MY BIRTHDAY PARTY … (18+) … Part 30



“Common am so hungry, what time is the date anyway because I haven’t eaten since yesterday. At least snacks will do, Lily said.
“Seriously? I’ll go get it for you and before I get back, you should dress up, Patrick said.
“Yes sir, Lily said and Patrick took some cash and left the room.

On the way he called Alfred asking if they have left the house already.
“Nop we are waiting for Oliver, he left to pick Cindy, Alfred replied.
“Who is Cindy again? Patrick asked.
“He went to pick his daughter but he’ll be back soon, Alfred replied.
“Daughter? Anyway no problem when you are about leaving just give me a flash, Patrick said.
“Alright, Alfred replied and the line went dead……..

“They should be on their way, Winifred said.
“Yeah, why not go take your bath and change up, I’ll take care of the rest, Stella said.
“Are you sure? Winifred asked.
“Yes ma, and please hurry up so I’ll take my bath too, Stella said and Winifred left………..

A knock was heard on the door and Winifred heart began to beat. Stella has already left to take her bath, “Winifred please answer the door, Stella shouted when the knock came again.
“OK am on it, Winifred replied and open up to see Oliver and his friends.

“Hi, Oliver said to her and Cindy jumped on her immediately before she could reply.
“Awnn darling how are you? Winifred asked carrying her.
“Very fine thank you. Did uncle left you too? Cindy asked.
“Yes he did, Winifred replied.

“Ouch don’t mind him, he’s a very naughty uncle, Cindy said and Winifred laughed.
“Seriously, he left you too? She asked.
“Yes, he didn’t even visit until today, very bad uncle, Cindy said.
“But I have been calling nau but you refused talking to me, Oliver said.

“Aunty has he been calling you too? Cindy asked and Winifred shook her head.
“That means you’re a very bad uncle, Cindy replied Oliver.
“Its okay Darling, let’s forgive your naughty uncle okay, Winifred said drawing her cheeks.
“OK I will forgive him because of you, Cindy said.
“If you like, Oliver said with a frown.

“Where’s Patrick? Winifred asked when he saw he wasn’t with them, “am here, they heard a voice and they turned to see him entering the house.

Patrick eyes bulged out when he saw Cindy and Cindy covered her face on Winifred shoulders when she saw him.
Patrick slowly walked up to Winifred as she Carried her while the guys wondered what’s wrong with him.
“Are you okay Patrick? Oliver asked.

“Cindy, Cindy its uncle, he said.
“Leave me alone, please take me out of here, Cindy cried.
“Wait what’s going on here? Do you know her? Oliver asked.
“She’s my niece, Patrick dropped.
“Not anymore just leave me alone, Cindy said holding Winifred tight.

“Its okay baby, can we talk about this inside please? Winifred asked Patrick.
“Okay, but I brought someone with me, Patrick said and Lily entered.
“Do you have to keep me outside for so long, Lily immediately said smiling.

“Lily, Winifred said and Oliver got Cindy from her.
“You came? Winifred asked afraid to touch her but Lily dragged her instead for a hug.
Immediately Stella stepped down and saw everyone happy,
“wow happy reunion. Welcome guys, Stella said greeting the guys.

“Thank you very much Winifred, some how I think you have a reason why you hid the truth but you never stopped talking about Patrick to me. You were telling me of where my happiness actually lies but I didn’t understand, i think its my fault and I shouldn’t blame you for anything, Lily said holding her hand..

“Please don’t thank me for anything, I know you were right for being angry with me because as a friend, I was to tell you the truth. From now on I won’t hide anything from you I promise, Winifred said.

“are you sure about that? But you’re still hiding something from me, lily said with a frown.
“What’s that please? Winifred asked.
“Oliver of course, you didn’t tell me you accepted him already as your boyfriend, lily said and Oliver eyes bulged out.

“What!……..”hmmmmm the guys interrupted Oliver looking at him..
“No you’re mistaken, we are……. “Girl are you sure about that? Stella cut her short.

“Lily you’re right, they are dating and that’s why we made this date to join them celebrate their love, right guys? Johnson spoke up.
“Yes that’s right! The guys shouted while Winifred faced down.

“So Oliver, common go speak with your babe, we want to hear and see you express your feelings to her publicly then she’ll do same, Alfred said carrying Cindy and pushed Oliver to Winifred while Patrick took lily away from her.

Oliver looked at the guys confused wondering when they came up with such a weird plan, “Common, Alfred whispered winking at Oliver.
“We are waiting….. Stella added smiling at him and he coughed and looked at Winifred and slowly took her hands while Winifred looked up.

“Maybe this is my chance to tell you how much you mean to me Winifred. I think it will be best to say it out in the presence of the people who are dear to us. Sorry am not too good with words but what am feeling in my heart Winifred is true. I love you so much, so very much that I can’t explain how. It’ll mean a lot to me if you are mine and I promise to make you happy for as long as I live, Oliver said breathing hard while Winifred chuckled in the midst of tears.

“Awwwwnnnn so romantic, Winifred your turn, Lily said clapping which the rest joined her.

“I…. I am just lost for words. Yes we started as friends but love sneaked in. I actually thought I felt it alone, but nothing is more sweeter when the feeling is mutual. Yes I love you too and I feel honored to be yours Oliver, Winifred said smiling and Oliver happily kissed her deeply.

