as If I hate you, I dont hate you at all, you are my child, I am your mother, please you have to move on please, Rita, Rita
RITA : ( I kept silent and cried bitterly, my tears were running down to my cheek, to show how bittered I am)
MAMA RITA : Rita, stop crying nah, stop doing this to yourself, Rita please nah, biko
RITA : ( silence )
MAMA RITA : this your silent is killing me oo, let me go inside, I am really sure, you will get yourself later
(My mother went inside, I stand up and left the house to take a walk, on my way I saw mama Aka)
RITA : good morning ma
MAMA AKA : how are you
RITA : fine ma
MAMA AKA : what about your mother
RITA : she is fine
MAMA AKA : ok, Rita are you fine
RITA : Yes ma
MAMA AKA : ok if you say so
RITA : I am fine, mama Aka
MAMA AKA : ok, but why have you not come to my house, ify has been around for three days now, you have not come to visit her

RITA : everyone with is class now
MAMA AKA : I dont understand, is my daughter avoiding you now because she is working in bank, no, ify cannot do that, ohhhhh I understand now, is it because she did not visit since she came around, she is not feeling fine, that’s why
RITA : not that, Rita gave me a serious warning to stay clear from her
MAMA AKA : why
RITA : she said I am a big fool, and she dont make friend with fools
MAMA AKA : she said that to you
RITA : Yes mama, that is the reason I stay far from her
MAMA AKA : please don’t mind her
RITA: mama, leave her, she might be right, maybe I am fool
MAMA AKA : you are not a fool
RITA : mama please excuse me, I have to go
MAMA AKA : ok my daughter
(I walk away, when mama Aka got home, she asked her daughter, ify)
MAMA AKA : ify, did you asked Rita to stay away from you
IFY : Yes mama I did
IFY : mama, Rita is a fool, dont you see the way is family treat him, without she doing anything, mama she is a fool
MAMA AKA : shut up your mouth
IFY : mama, what is that for
MAMA AKA : how is it your business, is it your family issues, why are you being the chief judge
IFY : mama, are you supporting Rita for her foolishness
MAMA RITA : keep quiet jor, how much do you think you have made, that is making you turn your back on your friend. Rita is in pain, all she need now is love, but ify, you are also wicked
IFY : how
MAMA RITA : when she was buying you provisions, for you to take to school, you did not know she is a fool, when she was giving you small small money to assist you, you did not know, she is a fool, because you have little money now, you are now calling her fool, God is watching oo
IFY : mama, why are you talking like this
MAMA AKA : that is the true, even when I saw her today, all is not well with her at all, even if she try pretending, I can see pain allover her
IFY : who knows what her mother have done to her this time


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