MY BIRTHDAY PARTY … (18+) … Part 6



“Hi girl, Lily said getting in and fell weakly on the bed.

“That serves you right, Winifred said to her folding her hands which Lily opened her eyes looking at her “when did you become this heartless? She asked.

“Heartless you say? Well you did that to yourself, Winifred said and sat down with a frown..

“There’s something disturbing you, what’s wrong? Lily got up looking at her more closely.

“Am fine, your food is in the kitchen, Winifred replied.

“That’s not true, I know you too well by now you should know that, Lily said and Winifred sighed.

“I said am fine okay, she said.

“Suit yourself and this is just a reminder, we are going to celebrate your birthday I and oliver, Lily said and Winifred eyes bulged out.

“He told you? She asked.

“He dropped me off at home, do you know he’s a doctor? Lily asked winking at her.

“How did you know? Winifred asked.

“I bet you don’t know that because you don’t care about him, Lily said.

“Oliver is not my boyfriend, we just met okay, Winifred said.

“So? Lily asked.

“Are you forcing me to have a boyfriend? Winifred asked.

“Yes if I have to. Oliver is good, you know he’s good so give him a chance, Lily said and she scoffed…

“Listen to yourself Lily, he hasn’t asked me out okay, should I go ask him out? Winifred asked.

“If he ask you out will you say that? I know you won’t so stop using it as an excuse. Oliver might be dying to ask you that but…… “Please stop. Oliver will be just a friend, if he can’t stay in that angle then he should leave! Winifred shouted.

“And I won’t let that happen okay! Duke is dead, he won’t come back to life Winifred. You’ve mourned him enough and I won’t watch you live this desolate life anymore! Lily shouted getting on her feet as Winifred eyes was already welled up in tears.

“What have I done to you Lily? Tell me what I’ve done and I’ll apologize to you, Winifred said in tears.

“Am sorry baby but I have to tell you the truth. You’ve locked up yourself for too long and shunned happiness in your life. You need to break out and let in happiness to dwell in you. You may pretend you are okay but trust me when I say you’re not, and you know it, Lily said wanting to hold her but she beat her hands off.

“Just stop! Stop detecting my life for me because am not detecting yours. This is what I’ve chosen for myself so respect it, I know you won’t understand how I’m feeling because you’ve never been in my situation. Please I beg you, let me be, Winifred said putting the pleading sign.

“Winifred for how long? I hope you won’t regret this, don’t let this love slip away, i can sense this deep affection he has for you, lily said.

“You can really sense love in another guy right? I wish you can do same for your boyfriend so you won’t bother about my love life, Winifred said and Lily eyes bulged out.

“You mean? She asked.

“I appreciate your concern for me, don’t worry I can take good care of my self, Winifred said and slept on the bed backing Lilly.

Lily only stood looking at her wondering where the anger came from and she slowly left to get something to eat…..

“Hello dear, Oliver said giving a peck to a small girl on the sofa when he arrived home.

“Uncle you returned late why? She asked.

“Am so sorry, I was tied up at work. Have you eaten? He asked and she shook her head.

“Oh no, you didn’t eat the oats? He asked.

“I didn’t feel like eating it, she replied.

“OK what do you want, I’ll get it immediately, Oliver said pulling out his suit.

“Ice cream, she dropped shining her teeth’s.

“Ice cream? Common baby you must be joking, he said surprised.

“But uncle I want to lick that, she said with a crying look.

“Cindy look, you don’t need to take that okay. I promise tomorrow I’ll get you a full plate of ice cream trust me, Oliver said holding her and she sadly nodded.

“Wow that’s good then, I’ll get your oats prepared and I gat you pizza to use with it, He said and she smiled happily.

“Can I start eating the pizza now? She asked.

“Sure, I’ll be back, Oliver replied leaving the pack on the table and she opened it taking a piece of it.

While preparing the oats for Cindy and himself he noticed some steps in the compound.

He stopped to listen carefully and slowly left the kitchen and saw Cindy enjoying the programme on the television.

He went close to her and covered her mouth carrying her up from there and suddenly gun shots was fired in the house. He went down and crawled with her to the corridor, “stay here and don’t say a word, He whispered to the shivering Cindy.

“Uncle where are you going to? Uncle please don’t go just call the police, Cindy said close to tears.

“Okay I’ll do that right away, Oliver said and dialed a number immediately…….

“OK baby let’s hid in a better place, He said to her.

“Are they coming? You didn’t tell them to hurry up and why didn’t you sound so disturbed? Cindy questioned him.

“Look dear we need to leave…… Another gun shot was fired and he fell on her as the glasses there shattered on them…


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