Johnson picked a bottle of champagne he came with and poured it on them, “this is what I call baptism of everlasting love! Johnson shouted.
“Johnson over here please, John said pointing at a direction and they turned to see Patrick and Lily kissing too.
“My God! Johnson shouted running with the bottle while Lily ran away………….

After eating, Cindy slept off and Stella offered to take her to the room.. Alfred looked at the guys carefully after she left, “can we talk about Cindy now? Patrick what happened? Alfred asked.
Patrick heaved and showed them a picture on his phone, “this is my sister, Cindy mother. She actually got pregnant for a married man who she ignorantly fell to his pranks. When he got to know about her pregnancy, he told her he’s married and he won’t accept the child but rather presented an abortion for an option. My sister refused and when my parents came to know about this, they were so angry and disappointed with her.
I and my brothers didn’t want such mockery for our only sister, we approached the man threatening him dangerously not to harm our sister or the baby but take full responsibility for that pregnancy.
He got scared, talked to his wife and my sister actually packed into his house which he promised to visit the family and do the necessary.

But my sister was in hell there which we had to rent a house for her to live and by then Cindy was a year plus. But then Cindy kept falling sick we took her to hospitals but they kept diagnosing her with different ailments.
Not until months ago my sister rushed her to the hospital and it was diagnosed she had double pneumonia and it was affecting her kidney. The money for the operation was huge and her father was not interested either. I lost my job already and everything happened when Joseph was on my neck. Whatever happened again i don’t know because i left only to return and receive the news that Cindy is dead and my sister got a heart attack because of her demise and gave up, Patrick narrated.

“Gosh that’s a lie. I remember it was a man and a woman who brought Cindy to our hospital. We diagnosed her and told them her problems but they asked if we can commence treatment on her which we refused saying at least a deposit should be made to start treatment but they left and never returned. Cindy was dying and the doctors there were about giving up when they couldn’t get her family contact. It was clear they left her there to die but i couldn’t watch her die, I had to give up one of my kidney for her and paid for her treatment, which she cried begging she should stay with me when she recovered. Who dumped her in the hospital? Oliver asked and Patrick took his phone calling his brother when the story was different from what he was told.

“Hello bro, a voice came on phone.
“yea, can you remember the hospital our sister took Cindy to? Patrick said and he mentioned it.
“Thats not the name of my hospital, Oliver said.
“What happened to Cindy? Was her body found? Patrick asked.
“Her father buried her before our sister returned from hustling to get the money. She wanted donating her kidney for her, why are you reminding me this? His brother asked.
“Because our niece is alive and she’s strong and healthy. Our sister died for nothing and no other person can do this than that bastard! Patrick shouted and ended the call.

Patrick was in rage that the guys had to calm him down, “he must be arrested and dealt with for what he has done. No one forced him to help, my family would have arranged for that money, Patrick shouted with tears flowing freely.
“Its okay darl please stop, Lily pleaded.
“Guy, just leave it to us, we will handle it, Alfred said.

“So i guess Cindy will be taken right? Oliver asked.
“No way, she’s your daughter and she found a perfect father in you. Thank you so much for saving her life, Patrick said going on her knees.
“Please stop it, Cindy is a lovely girl and thanks for the honour. Please you and your family is free to visit her, she’s also yours, Oliver said taking him up.

“Wawu! I think everyone is okay now, happy ending it is then so congratulations small daddy, Johnson said giving his hand for a shake.
“You’re silly, you should congratulate Winifred too because Cindy loves her too, Oliver said smiling.
“Ah I noticed that and that’s to show you they are perfect for each other, John said and they laughed but they notice Winifred mood.

“Whats wrong hun?Lily asked.
‘I know you guys will be upset but please, can you take me to Joseph? I want to see him, Winifred said and they all looked at each other surprised.
“Seriously! Lily shouted.
“Its fine, I’ll take you there myself, Oliver said.
“What! I can’t believe you guys, Lily said.
“Lily i will explain everything to you okay i promise, she said holding her hand but Lily was quiet looking away.

“Let’s go dear, Winifred said to Oliver.
“Get back quick okay,the guys said to them when they left………

“Are you sure about this? Oliver asked when they waited for Joseph to be brought out.
“Yes, Winifred anxiously said.

Soon Joseph was brought out to meet with them and he slowly sat down facing them,
“How are you Winifred? He asked.
“Joseph i came to see you, how are you feeling? She asked back.
“I will love to take that as mockery but no, i appreciate. Thank you Winifred, Joseph calmly said.
“I am so sorry…….. “Please don’t be, forgive me please if I’ve hurt you. I was such a fool and i couldn’t value the place you had for me in your heart, i should have known how special i was yet i threw it all away. Please be happy Winifred and don’t worry about me, Joseph said and held Oliver hands.

“You need my apology too and please do me this favor, please take good care of her. Do this for her brother i beg you, Joseph said in tears.
“I promise you i will, Oliver said and a police man came to take him back. .”I’ll be visiting okay, be careful and stay out of trouble, Winifred said as Joseph was taken away while she cried on Oliver.
“He wasn’t like that trust me, she said to him.
“I understand, let’s go, Oliver said taking her out.

Cindy father and his wife was arrested for what they did to Cindy.
Patrick family came thanking Oliver for saving their daughter and Cindy was reunited with them.

Lily and Patrick were going on fine and Winifred made sure they forgave Joseph.
Oliver proposed to Winifred months later which she happily accepted.


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