MY BIRTHDAY PARTY … (18+) … Part 9



Alfred visited Oliver later in the day, “Winifred was here this morning, Oliver told him.
“Who is Winifred? Alfred asked.
“Oh get the gist first, Oliver said and told him everything.
“Now I get it, so we are dealing with a lunatic in love right? Alfred asked.
“You can say that again, I can’t believe such an obsession still exists because to me that’s not love. I can’t hurt the person I truly love just because she didn’t love me back, that will be wickedness, Oliver said.
“What are you going to do? Alfred asked.
“Me? Do you think am going to vanish into thin air like the other guys because am afraid of him? Oliver asked.
“That’s not it, But don’t have the same obsession with that guy because am seeing that in you, Alfred said and he gasped.
“That’s not true, I sincerely love her and am not like Joseph. If she can’t love me I’ll just accept it and move on, am not crazy you know, Oliver said.

“Okay that’s cool. So what about the lunatic guy? Alfred asked.
“Am going to deal with him slowly. He gets mad when he sees a man with Winifred, I will tell her to act friendly with him while I do a background check. If I anyway find out he’s behind all that happened to the young men especially Duke, he’s never going to escape this, Oliver replied.
“You know I gat your back, but please be careful and always tell me of your every move. In fact, I’ll put a guy to be monitoring your every move from now on, Alfred said.
“Common you don’t have to, Oliver said.
“No I have to but its a secret, so act cool, Alfred said touching him on his shoulder.

“OK, I have to go see Winifred now, I have an appointment with her, Oliver said.
“Can i see her too? Alfred asked and he accepted, Cindy was given to a nurse there and they left together…..

Winifred was already waiting for him at the restaurant Oliver agreed to, “go in please I have a very important call, Alfred said to Oliver in the car when they arrived.
“Okay, Oliver said and left.

“Am so sorry, Oliver apologized when he met her.
“Its okay, how is Cindy? She asked.
“I left her with her favorite nurse. Ordered anything yet? He asked.
“Ermmm am filled, she replied.
“No I won’t accept that, he said and a waiter approached them……

Alfred was still on call when he saw a guy on a face cap spying at the restaurant, he was actually making a call which Alfred couldn’t hear properly. Alfred dropped the call he was on and called Oliver, “hi what’s up? He picked surprised why he’s calling.
“Look here, you and Winifred should act a pleasing drama right now, there’s someone spying on you and I want you to bring up something that will be good news to Joseph okay, Alfred said.
“Okay, Oliver said and ended the call.

“What’s that? Winifred asked.
“I need your corporation, There’s someone outside spying on us right now and I want us to send a message back to whoever it is. Then check out Joseph behavior because am working on something, are you ready? He asked.
“After this what next? She asked.
“Bring yourself to act cool to him okay, don’t let him suspect anything, Oliver said.
“OK fine, am a good actor anyway, she replied.
“OK fine let’s do it, Oliver said.

“How dare you do that! Winifred suddenly shouted getting on her feet.
“What? Are you blaming me now? Do you really think I loved you in the first place huh! Oliver shouted and Winifred slapped him.
“You’re crazy and I don’t want to ever see you again! Winifred shouted and walked out of the restaurant.
“Fine me too! Oliver shouted back at her.

Alfred noticed the guy smiling and he came out of the car to go near when he saw the spy bringing out his phone.
“They just had a fight now and she’s gone, the spy said and Alfred passed him entering the restaurant and sat far from Oliver.
The spy looked at Oliver for a while and left and Alfred approached Oliver, “just as I thought, he informed his boss immediately, that will be good news to him, Alfred said but noticed Oliver said look.

“What’s the face for? Alfred asked.
“I said something I shouldn’t have said to Winifred, I hope she won’t take It serious, Oliver said.
“You’re so funny man, you guys had to make it real and am sure she knows about that, common let’s go and sorry your meeting was ruined, Alfred said tapping Oliver and he sighed.
“It was ruined indeed, let’s go man, Oliver said getting up and paid for what they ordered…..

Oliver texted Winifred on the way, “am sorry it happened, I hope you didn’t take it serious and please delete this message after reading it. I love you, he sent it and she saw it.
“I just hope you didn’t mean what you said, and am sorry I went far slapping you. I’ll be updating you alright and stay safe, she replied and got down from the taxi when she arrived home.

She got home thinking about all that has happened, “I hope this comes to an end soon, am I going to stay clear from you now Oliver? She asked herself and heard a knock on the door.
She opened up and saw Joseph, “hi, she said to him.
“Is Lily home? I called her up already that am coming home, he said coldly.
“Joseph are you mad at me? I can’t help but notice that you’re avoiding me, she said with a sad look.

“Why? Has your boyfriend left you already? He asked and she looked with a teary face, “he wasn’t who I thought he was, am so sorry for everything please don’t avoid me, Winifred said trying hard to fake tears which succeeded in running at a perfect time.
“Am so sorry for that, please don’t Cry. You know I’ll always be there for you, Joseph said and hugged her for a while.
“Does it mean we are friends again? She asked.
“More than friends Winifred, you don’t know how happy you’ve made me feel, he said cleaning her tears.

“Please come in, she said letting him in.
“What should i do to him for hurting you? Joseph asked when they got in.
“Joseph I don’t know you to be a bad person, just let him go okay, she said.
“For you i can do anything, Joseph dropped with a face that made Winifred scared.
“No please, he won’t come near me again, she said.
“Sure he wont dare, he said and hugged her again…….


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